Friday, 22 January 2010

Are the wheels coming off?

Ive had a slack week with food.....and Ii weighed myself at the gym this evening (Fri) and have gained nearly 4Lbs!!!

I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday to claw back some respectability....wish me luck!
Frank in Australia

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Good Week

Down 2 pounds this week which is encouraging after my gain of 1.2 pounds last week. Let's face it- there are no surprises where weight loss is concerned. You do the work - you reap the benefits. I haven't exactly been doing the work (for the last year or so) so I'm not surprised my loss isn't bigger. I'll take it.

What a Difference a Day Makes

If only the weigh in was today instead of yesterday, I would be down 3 pounds total instead of being back at 0. I realize that there's going to be some fluctuation in my weight due to many variables like hydration and food I've eaten recently, but I prefer it when those fluctuations work in my favor. Yesterday's official weigh in was 165.5. Today's weight was 162.5, which is the lowest I've been since probably Jr. High. I was dicouraged by the little bit of weight gain I experienced yesterday, but now I am greatly encouraged that I really can loose the weight.

The #10in10in10 Challenge – @coachadam Week 2 Report (214.75 lbs)

Down 4.75 pounds this week, down 1.75 cumulative. Full report at

Week 2 Weigh-in

Hmmm, mid week I was down 2 lbs, but with youngest birthday this weekend and just not being careful, I ended the week at zero:( Oh well, must exercise and stick to the plan!!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Week 2 - Cooking On Gas

Another 2lb off this week - 6 in all! Chuffed to bits. Managed to get out last week and do 3 runs, a cycle and a long walk despite the snow. Not sure if it's the having to report here but something is deffo motivating me! No bread or alcohol is certainly paying off. Well done to everyone who's losing. Take inspiration from me the original couch potato if you're not and good luck all for the forthcoming week.


What happened. I wasn't expecting to lose a lot of weight because I couldn't get the miles in due to the snow and ice over the past week. But, I thought I might have lost something. I'll try and look on the bright side. At least I didn't weight put on. Nah! That didn't work. Still feel like a lump. Ran to work and back today. Cyling tomorrow and Wednesday. Club run Wednesday night. That should get me back on track.

A very bad week

OK, was tempted just to lie this week and said I had lost the weight put on last week. The truth is though that its not the truth! I've had a terrible week, been struck down by a cold that made me feel dire. Absolutely no exercising and just sitting around feeling sorry for myself and snacking. Net weight gain this week 1.5lb. Still, am pleased to report that I now have the glow of health back, have given myself a good talking to, have just returned from my second run of the day and vow to lose all the weight gained in the last 2 weeks this week. Just watch and learn . . . .

...not so great!

I am in the same boat as Tim W. (Thanks Tim, for gave me the courage to do the same!) While I've managed to consistently run 3 days/week, my biggest struggles are with food choices. Much of it is due to lack of time to cook (I hate cooking, too!), work and family stress, and not getting enough sleep. I hope to do better with that this week... Somehow I need to find a balance and maintain it. I always seem to do well for 2-3 days, but then I fall off the bandwagon by the end of the week. It's a vicious cycle! Great job to the rest of you! -- TNG

Two weeks down

So it's been two weeks, and according to the scale, I am down 6 pounds. I'm chalking it up to a couple of things.

1. Holiday baked goods bloat. I ate entirely too much over xmas/new years, and the return to healthy eating and exercising has purged that evilness.
2. Water weight. I've been paying much closer attention to my sodium intake this year.

My approach continues to be:

- Eat sensibly, tracking my food on Sparkpeople
- Workout consistently. I'm now following a half-marathon training plan in anticipation of the Half at the Hamptons on Feb 21

Best of luck to everyone this week!

Tempted to not post ( @virtual4now )

Yes - I said it....... I didn't want to post!

I am still struggling with portion control. There are so many things going on in my life right now and my focus isn't and can't be 100% on this.

I am daily seeing little progress with my habits, and I am certain this will start paying off in the next week or two. This may not be in time to hit the 10 lb mark in ten weeks, but I will hit my bigger goal of 15 lbs, just not sure when at this point :)

I have been putting in the miles without any issues which is good news, but just not enough miles (like marathon or ultra training) to justify how much I am eating.

Keep up the great work everyone!

AKA: Mr. Needs Encouragement :)

Is it the blue wire or the red?

My wife is keen to say that it takes 100 compliments to make up for one negative remark (she actually uses the corny term that Dr. Phil uses.) I always laugh at it, but recently while going back on forth on a thread with some grammar school friends I was reminded of it (Just stay with me and you will see where I am going.)

Growing up and through my grammar school and high school years, I constantly believed that I was overweight, because everyone kept calling me fat. Truth be told after looking at some pictures that could be farther from the truth. I was probably the right weight for my height. But I let those remarks dictate my self image. My bad self image tainted everything I did, I learned to accept being second best. My high school cross country coach never understood that as hard as I trained why I was not challenging to be the number 1 or 2 runner, he always knew that I would give him the points that we needed as #3 or 4. I was his most consistent finisher. He just thought that I had some much potential but something was holding me back. It was the same with my road running.

