Saturday, 16 January 2010

Burning the Butter

You get the idea...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Danger Will Robinson

A colleague had his birthday today and there was cake... I ate some.

There - I said it.

Having flatlined for this week's weigh in it probably wasn't the best choice. But hey, it is done.

Does it matter that I weighed 2 pounds less on Tuesday (of course!)?

Anyway, according to my all-things-in-moderation theory the cake is okay as long as it wasn't the WHOLE cake, and is balanced by an equal amount of calorie burning. I'll be tacking on some extra miles over the next few days in consequence.

Steady on.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I'm with the upweight group in week 1 of 10. Worried? Not hardly.

(@coachadam) I totally agree with @scstekel and her interpretation of the fluctuations. In my case, I win as the biggest loser in the wrong direction as I'm up 3 lbs from 216.5 to 219.5 when I weighed myself before my workout on Monday. Cause for concern? Not yet. Doing what I need to do to ensure success. More details at www.racewithpurpose/coachadam.

As Witnessed During My Naked Weigh-In...

Knuckling down

I have committed to having a negative number next Monday! For instance, today our building's lunch menu included lasagna. They rock the lasagna and it's one of my faves. I passed it over in favor of salad. Will I do that for the rest of my life? No, but for the next 9 weeks, it's all about the discipline and training to make informed choices. That and running as much as I can without getting injured. My slow and steady plan to run morning and evening commute runs is paying off and I am (knock wood) injury free.

Stay strong everybody and congrats to the biggest losers so far!

Dan's Week 1

Sneaky Nigel has these weigh-ins scheduled for Mondays so he can get in his Sunday long run the day before, burning crucial last-minute calories mere hours before he steps on the scale. Crafty! Knowing this, I went for a 5-miler on Sunday (what constitutes a "long run" these last few weeks for me). I took a hilly route, even trudging through a half mile of 3-to-6-inches-deep snow to get some extra cardio in. When I got back from the run, I weighed myself and was rewarded from the run and the calorie-counting I'd done all week: I'd lost 4 pounds.

Then I ate dinner, and being overconfident about the 4-pound loss I even had popcorn as a snack at night, making it a little too buttery and salty. Result? I lost 1.5 pounds. Still on track for the 10-in-10, but not exactly the big number I was hoping for.

Down 2 pounds! Better call it water weight

I'll take it what ever I can get. I only ran 3 time last week. I'm pretty sure that my metabolism is not speed up as I get older. Good luck to everybody. Enjoy the challenge, I know I am.


Week One

My weight was all over the place this week but luckily for me, I was down half a pound on Monday morning and that's all that counts.

If anyone else is using Sparkpeople, you can add me as a friend there if you want. My name is Kelownagurl.

Hope everyone else had a good week. Remember, if you didn't lose any weight, it often takes a week or two before things start to change so be patient, and don't get frustrated.

And if you haven't already, be sure to take your measurements as well because often that's where the biggest changes show up!

Good luck!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Feelin' Lucky

So this week hasn't been my best as far as working out or eating right. It seems like every time I look at a food label, I'm cringing at the fat content of what I'm eating. Last week I had a few corn dogs, not any special healthy kind, just the run of the mill fat-filled ones. I just knew my weigh-in wouldn't be good.

However, I still lost weight. I feel better about losing a pound, but I know I can do better with my diet.

Unreasonably Good Start..

Last week was a weird one. Friends still staying with us and so out for dinner twice and one night in the pub. Thankfully i was using sparkspeople (thanks adamm9 :D ) to monitor what i had during the day so i knew what i could have in the evening.

Two games of football were the limits of my exercise, the snow and ice just didn't seem tempting to me.

But i managed to shave off 3 pounds from my (ample) frame :)

Well done to all for sticking with it, even if the results haven't yet shown themselves.

Great start

I'm happy with my -2.4 for the week, considering we went away for a few days. Congrats to those who also lost this week, and for those that didn't - don't give up!

No Change...

I neither gained nor lost a single pound this past week. I did run and I generally ate less but I did succomb to the tragedy of so-called funsized Snicker's and Cheetos. Alas, I was stained all weekend with the tale-telled sign of orange fingertipped disappointment.

