Saturday, 9 January 2010


I like this kid...

Getting my start in

Well the new year is here and the 4th of Jan came quick. I have been looking forward to this, I'm not sure why as most look forward to weight loss like looking forward to a root canal. First off I love this because it is a chance to share with friends though miles apart our best wishes and encouragement to become more of what we want. I have a new scale this year and my starting weight is 148.0 lbs. I will be posting my fat and muscle each week for comparison as well. My bonus this year is the Wii Fit plus and Wii My fitness coach. I plan to use both to round out my activity and not just drop the weight, but feel better and become stronger in the process. Some friends at work said 10 lbs you can do with a diet change and I agree but it is far more rewarding to love what you eat and be healthy as the result of a change in lifestyle. I am looking forward to the next few weeks.

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Friday, 8 January 2010

2010 Weight Loss Challenge on Buckeye Outdoors

A bit late, but sign up for the Buckeye Outdoors 2010 Weight Loss Challenge!

Last year's winners, including Andy (Alinesjr) -

Weight Loss Total Lbs Lost 959.8, alinesjr has lost the most at 58.00 Lbs

Jereme (DJGray1200) and Gordon (DisneyRunner) will be on a weightloss special Runners Round Table episode on January 27th at 7pm Eastern time. Join us!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Diet cafe?

Well if this don't make you want to diet nothing will.

I'm in and charged up! Our youngest is 4months and I'm ready to shed the pounds and get my body back.

Kelownagurl Tris... to lose a few lbs

So why am I here you might ask? After all, I weigh 124 lbs and at 5'3", that's within the normal BMI for my age and gender.

Well, I'll tell ya. I used to weigh about 140+ lbs and in 2006, I managed to drop the 20+ lbs and have been able to stay in and around 120 lbs most of the time. My golden rule has been, whenever my weight goes up more than 3 lbs, I go immediately back into weight-loss mode. And every Christmas, I allow myself the luxury of enjoying the bounty offered and gain 3-4 lbs.

So today, on January 4th, I currently weigh 124 lbs and my initial goal is to lose 4 lbs and get back to acceptable weight.

HOWEVER, every June for the past 3 years, I have met with a nutritionist who has done a variety of measurements and calculated, roughly, my body fat percentage. And every June, I've had pretty much the same results. Amazing really, considering how much more I workout now than I did 3 years ago. She likes to point out that as I age, it's a bonus that I'm even able to maintain my weight and fitness. I'm not quite ready to accept that though. Sounds like a cop-out to me.

So my secondary goal is to lower my body fat percentage from 24% down to 20% which is still fairly high for an athlete, although not particularly high for an average woman of my age. But I like to think I am no average women. :)

To reach this goal, I will need to lose an additional 5 lbs and get down to a fighting weight of 115 lb. For those of you who think that this might be a bit too 'skinny', keep in mind that I only weighed 105 lbs when I was 20 and I maintained 115 lbs until I was well into my 30's. So far, I've never been able to get down that low though. This is probably my last ditch effort to try.

I doubt I'll make it in 10 weeks though. I can usually only lose 1/2 lb a week in training. Can't cut my calories back too much or my body goes into starvation mode. My goal is 1650 calories a day, with a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day (swim, bike, run).

Good luck to all!

PS If you click on the title of my post, it'll take you to my Day One blog entry where I talk (even more) about the my first day and the challenges of maintaining a plan.

First I have to remove the Christmas damage

Even though I didn't "let myself go" I still managed to gain 5 lbs this season and that's with doing all but one traininig run. So I have proof positive that I can run and gain weight.

I started running in early May, just after turning 42 and welcoming our 2nd child into the world. My starting weight was about 270 and since then I have logged about 570 miles on the Nike+. To be honest I thought I would have lost more weight but I some how can't shake the mentality that I can out run a cheese burger.

I'm off to Jakarta for the next couple of weeks for work so I won't be able to update my weight until the 24th. I am hoping to have the Christmas weight off by then and get on with making my goal of 200lbs.

Thanks Nigel for setting this up.

A New Year...A New Me

Hi, Everyone! Nigel, THANK YOU for organizing this opportunity!

