Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

@coachadam's Week 3 report #10in10in10 Down .75lbs/2lbs overall. Peter Gabriel-No Self-Control:

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Going the right way at last. Got a little worried last week after my zero weight loss. I've been weighing myself daily though trying to do it around the same time and it still fluctuates by quite a bit. I won't worry too much next week if my weight hasn't gone down as much as I would like. I know that the trend is that 'it's going down'. Now that the thick icy paths and roads have gone too I can get my miles in. When not on call, I've been either running or cycling to and from work (12 mile round trip) as well as getting my long runs in on days off. Hopefully if I get home in time I will get my speed training in at the running club I've joined. Got a nice hilly ten miler in on Sunday followed by an eight mile walk with the missus. Feet ached more than if I had run the eighteen. Keep it up everyone and look forward to reading all the updates.

Gary Wall
AKA Kinverkid

My week

So on weigh in this Monday morning I saw that I was back to my starting weight of 210. I was not worried, I knew my sodium intake the previous day probably caused it ( I used a salad dressing marinade.) I also knew that I had worked pretty hard on the treadmill, I had watched most things I ate and I am looking at a long term goal. Twenty-four hours after weighing myself in my weight shows as 208.2 so I know the sodium in the food was the main culprit. I am eating right, and the hour on the treadmill (SWEAT FEST 2010) I know is working, so I plan on seeing a 207.5 next Monday when I step on there. If it says 208, that cool, 209 right on! Its about looking at the whole forest instead of that giant Sequoia in front of me.

Remember to drink your water and have a great week.

Tony (aka tonygravato)

Its the Negative Split Dummy!

One of the tactics I have taken with this challenge is to look at it as if were a race.

When most undertake a challenge such as this one, everyone goes Gung-Ho and the first week usually finds a huge loss. The second week will usually find another slight loss and by the third week, it will start to get a little harder. Since most will take a hard core attitude toward the weight loss challenge, at this point the severely cut caloric intake will trigger your body into starvation mode. Now you are not only fighting the bulge, but your own body has become a double agent and turned against you. The results will not be so dramatic or great (.5 pound here or maybe no loss at all) and some form of discouragement will settle in. This is the "Usain Bolt" method of weight loss, fast out of the blocks but not good for anything long. And LONG term is what we are looking for.

The "Meb" method is all about a long term plan, its about using the 10 weeks to learn how to eat, and by eating I mean eating in a way it fits into your actual real world life. It means learning new habits to how you go about your day. It means learning to balance food in with exercise out. It means realizing that it may be slow. It means that you should look at it as two five week challenges. The object should be to work to the point where the second half (through the light behavior modification of the first half) will result in more loss being loss then the first (as is often the case.)

Keep some sort of food journal and look at it at the end of the week, study it, do you see a pattern in there to explain your loss or gain? Use this information to plot how you will "run" the second half of the challenge. This is important as the general rule is that it takes about 21 days to learn a new habit, so this gives you an additional two weeks to strengthen the good habits that can lead to life altering food behaviors.

Most runners will tell you that the best way to run a race is even pacing every mile with a negative split in the second half. Plus as we all train for races we usually use some sort of training plan. But in weight loss we usually try to make decisions (good or bad) with our food as we go along. Try to look at your food intake as you would your planned run for the day. try to keep these factors in mind:

  • What do I plan on having for breakfast?
  • What will be my mid-morning snack (should be some small protein w/a small amount of fat in it)?
  • What will I be having for lunch that will carry me over into dinner without me being famished?
  • My mid-afternoon snack, what will I have (maybe an egg, and nuts or some cheese?)
  • Dinner, what can I eat that will leave me full but not that full?
  • How will I distribute the amount of water I need to drink over the course of the day?
  • What will be my back up snacking item, for those moments when temptation is high ( think baby carrots, or snow peas or sugar free gum)?
  • How will I integrate my food intake to best be utilized by my exercise training plan for the day?
If you plan it out it gives you an outline to follow and as runners we all tend to be very methodical in following our training plans, so this should be easy. It will keep you from straying and having those bagels left in the break room. It will keep you to having a small bite of the piece of cake for a co-workers birthday. It will keep you from sabotaging yourself with the little things that by themselves are not much, but at the end of a week can add up.