But this week I will run more, actually crosstrain when scheduled, and cut out the snacks. I will even tempt the wrath of heaven and forgo the sweet necter of the Angels that is Stout (preferably Guinness but I'll take whatever is on tap). I will be lighter, faster, and in the words of the immortal Steve Runner, I will run long and taper (tapering actually begins week 14 of my 16 week plan of which I am begining week 4).

The frustration of going up rather than down

Alright, I'm up a pound this week too. It's really, REALLY frustrating, because this actually was a clean week for me, in terms of eating well (and not excessively) and exercising regularly. So let me offer some small comfort to the others that are up this week as well.

But, it raises a good point about the scale: numbers aren't as simple as they seem. I know there's no way took in an extra 3500 calories of food this week - the math's not there, even if I could have underestimated what I ate on occasion. So why does the scale go up instead of down? I'll throw the usual reasons out there so that those of us that gained don't get discouraged: 1.) water weight fluctuation can really show up on the scale. I remember a schoolmate of mine coming back from 3 days with the flu, and describing a bit proudly how she lost 8 lbs. Well ... it wasn't 8 lbs of fat, you can be sure. But several pounds worth of water was much more likely. 2.) the ol' muscle vs fat scenario. It's not that muscle weighs more than fat - after all, a pound of something weighs a pound. But yes, it's possible to build a pound of muscle, and lose a half-pound of fat, and have the scale smirk back at you when you go to weigh in.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time agonizing over which reason it might be - it's one week, and I'm more concerned about the overall trend. I'll keep tracking what I eat, exercising, and working on good health. If I'm still here at the end of ten weeks ... it's not gonna be pretty. LOL Have a good week 2, everyone.

Susan (aka scstekel)

Not a good start

OK, thank goodness there is someone else who has put on a pound. We two can stand in solidarity. I can find a million excuses but I guess I shouldn't bleat and just get on with it this week. My thought though is that it gets really hard making a sensible judgement call on when to run or not when you are used to running marathons. Suddenly normal sense goes out of the window and you are left feeling guilty for not being 'hard enough' if you choose not to run on sheet ice and yet also feeling guilty if you do choose to run when the rest of the family are telling you its madness. I guess you just lose your sense of perspective because everyone always tells you that you are crazy to run no matter what anyway! Still, thats my excuse. This week I definitely will get out and run, snow and ice or not and I will try not to let work get me so stressed that I don't sleep properly and eat to deal with it.

Scales might lie?

I'm with most everyone: today's weigh-in frightened me a little. I've been sick with a terrible cold that just flattened me, so my daily schedule last week consisted mostly of laying on the couch, sleeping, drinking tea and eating soup.
I'd also been nervous because I was out of town for the baseline weigh-in, so I didn't have access to the scale I'll be using through the challenge. Instead, I used the the doctor's clinic scale, which always seems to weigh more heavily and is definitely different than the home one. Stepping on our scale this morning, I either have lost all 10 lbs already (ha! my pants say otherwise), or a more modest 2 lbs (my fancy-math estimate that includes the usual difference between home and an office scale.) I'm going with the smaller number.
I'm feeling much better this week, and should be able to get back to some running, especially now that it's above freezing in Hotlanta.

Lose It iphone or itouch app!

Hey all,

Is anyone using the Lose It app for ipone or itouch? I'm finding it very useful and would love to add some friends.

Keep up the great work everybody!!!


A Great 1ST Week!

I am so exited of my first week weight lost of eight pounds! This just proves to me that I ate way too much junk food during the holidays and not enough exercise. My diet during this first week was simple:

  • Eating a balance breakfast
  • Not eating Carbs after 8pm
  • Up my Protein
  • No ice cream or pastries (my weaknesses)
It also helps that I ran 28 mile, snowshoeing for 3 hours and did core workout. Keep up the good work everyone!

1st weigh in

So psyched to be doing this challenge, as it is keeping me accountable. I can't tell you how many times I went to eat something that 'might' not have been a good choice, and said, nope, I'm doin the 10in10 challenge, and I want to be able to report a loss this week.