I'm facing 40 in June and decided to celebrate the passing of my youth by completing four half marathons this year (one for each decade) with three at Disney World and one at Disneyland. My trek to becoming a runner began by jogging in place using a Wii in August of 2008. Taking movement to the streets was a VERY different experience and I NEVER imagined that my body could actually handle more than walking. I use a 3:1 or 4:1 run/walk ratio and it's working for me. During '08, I lost 90 pounds. I gained twenty back in '09. So I celebrate the ability to keep 70 pounds off, the completion of two 10Ks, three 5Ks, one 13K, and my own half marathon back in June using a GPS device. I work to continue toward my goal weight and the best health status of my life.

I completed my final prep run this evening in 40 degree weather (blizzard-like conditions for Florida) and look forward to crossing the finish line on Saturday for my first "official" half marathon.


My Official Weigh In is Complete

Wow, while not at my heaviest (thanks to running) my weigh in this morning what much more than I could have ever wanted it to be. My work is in front of me and my goal are achievable! I want nothing more than to use this as a kick-start to a year of smarter eating and an overall improvement in my level of fitness.

Good luck to everyone for a fantastic Challenge and an even better 2010!

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Let's Get Going!

OK, so the day has come and it is time to get serious about this!

I have slowly started to put on weight following my marathon in November. I never stopped eating what I was eating to fuel for the marathon training, and then added a couple glutenous holidays in to round things out..... literally!

Today I am starting to eat like I was leading up to the start of my training for the marathon.... when I was maintaining pretty close to where I wanted. I would like to drop to that point and then a bit more so my journey is not done at the 10 lb mark.

Good luck everyone!

Monday, 4 January 2010

It's official!!!

I'm the heaviest in the 10-in-10 Challenge (so far)

This is gonna hurt!

A Picture is Worth 1000 Calories

with love,

Starting weight

Well, like I said I basically have done nothing but eat and drink since NYC. Stepped on the scale this morning to learn it crept up on me to 129.6 Grrr... Day of NYC I weighed 114.8. So, I have about 15 lbs to lose with you all.

Here's to losing weight, staying on track and getting the miles in!!!

Good luck everybody

Starting Weight

After getting down to 205 from 240 this past summer I have steadily climbed back up to 226. But this time I'm not going to starve myself or do the low carb hell. I did indulge and engorge myself last night with pizza and Guinness so I may be a bit heavier than even I expected.

Weighed in

I have officially weighed in for the challenge. My weight is 165.5 pounds. I have to admit I did spend the weekend not caring about my food intake, but now the fun starts, and I'll have to watch what I eat very carefully. I'll be incorporating the challenge into my podcast so you can listen to my weigh-ins and my thoughts throughout the challenge as well as reading them here.

Back at it

So this is the 2nd time I'm doing Nigel's 10-in-10 challenge. If I remember correctly (and I don't want to), I'm down just a couple of pounds from the start of the first go-around, but up from the end of it. Did that make any sense? Point is, I still need to drop 10, and then some more, and this is a great time and a better way to start.

I'm a terrible calorie-counter. I figure if it fits in my stomach then it's fine to eat. But this time, spurred on by this and my wife @painternik, I'm going to make a concerted effort to count my calories every day. I'm using Calorie King, a downloadable program (as opposed to an online tool like FitDay, which I used once before and also liked before I fell out of the habit). You use CalorieKing to input your foods and exercise and analyze your whole input/output. It's pretty good, with very many name-brand foods in its database, which is handy. It's good for me, because I never have any idea how many calories are in anything and how many I'm expending. We'll see how that goes. Good luck, everyone!

I am so excited.

I love challenges. I'm all set to start.

The major thing I do that needs correcting is my nighttime snacking. I can make it through the day eating healthfully but then the nighttime comes and even though I may eat healthy snacks, I eat too many. The challenge will be to cut out the nighttime snacking.

I already keep track of what I eat and how many calories I burn during my workouts - running and strength training. I'll continue to do that.

So, I've put my weight on the spreadsheet and am determined to see it drop weekly!

Good luck to all.

Excited to get started!

Got weighed in this morning all set to officially start the 10 in 10 Challenge. No radical changes here - healthy food, lots of fruit and vegetables, and eating every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day to keep the binge monster away. Good luck everybody!