As a teenager I was very good on the road (especially in the 10k) but my times would just hang and stay the same. To everyone I was just that one kid on the team who no one never gave any thought to, because I wasn't the star, and I wasn't bringing up the rear. I was just there...Mr Consistent. No one gave much thought, I didn't get the extra resources, I had to depend on my self to make me better. But given how hard I can be on myself it was a vicious cycle that led me to eventually drift away from the sport during my prime years.

As a cyclist, I thought that being 145-150 pounds at a height of 5' 9" was too big. I worked extra hard on climbing. I was a marvelous climber and time trialist. But there were times during rides with other riders or during club time trials, when I was just plain kicking butt where I would subconsciously sabotage myself. I would always just finish just outside the top. Everyone would always be shocked but after a while it became a joke.

It took me until about last month to realize that all those comments that I heard as 9-10 year old had been affecting how I lived my life for the last 30 years! All those comments about being the "fat kid" had caused me to deviate off the highway and on to a exit that became nothing more then a road where at times ran side by side with me always questioning what if?
What if I never got off the high way? What was that road not taken? These questions have always led me to not doing my best, to learning to accept second best. These questions have led me to once I have reached my ideal weight, I find a way of reverting back. Those questions have led to yo yo dieting and diabetes. Those questions all grew out of an insecure little 10 year old boy who always tried hard, but was always told that it wasn't hard enough. We all have episodes like that. We all have heard those negative remarks, which at the time probably didn't mean much, but in truth no matter how small they were are now huge thanks to years of unfettered feeding. Without dealing with these feelings, we continually just tip toe around them without ever giving it any thought.

So what does this all have to do with weight loss and this 10 in 10 challenge? Very simply that way too many times we challenge ourselves, and too many times we hit the self destruct button on that path. With out any thought we just do it, we reach for that candy bar, or we decide its too cold or dark or rainy or hot to go out and get my workout in. That button has been hard wired into our brain. Like a demolition expert we have to learn to cut those wires that power that button. The button that was placed there probably many years ago without you even knowing it.
So in a few weeks time, when you find it hard to lose even half a pound after 2-3 weeks and the temptation of a piece of cake for a coworkers birthday rears its head; just stop and walk away from that button. You are better then that, you have worked way too hard to let that happen. You will lose 10 pounds and more. You will lose the "negative monster".

Ironically, you have nothing to lose but years of "I am not good enough."


This week will be an extra challenge...

I'll be spending the entire week at the Stamford Hilton, eating hotel food and working from a conference room, mostly sitting from 8am - 6pm. It should be an interesting challenge, but fortunately the hotel does have a pretty good gym and indoor pool. Unfortunately the hotel is surrounded by a somewhat dodgy neighborhood and rain/snow has been forecast for most of the week... so expect me to be podcasting from my hotel room and talking about the treadmill. I'll also be discussing yesterday's "slow" experience at the Naples Half Marathon...

Stay Strong Everyone! Thanks for your inspiration.

Dan's week 2

Rather relieved to see I dropped another 2 pounds this week, seeing as how several factors conspired against me. I didn't run as much as I'd wanted, I wasn't religious about counting my calories, and I worked a lot of late days, which meant I was too distracted to eat more frequent, smaller meals the way I should. I also had a cold taco for breakfast one morning. But I tried my best to stay away from foods I didn't need and eyeballed some smaller portions. It worked this week but it won't in the long term, so I'll get back on the track of exercising regularly and keeping count of my calories.

I'm going OK

Well this week was a surprise. I'm sticking to lots of water, as much raw food as possible. I'm down to 199 Lbs (total loss 8.9 lbs)... but then I'm I Summer, while most of you are in Winter....its easier in Summer to lose weight.

All the best for those who didn't lose this week will be a big one for you.

Two pounds...relieved

I lost two pounds this week, but let's face facts, I have A LOT of weight to lose. So many of you are 10 pounds away from goal and YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION! Even with my 78 pound loss so far, I've got 48 pounds ahead of me and right now, I'm LOVING every minute of discovering what I can accomplish.

The five pounds lost last week was made possible due to the final prep runs & completion of a half marathon and incredibly wise food choices. This week meant rebuilding my body, resting a bit, using the Wii step to move, and beginning the prep for the next 13.1 in March with a six-mile run on Saturday. I wasn't perfect with food this week and really worried that the salmon, biscuit, and two stuffed mushrooms for dinner last night would cause my sodium level to explode. However, I found some balance this week...the elusive balance I constantly crave. I still moved. I didn't beat myself up for dipping into extra carbs. I am making this happen without excuses!

May we all find peace and needed balance this week. Nigel, you're in our thoughts! to run during this GORGEOUS Florida day!