Well, it's not much, but I am down 1 pound. Woo Hoo!!!

Funny tho, by Thursday or Friday of last week, the scale showed I was down about 2lbs. My exercising is finally back and I am running and doing cardio crosstraining again. YAY!!! but Sundays are my off day, booooo, not good for a Monday morning weigh in. Haha. So, I'm thinking of retooling the workout schedule, to had a day during the week as an off day, and do my run/cardio on Sunday, to keep that metabolism burning, so maybe Monday morning I will see better results. Haha

Have no idea if the above would really make a difference, but it sure does good for the psyche. Haha

Congrats to everyone who has lost this week, and hang in there to those who didn't. This is a 10 week challenge! Think of it that way!!! and this is only the first week!!


I may be the only one who actually gained weight last week! What's up with that!? When I posted my comment last night, I was afraid that this might be what I'd see, but was truly hoping to at least have maintained my weight from the 4th and not actually added pounds! So, here are my excuses:

(1) my children were playing with my scale last week and after doing so, it was actually weighing everyone in the house 20 pounds lighter than it should. I was able to figure out the problem and fix it, but how accurate can it be now, considering it's been "refurbished"?
(2) I'm using an analog scale anyway, so it's not very accurate to begin with, right?!
(3) I had a pasta-heavy weekend (pasta for or with dinner for three nights in a row!). I was able to avoid all sweets and extra snacks between meals, but think the added carbs did me in. This week: no pasta!

Okay, I'm ready to start this week anew and see what happens. More fruits, fewer processed carbs. . . that's the plan!


I lost 3 lbs! Glad I got my "chilly" run in last night!! Mamarunner09

Not Great, but it is the right direction....

It wasn't as good as I had hoped, but better than I expected.

The (almost) 1 pound for the first week was really better than I deserved with the way I ate this week. I made some changes, but not all the ones or as much as I needed to. My biggest thing is and always has been portion control, and that is where I am continuing to fail. I am still eating like I did when training for the marathon.

Today starts a new week, and the desire to take it to the next level.

Good luck everyone!

Nothing like a half marathon...

There's nothing like a half marathon on a Saturday to help you lose five pounds in a week...well, and the fact that I have a lot of poundage to lose...55 pounds to hit my healthy weight. So now that's down to 50 pounds to lose with one half marathon accomplished in 2010 and three to go to achieve my personal goal. The half at Disney was of course MAGICAL with runs in the backstage areas of Magic Kingdom, down Main St. and through Cinderella's castle. For a Floridian, the weather was brutal with constant sleet or rain and temps in the low 30s. My race times are never impressive so I focus on improving my time through personal records. I finished in 3:24:39...more than two minutes faster than my first half marathon completed on my own with a trusty GPS.

Thanks again, Nigel. I really appreciate the accountability of this site for a weekly location to post weight changes and the chance to read all of your posts. I'm inspired! THANKS!

Week 1 Weigh-in (mainerunnah)

Wasn't sure what to expect - thanks to the app on my Ipod Touch Lose It! I have been tracking most of my caloric intake and my physical activity for the first week.  Was a little nervous on Wednesday when I went out to a local restaurant with my wife but managed to lose 2+ pounds for the first week.  Great start!  My wife is doing her own challenge with a local gym so we have the support system to help each other out.  Running the miles clearly helps out coupled with monitoring portions and snacks.  I think it will be hard come week 9 and 10.  Good luck to all.

First weigh in done, and I'm pleasantly surprised (can someone check my figures in case I've screwed up....I work in Kilo's not Lbs).

Good luck to everyone :)
Frank in Australia

Week 1 Weigh-in - Rob Maury

The holidays are over. Back to coaching soccer, regular running, regular eating and playing indoor soccer. Having an indoor soccer doubleheader helped with the weigh-in. I really thought yesterday's Girl Scout pancake breakfast would do me in. By the way if anyone needs an easy fundraiser to do contact your local Applebee's. They will provide the food and even cook it for an all you can eat pancake breakfast. All you have to do is serve.

