Thursday, 4 February 2010

@coachadam's Week 4 report #10in10in10

Result is a loss of another 1.5 pounds or down 4/10 in total. Full report at

Monday, 1 February 2010

Let me off this roller coaster!

Well I erased last weeks loss with a gain of 2.4 lbs. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? Not so much.

I've cut back on my portions and I'm tracking what I eat, trying to stay within a 15/60/25 fat/carb/protein diet. Typically this is all I need to do to shed a few pounds. It's worked for me in the past. However, I feel without my regular training regimen of 30 to 40+ miles per week, my weight just wants to go UP!

I'll keep plugging away, try to be more consistent and start looking for a spring marathon.

Good luck everyone!

weigh in week 4

So for week three I had "the bug" and lost 5. So this week I gained but only 2.5. Not too bad. Had a great run Sunday. It was my longest yet!

Great Story on handling the weight loss plateau

The Weight Loss Plateau

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I lost 1 pound of fat this week... you still hungry?

Yep. That's what 1 pound of fat looks like. Appetizing aint it?

I'm not doing well....

No excuses, but I hate business meetings that last all week! They feed you 3 time a day and starve you in between. They only snack was crackers with orange cheese - ORANGE!! Why would cheese be orange?!
With my wife getting better and my routine getting back to "normal" I'm hoping the remaining weeks will be good - or shall I say I will be good!!

Weigh-In #4

I can not believe I have lost 21 lbs in January. This is the weight I was at when I got married nearly 18 years ago at age 22. Now I am on to a goal of getting out of the 200's for February. Had a great week of soccer. Another team in my league needed a goalie since their's was away. They called me and I blocked shots for back to back games. Running went well and I look forward to JFK 50 this year, an ultramarathon (my first) in the Maryland and Virginia area. Just have to keep an eye out for when the registration opens. I wake up to go to work at 4 AM and on my TV (especially since the new year) are infomercials on how to lose weight on just about every channel. The biggest one right now seems to be the belt you wear that works your abs while you watch TV. They drive me crazy. You want a result you have to put the work in. Now I have always been active with running and soccer but eating has always been my downfall in the weight dept. I didn't start some crazy diet, didn't starve myself but looked at meals and snacks proactively and not reactively. In other words I didn't open the fridge and looked for what to eat I thought about what I was going to eat before I opened the fridge. Told myself I will eat something healthy then got it, instead of open fridge and say "that looks good!". Hope every is doing well with their personal challenge. Look forward to seeing everyone's posts. see you next week.

Week 4 Weigh-in (Nigelrunner)

I crept up just under a pound today, which is a little bit of a disappointment.

The good news is that I have done well with my running this week, and I'm not too far off course with my weight loss for the end of week 4.

I have eaten more this week, but mainly due to the extra training - I obviously don't need as much extra food as I think I do!

I'me still very optimistic of shifting my goal weight and am determined to stay on course with my healthier eating and training plans.

The days are lengthening, and there will be soon more opportunities to slot in those morning and evening runs.


Staying Positive

A zero in the box today. I half expected to put a bit on this week even though my training has been going well. I got a hard ten mile hilly run in yesterday and I'm going out for a short run in the snow in a few minutes. But, we had family in over the weekend and I let things slip. I have a couple of brother-in-laws who like beer as much as I do so it was too difficult to not join them. I've not gained though so I'm keeping positive.
My wife isn't in the challenge and she's lost half a pound more than me - what's that all about?

Let's call it a loss

I injured my knee after last Sunday's long run... well, more like aggravated an old, dormant injury, so no running for me this past week. Despite that I showed a -.4 loss this morning when I weighed in. I have been trying to be good and watcvh portions, not snack, etc., so I guess that saved me from a positive number for the week.

Knee is feeling better so I plan to gradually work in some short runs this week. Honestly I am more worried about half marathon training than I am about the 10 in 10 right now!

A HUGE week!!

I am so happy with my loss this week - 5.5lbs!!!!! Brings me to a total of 13.2lbs for the month. I am stoked!!!

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Woo hoo another 2 gone...

Had my weekly weigh in this morning (do it today as i know my house is bedlam on Monday mornings) and I am another two pounds down. To be honest wasnt sure what result i was going to get.

This week i changed tact entirely, instead of keeping my intake really low and feeling hungry all the time i ate closer to my BMR (1900 calories) in small meals (breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner) and exercised more.

Feel a lot better and glad the weight came off.