Negative numbers

Okay, so not the loss of 5 pounds I was hoping for, but at least I was on the negative side this week--down 2.5 pounds! It took a lot of willpower (those french fries at the ski lodge sure looked yummy) and making up special dinners for myself (a large salad for me while the kids were eating my baked macaroni and cheese), but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now I'm determined to keep this up for another week and see more negative numbers on my chart! Good luck to everyone else, too!

Down 1.6

Woohoo, I get to join the Loser Club at last, ha. It could have been more loss, but my running got sidetracked for the last half of last week for all sorts of reasons. I was pretty good on the eating front, with a few indulgences here and there. I can do better and plan to this week! Main goal for this week is avoiding nighttime snacking which is a big culprit for me. I started using Dailyburn for tracking food intake and so far I am liking it. I had been using Lose It! for the iPod Touch but have found that Dailyburn has more of the food I usually eat already configured.

Good luck to everyone this week!

Argh... The Weekend

We went away this weekend. I worked hard to make better choices, but when you're out sometimes you have to eat what's there. I have been weighing myself daily (when I have access to a scale) so I can keep an eye on things. I know that on Friday I weighed two pounds less than I do right now.

I did not consume an extra 6,000+ calories over the weekend. I have a feeling I consumed more sodium than any one person should in a 48 hour period. I can generally tell when I've had too much salt by the way my face feels. My lips feel like they have been injected with something. much the way Hollywood celebrities do. For me, it's just the salt and after a few bottles of water, will regulate on it's own.

Overall, I'm still down 4 lbs since the challenge began (3 lbs + 1lb). I really can't complain.

Could it be a tapeworm thing?

I can’t quite figure it out: yes, I’ve been watching what I eat: but my weakness is WINE, that is…after a couple of glasses it seems logical to have a piece of cheese, maybe some crackers, how about an entire POT ROAST (that’s what I cooked for my family on Sunday, along with mashed potatoes).

It doesn’t help that we had a new Super Market open up in town (which is a big deal for this small New England town), and they have a fresh sushi bar (I have a weakness for raw fish)…but STILL, I managed to lose 2 pounds this week, with a 4.5 pounds loss since I started this challenge (starting weight: 204 lbs, current weight 199.5).

I think my “secret” must be portion control. I find myself holding off on having a second plate of food; and my between meal snacking has been reduced. The thing is, I’m not suffering…when I first tried to lose weight (10 years ago), I was always starving; but today I get a little hungry; but for the most part (so far) this has been easy.

It may be that my running has helped. I’m getting in +30 miles per week as I’m 13 weeks away from the 114th Boston Marathon: so the burning continues.

I expect that my weight will level off soon, and that it’s going to take more effort to drop those last few pounds: but who knows?

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a piece of Makizushi in the fridge with my name on it.

Not the result I wanted this week

Well, I didn't lose anything this week based on this mornings weigh in. I actually was down 4lbs at one point this week after my long run Saturday. I was bad last night, had some potato chips :( On to week 3! Going for it this week!
John from the Poi

Week 2 Weigh-in (mainerunnah)

Thanks to running,  Lose It!, a watchful eye, and a supportive wife, I dropped 2lbs this week.  This Lose It (Iphone/Itouch) application is great!  It also helps to have a family who is supportive.  Keep up the good work all!

Week 2 Weigh-in

Not bad second week. Still ran, coached and played soccer even though some ankle pain has forced me to wrap it. This week is supposed to be warmer than it's been. So here's hoping I can get outside more this week.

I've been good... Honest...

Karma is in effect, i was pretty bad last week and lost 3 pounds. This week i've been really good yet havent lost anything at all.

My body doesnt seem to want to know about weight loss principles. Must be somewhere close to -5k calories this week yet no weightloss.

This fifteen stone barrier will be broken next week.

Still on the plus side i am still 1 pound ahead of schedule, so i should be thankful for that.

Temporary blip

Well i have actually managed to get out and run this week, which is good after a long break with either injury or snow!

So hoping to get this weight shifting! It appears to have been shifting in the wrong direction, which is a temporary blip! Lol. But this is going to be a better week!!!

I'm on fire!!!

Had another great week. Really feel like my head is in a good space at the moment - feeling extremely positive. I am determined to do this!!

Week 2 Update (Nigelrunner)

Well, I've had an awful week in my personal life for a number of reasons, so I wasn't expecting too much this week. I haven't really been able to do much again in the way of running, and my mental focus has been elsewhere.

My weigh-in was an increase of just under a pound, so not too much damage there. I'm still a pound down overall, so the 10 pounds still feels do-able.

A week to re-group and re-focus this week.


A bit deflated...

I really did stick to it this week - no white food, no icecream, only one glass of wine all week, lots of salads (which really doesn't sound that appealing on snowy days)... but only down 0.6lb. UUGH. Perhaps I should look at %body weight as Stuart Quadrathon is doing on his challenge 5% body weight sounds better, I guess. I'm really not willing to eat less - life would not be worth living. Think plateau... near the edge?