Friday, 19 March 2010

Glass is half empty?

So I got half way there - 5 lbs down...I could choose to be bummed out, or happy, so I'll take the latter. 
If anyone want to continue on with a longer view in mind, go over to buckeyeoutdoors and join the 2010 weight loss challenge.  I'm not done yet!

Many thanks Nigel for the accountablility that helped me keep away from the kitchen!

Monday, 15 March 2010

9lbs down

I'm happy. I managed to get myself weighed here in Prague and I am happy to say that I'm 9lbs down from when I started ten weeks ago. OK I didn't manage ten pounds but I'm alright with that. I still have another 10lbs to get to my target weight and I'll keep updating the blog for as long as I can with my hopeful progress.


I want to say Thank You to all participants and Nigel for this challenge. I had already planned to make my way to getting under 200 lbs by May 20th (my 40th Birthday) and this has helped tremendously. Down 24 lbs and 7 more to go.


Thank you, Nigel!

Well, I didn't make the 10 pound mark, but I did lose 9 pounds, which brings me down to my personal goal (and what I think is ideal) weight. I've been meaning to do this for over a year, and desperately wanted to get back down to my proper weight. Thanks to you, Nigel, for giving me the jump start I needed to get motivated and do it!
I feel so much better lately; I like the way my jeans fit again; and I'm feeling very motivated to continue eating well and watching my weight. Congratulations to everyone for working hard to lose some weight, no matter what those numbers are, and good luck for continued success!

Week 10 Update - Final Update (Nigelrunner)

Well, I'm sorry to say I failed miserably at this 10 in 10 challenge.

Ok, I'm nearly 3 pounds lighter than when I started, but a bout of dehydration could do that for me! :)

I was doing fairly well at the mid-point, but I lost focus in the latter stages. There's no dressing it up...I didn't do well. But, I am going to be keeping an eye on my weight and will still endeavour to shift a few more pounds over the coming months.

Congratulations to the many participants who have achieved some VERY impressive results - you should be very proud of your achievements.

Well, that's it for now...we'll probably all be doing this again at the beginning of next year, but try to be good in the meantime...

Nigel :)

Did not achieve the goal :/

There are no excuses, I didn't do what it takes to lose the 10 lbs. Sure there are reasons that got in my way but even if you (and I) thought they were great excuses (reasons) the bottom line is I didn't do what it takes to be successful in this competition. So, next weekend I have my half marathon and I will continue the quest to lose the full 10 lbs and then some! Thanks Nigel for the competition and good luck to all that have a few more to lose and congratulations to all who succeeded!
John from the Poi

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fallen at the last hurdle...

Was looking so good, i had lost 10 in 8 weeks. i had stayed at a loss of 10 in 9 weeks.

So weighed myself this morning for the last time in this challenge and have lost a total of 9 in 10 weeks.

I've lost the challenge :(

Still have at least another 10 pounds i want to drop so it starts again from here.