Thursday, 11 February 2010

Haha, does mid week count?

So I did a weight check last night and I am down 3 pounds from Monday. Kinda scratching my head at that one since I am not running since the knee injury. I have been careful about portion control and limiting snacking, but i am surprised.

I am pretty much ready to start running again but need to get another Nike+ footpod as mine went missing, plus I need to carve out running time from this hectic week.

The danger zone is here - I am down quite a bit and here's where i think I can justify an extra snack here and there, and voila, I shoot back up again.

Patience, grasshopper. Discipline...

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

This much sugar...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Week 5 Weigh-in (Nigelrunner)

Well, a bit of disappointment here this week to be honest, as I asm virtually unchanged with a miniscule gain of 0.2 pounds.

Not sure what went wrong really, as mid-week I was on course for dropping a couple of pounds.

But, I'll stay on track. Exercise (running) is going well, mileage is increasing so I remain ever-optimistic.

This is always the toughest point I think: mid way through a challenge.

So, hope you are all staying on the straight & narrow, no matter how its going for you. :)


Dire Drusy diet update

Back up 1.2 lbs.... what a bummer! OK it wasn't a brilliant week for dieting, as I worked from home 4 days. I'd find myself in the kitchen between tasks, almost without thinking, and when my eyes land on something edible... it's too late to run away. Just a nibble here, and a few nuts there (don't need to enter all that online...) And my diet is toast! ARG! This week WILL be better, then I'm off to the states to visit my family. That's going to be tough. ;-(

Another Tough Week

The week before was tough and this past week was even tougher. Travel for work then I lost my grandpa which meant lots of stress and comfort food. I managed to log 0 miles last week but only gaining 2 pounds was probably a win. This week is going to be better!

A big congrats to all of you who are making real progress!!! Keep up the amazing work!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Fifth Weigh-In

No loss, no gain. Running has been effected by the snow. We just got over a foot and are expecting up to two more feet starting tomorrow. Oh and I just checked the ten day and it has more snow for Monday. I guess I'll be working out with the snow shovel. Two soccer wins this week. The games are indoor too. See you next week, spring will be here soon.

Says it all, really... hang in there folks.

Stayed the Same

By some miracle, I managed to stay the same this week. I fell so far off the wagon on Friday and Saturday that I didn't think I was going to be able to get back up. What started as a small 'cheat' continued on for 2 full days of bingeing. I'm disgusted with myself. This is a new week - and my motto is 'never give up.'

Back On Track

Down 2lbs. I'm happy with that after last weeks zero loss. I've got a two week course coming up. I know from past experience that they will be trying to feed me several times a day. The food is good and generally wholesome. It will be difficult to resist eating too much.

Oh well......

No loss.......but no gain either.

Pi$$ed off? a bit but overall it's going in the right direction.

To be honest nothing really changed during the past couple of weeks so I guess I just need to dig in, stick with it and wait for more loss in the coming weeks.

Down a pound but what a rough ride!

I'm down a pound this week after not running at all due to a bad (really bad) cold. I did watch my diet and that seemed to help. This week diet and running should help! Good luck to all!

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Today was my first rest day this week

Gained 2 pounds this week, think its likely that its due to how much i ramped up my exercise this week. Focused a lot on resistance training to compliment my cardio work so maybe the muscles weight caused this gain.

Still lost 5 in 5, so on target so i should be happy enough. Maybe the muscle will aid weight loss next week, guess I will see.