Saturday, 20 February 2010

On A Course But Off Course (Slightly)

I'm on a two week course. Week one over with and I think I'm lucky to get away with not gaining. I've been fed and well watered for the past week and I found a couple of guys to go running with. Problem is there's no footpaths to run, we're in the middle of knowhere and the roads are fast. Another problem is that there are no scales to weigh myself on so I'll have to weigh myself on Sunday. Still feel good about what I've lost so far and proud of the fact that I've not gained.

Gary Wall - kinverkid

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Later than ever

Finally getting around to posting an update. my plan is all a train wreck. I have been taking on special projects at work and my schedule changes week to week. This has affected my running my time with the Wii and the fit/exercise programs and my diet. Today is the first day of Lent and I will be making some changes to my eating and as I usually do I will have water only on Ash Wednesday and All the Fridays of lent. My family all being below recommended weight will be eating like nothing else.

My running has been maybe 10 miles a week and I'm on the eat less not healthy diet at this time. I have seen some results but over all I can usually drop a bit fast and struggle for the rest. Every fractional loss has been tough. I hope to read more of your stories and get more inspiration as we head into the second half.

Bob McWilliams

Sorry I'm late

Sorry I'm late, I'm sick and my computer is sick. I think my kids infected my desktop and I have pneumonia. I'm out of action until at least next week. It is so frustrating that I can run marathons and hoping to do my first ultra this year and right now I can't walk up the stairs without hacking, short of breath and pulse racing. Although if I was going to get this sick this is a good time since I do have enough sick time, the Olympics are on and the snow is piled high outside. God Luck to everyone and see you next week.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

@coachadam's Week 6 report #10in10in10

This yoyo challenge continues, but at least this week it was in the right direction. My full report is at

Still going down, slow but steady

Who knew that not running could lead to weight loss? I was really worried that my knee injury was going to wreak havoc on the 10in10 due to lack of running, but my body has seemed to respond to the lack of exercise by upping my metabolism... I guess. Portion control has been good and I have minimised nighttime snacking. The only other thing I have done lately is lay off the daytime espressos (which didn't have sugar to begin with). Regardless, I'll take these results!

Back in the saddle

I have not done well and that's starting to really bug me! I can and should do this and although (like everyone else) I can give you my excuses, but that's all they are - excuses. Going to NYC this week where we will visit good restaurants and be tempted to eat "good nyc stuff" but I will persevere :) Good luck to all this week!
John from the Poi

Monday, 15 February 2010

No Loss, but No Gain

Well, I didn't lose any weight this week, but I'm considering that fortunate.  Last week I had hernia surgery and basically can't do anything requiring me to flex my abdominal muscles. Its not as easy as it sounds.  When I walk, I find that my lower back muscles are doing all the compensating and getting very sore as a result. Perhaps using those muscles which don't normally get that type of use is what's substituting for my normal regimen of exercise.  You're right, I don't believe it either. At any rate, I'm holding steady and counting the seconds until I can do some sort of exercise. 8.5 down, 1.5 to go.

All Time Low

I've always considered myself the slightly bigger than average person, but that is all starting to change. In the last six weeks, I've lost a total of four pounds, and I am the lightest I have been since before my high school days. Every time I look in a mirror, I notice how much weight I've lost, which is now 31 pounds, since I started running in October of 07. I have a sense of pride in this accomplishment and in my weight. I'm actually proud to say I weigh 161 pounds - An all time low.

If This Was All I Was Doing...

If this contest was all I was doing I would throw the towel in and give up. I have not yet hit the groove I need to lose this weight and I am quite irritated at myself.

I am probably not going to lose the full 10 lbs in the 10 weeks, but my goals are bigger and more long term so I am not giving up hope yet.

Till next week....

Didnt see this coming

Last Monday my hamstring complained, think i was doing too much, so i rested for a couple of days. As a result i expected to have gained weight this week.

Instead i lost three pounds to take me down to 205, 8 in 6. When i saw that come back i was bouncing around the living room.

My body is weird. Workout really hard and put 2 pounds on. Workout a little bit and lose 3 pounds. Can only think its muscle that put the weight on last week and helped take it off this week.

Nice surprise

I'm down one pound this week--quite a nice surprise, really, since it was not only Valentine's weekend, but my daughter's birthday. So, with all of the chocolates in the house, and a cheesecake for a birthday cake, and going out to dinner, I was not expecting to record any weight loss at all. Next weekend will be even more challenging as we'll be away at a bed and breakfast for three days. (I'll have to weigh in a day late.) Mostly, I'll have to be very careful about what I eat while away--there are always fresh baked cookies at the inn and after a full day of skiing it'll be tough to resist!
Hope everyone else is enjoying some success this week, too!