Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Nothing to see here....

No change this week at all. According to Wii fit yesterday i was exactly the same, which is fairly impressive.

So now i've 8 pounds lost in 7 weeks.

2 pounds in three weeks.. Bring it on :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

@coachadam's Week 7 report #10in10in10

Dropped another 2.75 lbs making it 6.75 lbs in total, but there's no rational reason. Full report at http://tiny.cc/10in10week7

All over the board! :(

Well, it is encouraging to see others struggle but there's no comfort in sharing bad news. I just have not been able to get down to business and this past week a few vaca days in NYC didn't help! I was eating a lot of salads, grilled chicken and other good things but I did indulge in a couple of meals with friends that offset my good intentions. My running has been getting back into groove and that's good! I'll run off a pound or two before this contest ends but I need to continue and get 10 + off before summer hits. Thank you to all for sharing your stories, success and struggles - it all helps us all! Very best friends,
John from the Poi

Mission Accomplised! Ten pounds gone, ten more to go...

This Walmart sign says it all now that I've passed the halfway mark @ 205.8 pounds.

Ahead of schedule

Well another 2.2 down this week! With 3 weeks to go I'm way ahead of schedule and couldn't be happier!! I"m feeling stronger, firmer, happier....the list goes on. It's amazing waht a little weight loss can do for your self confidence!!


Dire, very dire. A week visiting family and I've shot back up to my starting weight - ARG!
I know I could have said no to my sister's famous strawberry cheesecake or the Margaritas as the Mexican place, or oooh that lovely cinnamon bun we shared at breakfast.....it was glorious...

But I'm paying now with only 6 weeks until I have to get into a swimsuit! Back on track.

Lost 1 Anyway

Well, despite having surgery 10 days ago on Friday and not having exercised since the Wednesday before that, I managed to lose 1 pound.  What I really should say is that I managed to avoid gaining any weight.  The doctor gave me the go ahead today to do anything I want except lifting.  Tonight I plan on getting out for a walk and trying a few steps running to see what it feels like. Probably the same tomorrow, then perhaps hit the gym Wednesday and spin & possibly swim.  So i have a bit of a plan.  Getting back into regular exercise should help me power through the end of this challenge. I plan to keep going and try to lose another 10-15 lbs after the challenge, but this is a good motivator and I have enjoyed it.

Well, Like Nigel said, lets all have a big push for the final 3 weeks and collectively make planet earth weigh a little less.

Week 7 Weigh-in (Nigelrunner)

This week I'm sorry to report a slight weight gain, which is very disappointing. But, I think I'm victim of the 'more mileage, more food' train of thought.

I've been building up my miles over the past couple of weeks. Last week a couple of pounds just seemed to melt off of me.

This past week I have been constantly hungry, and have been trying to eat sensibly, knowing that I am burning more calories. But, I have obviously over-done it a little and gained some weight.

I doubt I'll hit 10 pounds now over the 10 weeks, but I am encouraged by how good I am feeling when I am running, after quite a punctuated Winter of running. I have little doubt I will certainly lose more weight by the end of the challenge, but maybe not quite as much as I'd hoped.

Onwards and upwards! It's nearly Spring, and life is good :)


10 in 10 Funk-sters - 3 Weeks to Go!

Well, my fellow 10 in 10'ers, we have just 3 more weeks of weigh-ins to complete in our 10 in 10 challenge.

Looking through the results sheet, there are some very impressive achievements, as well as a few folks (like me) who perhaps haven't quite achieved the progress they would have liked.

There are also one or two folks who look like perhaps have hit a bit of a 'funk' and are maybe lacking a bit of motivation to update with their weigh-ins and blog entries.

Well, I'd like to ask YOU (yes you) to dig deep and make that sprint for the finish line in three weeks time.

OK, maybe some of us aren't going to achieve the results we'd like, but hey, we're runners - we may be mid-packers who don't finish at the front, but we are proud of our achievements, no matter how small.

Thanks to all of the folks who have taken part in the 10 in 10. I'm sorry I haven't been able to give as much attention as I'd like to the event, but I've had a few family issues that have gotten in the way a little.

So, for the last 3 weeks, lets dig deep and see if we can't put on a finish to be proud of! Good luck for the final few weeks...see you at the finish line!


Weigh-In 2/22/10

Loss of One. Just happy I haven't gained anything back. Since having pneumonia all I've been able to do is, well, nothing. Looking forward to running and playing soccer again. Hope everyone hangs in there. Spring is coming... I think.


Week 7 Weigh-in (mainerunnah)

I remember reading Nigel's introductory post about this challenge and how difficult this can be during the middle and late stages of this challenge.  Well we are in the thick of this.  I see that some of the original challengers have not updated their weekly log and hope that it is related to their busy schedules and not for a desire to give up and defer to their 'old' ways.  The last few weeks have been challenging for me - I posted an increase last week.  I negated that increase this week.  There are a limited number of weeks left in this challenge.  I am determined to bring it home.  Hopefully I can take from this challenge some lessons learned to make the rest of 2010 a healthy and happy new year.  Good luck all!


Hi, Everyone...I'm now showing a gain of .2 after a week without losing. The culprit? Me. Well, stress and me. My profession is in prime evaluation time and I didn't continue what I have proven to myself to be most effective: preparing food for the work day, moving my body enough, and finding alternative behaviors to sitting in front of the t.v. with snacks. I'm most upset with myself about losing 11 days of training toward my next half on March 7 with a 15K next weekend as a warm-up distance. Thankfully, if I handle the next few days well, I'll be back and ready for the races. I'm thankful that we have this forum for accountability. Have a great week everyone!