By doing little things you will become more conscious and you should see that weight loss in week 8 might actually be more then what you did on week 2. But more importantly you have learned what it takes to keep this going for a life time.

Have a great week everyone!

Tony aka tonygravato

Monday, 25 January 2010

Decent Week

I'm down 1.5 pounds this week - but my losses aren't accumulating on the spreadsheet, maybe because my first week was a gain. On we go.

Back on Track

After last week, I'm glad to post a loss. I've been eating much better this week, and my long runs are getting longer which means I'm exercising more and more. I'm back on track with three pounds lost overall.

Finally going down instead of up

OK, so its only half a pound, but at least its in the right direction now. I have been positively saintly on the running front and clocked 28 miles this week but not so saintly on the food front. Still, have a plan to complete 30 miles this coming week, so hopefully will go down again.

Week 3 weigh-in (beale2002)

I lost .7 lbs this week, which makes my total for 7.4 lbs down so far. I happy that the trend is going downward again. Good luck to everyone.

Week 3 Weigh-in (mainerunnah)

Just a quick post and check in - I dropped this week just over a pound  bringing my cumulative  change to 5.6 pounds.  I am happy that it is in the right direction and making progress. Good luck to all. Hope you are achieving your goals.

Week 3 Weigh-in (Nigelrunner)

I am pleased with this week's progress, as I'm now a full 4.4 pounds down, which is great!

The only caveat to this is that I haven't been able to run apart from once this week. When I've had this issue in the past, I've noticed a slight dip in weight which I've often attributed to loss of muscle mass due to lack of running.

But, we'll see how things go, and fingers crossed for a bit more running this week and continued progress for next week.


Weigh-In Week 3 Rob

Another good week. Down 3 for a total of 14 lbs. A good week of running and soccer. It has been Girl Scout Cookie season in my house for the past 2 weeks and have managed to only sell the cookies not eat them. I want to thank Adam Tinkoff for (and I don't know why I never thought of this before) giving me the idea to microwave an egg to eat. My wife hates eggs, hates the smell of them cooking, cooked and can't stand the sight of them. I love them. So Thank You Adam for giving me back eggs!

I'll be late weighing in

I must have overdone it on Sunday. This morning (Monday) I got out of bed and could hardly walk. My feet are just very tender. So I missed my trip to the gym today. I will be there tomorrow and will record my weight then :)

Cheers Frank in Australia

Wooohoo Broken the 15 stone barrier :)

Although i need to rethink my eating habits a wee bit (im hungry all the time atm) it is having the desired effects. I lost two pounds this week to break the 15 stone barrier to go down to 208 pounds.

A nice side effect is that the core strenghtening that i have been doing for the last three months is paying off. Managed 20 minutes at 7 and a half minute mile speed on the treadmill on Saturday. Its huge for me, I previously didnt think i could run faster than eight minute miles.


I just crept in ......

Did it.....!!

10lb in 3 weeks!!

Now the challenge gets even tougher and I think I'm going to go for "20in20" and see how close I can get to it.

This week was definitely the hardest week as my work hours were all over the place, eating times were somewhat disrupted and a stressful weekend didn't help too much.

Good luck everyone!!


Slender Ankles Anyone?

Slow going!

Great job to all of you on the challenge. I am having a rough start. My super efficient body has gotten used to my current mileage and since I don't have plans to increase it anytime soon, I need to cut back on calories. I don't like to do that. It's not fun, but it has to happen for any weight loss to happen. I'll start writing things down this week and see how it goes.