Week 1

Hi everyone. First weigh in and I lost 1 pound! Was hoping for more but wont complain too much. Its a start. I have been quite good with only a few small slip ups. I have trained every day and this included a few free weight sessions so I am thinking I may have put a bit of muscle on. My excuse anyway.

Hope it goes well for everyone else. If not put it behind you and start again next week.

Regards, Uzi.

About what I expected...

I'm up 1.2 lbs this week. I'm not surprised because I have not put any effort into moving my body at all this week. The combination of medication and just generally feeling like crap made me decide to take the entire week off to rest and get over this Christmas crud. I'm much better this morning, and am going downstairs as soon as I finish typing to get on with some crossfit stuff and squats, situps, and pushups for Quadrathon's Challenge. Running will start again tomorrow. I felt it was best to stick to my eating plan even though I wasn't exercising. I know I'll have a loss next week. My plan for the week is to stick to the food plan, drink plenty of water, run 3 days and cross train 3 days with one day completely off. On we go.

Weighed in and...

Flatlined. I weigh exactly the same. I put in over 30 miles last week, but I also fell off the eating wagon (and into the buffet) while at home this weekend. I really need some discipline around nighttime snacks - they are my undoing.

Well, there are 9 more weeks to go. Time for pushups and a core workout then a morning commute run.

Good luck to all this morning!

Week 1 Weigh-in (Nigelrunner)

I was pretty confident I was going to be a pound or 2 down on my weigh-in this morning, and I wasn't disappointed!

I weighed in 2 pounds lighter, which I'm really pleased about.

I've had one or two 'slips' during the week and I've been pretty good in the main, but haven't exercised as much as I'd have liked.

I have mainly acheived this loss due to cutting sugar out of tea/coffee, reducing my portion sizes and staying away from 'the bad stuff' (well, for most of the week anyhow).

I'm going to try and concentrate on drinking more water this week (which I didn't really do too much last week), and try to get a few more runs in to keep the 'burn' going.

All in all, I have to say I'm pleased with this great start!


Ok so a little run into work this morning and feeling a bit nervous with the first weigh in scheduled.....

Quick shower.......

Onto the scales and.......... a 5lb loss!!

To be honest I'm a bit suprised it was that much but obviously pleased.

Plan for the next week is along the lines of:

  • Regularly timed meals
  • Maintain running schedule
  • Increase fluid intake
  • Increase vegetable intake
  • Maintain discipline!!

Good luck everyone

Me three!

Me three!
Im stepping onto the scales later today (its Monday in Australia)....and Im worried too. Inspite of sticking to the raw food diet, and cutting out 90% of treats I still feel very very heavy. Then I was told that its hard to lose weight when you get past 40...thanks! I seem to be having more trouble that usual bloating...but why?? I'm off bread ( I could live off eggs on toast, and cups of tea with toast and jam), ...anyway lets see later eh?
Good luck to everyone for their weigh in today/tomorrow

Me, too!

I just read John's (from the Poi) recent post and have to say that I, too, am quite worried about stepping on the scale tomorrow morning. The first few days of last week felt so hard. . . like I was depriving myself of foods that I really wanted and that was all I could think about! This weekend, however, was much easier. Mostly because I let myself indulge in bites of goodies here and there (three bites of popcorn and one gummy worm at the movies today, the extra bit of pasta that no one else wanted after dinner tonight, etc.). I'm just afraid that these little splurges have cost me in pounds. I have a terrible feeling about stepping on the scale tomorrow. However, I'm quite committed to being successful in this challenge so seeing that number in the morning will be a good indicator of how much work I still need to do to shed some pounds. I'm convinced that this will indeed be WORK for the next nine weeks.
Good luck to everyone for a successful weigh in tomorrow.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tomorrow worries me.....

So tomorrow is the first weigh in. Now I know howthe folks on the biggest loser feel (not really). I have not been as good as I should this past week. I could give you an excuse, but that's all it would be. No matter what challenges we face we still need to eat healthy and get our exercise in. That said, I'm hopeful that I will squeek out a 1 lb loss. We'll see in the AM! Also, I love Adam's picture!
John from the Poi