Hello from a chilly scotland

Hi guys, firstly big cheers to Nigel for organising this blog and challenge, I'm so impressed by the number of folks who have signed up to this as well. for those of you i don't know I'm a forty something runner and biker from near Glasgow in Scotland. I didn't exactly do much in the last 5 months of 2009 and plan to turn that around this year, I'm really feeling the excess of too much eating and drinking over Christmas and as I've signed up again to run this years Edinburgh Marathon as well as some extreme biking events this should all help with my 10 in 10.
So good luck all and i look forward to seeing everyone progress

2nd time around, too

Yep, my second time on 10 in 10, too. I did get down 6 lbs mid-2009, but somehow they came back and my clothes are tight again. I hate that feeling!! So, back where I started, a year older (53), but confident that if I pay attention to avoiding sugar and refined carbs, log my food on FitDay, go to the gym 3 days a week and run 25 miles a week I've got a chance this time!

Want to talk about your goal? Call in to the Runners Round Table open mike on 6 Jan at 10 pm Eastern time (724) 444-7444 (001-724-444-7444 from the UK) enter the call ID #34812,then the pin number that you gave when you registered with (usually your phone number). Good Luck everyone!

Newlywed, unemployed and running...

My name's Alex (Palila), and I'm also 28 and in the ATL 'burbs. I had lost a little weight before my July wedding, just from stress, a full schedule, and the ramping up of now-diagnosed Celiac. Post-wedding, I put it all back on and more, since we figured out what food doesn't make me sick and I had more free time to do things, like eat. (Did you know that Cheetos are gluten-free? It's become a terrible fall-back while traveling.)

I'm signed up for and training to run the ING half marathon in March; I ran it last year. After studying a food diary of the last few weeks, my plan is generally to drink less and eat earlier (those late-night snacks are killer), while continuing on my set training plan. Basically, better nutrition overall (no more Cheetos, definitely.)

I'm still on "vacation" for the first week of the challenge, so that will be a bit of an initial speed bump, but I'm hoping to lose the post-wedding weight during the challenge in order to improve my running time and to fit better into my interview clothes.

an intro

Well well name's Abby, I'm 28 years old and living in the suburbs of Atlanta. To be quite honest, I don't have a plan of attack. What I have are these facts:

1. I hate running. Yes, I have given it a good, solid try. Two 5k's and $1000 of PT, my knees say no more. Not to mention that I find it incredibly boring.

2. I'm not scared to eat healthily. Where I get screwed is in my portion control. Therefore I feel like I should probably only eat salads.

3. I do have a gym membership.

4. I need to get in shape for realzies.

5. My wife is leaving for a job for 4 months and I would really love to resemble the old me, the me from 30 lb. ago, when she returns in May.

....thoughts? :)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

It's not cheating, honest ;-)

"My name's Mat and I'm an alco...wait, what, not this meeting?"

So yeah, anyway, I thought I'd just drop a quick hello on here, and say "Erm, is this the right room?".

As a non-runner (if I'm honest, a non-exerciser ;-P ), I'm definitely feeling like the kid who walked into the wrong class at school, but on the flip side, I'm also thinking that if I can get the "start exercising, and stop eating crap" sorted on the mental side, then the weight loss on the physical side might actually be easier for me than all the dedicated runners.

Less snacks, fruit not chocolate or crisps (or chips for those on the Western side of the pond), and water or milk instead of pop (soda). The exercise (walking to and from work instead of taking the tube) will have to wait a week, as I've got a week holiday.

And to explain that title, I took my weight at the start of the weekend, before carting around 400KG of plaster, a load of wood flooring, and 13 rubble bags filled with an old partition wall, so I've sort of already done a couple of days of working out. And no, it's not cheating :-p

Let's Do This!!

I'm more than ready to do this. I am determined to nail the fat demon this year!!!

Ready, set. . . go!

Hey, everyone--I thought I should introduce myself now that we're getting going. I'm a stay home mom of four and am ready to lose some weight as part of my new year's resolution.

Two years, ago, I resolved to exercise more consistently so started tracking my workouts on Buckeye Outdoors. Now I run 20 to 25 miles per week and love to do cross-training when I can (just did an hour of tough snowshoeing today, as a matter of fact). This has helped me keep some weight off, but not enough. After an injury last spring, I was unable to exercise at all for nearly three months and gained a few pounds then. I still haven't worked those off yet, even though I'm back to exercising regularly.

Over the past year, my husband lost 20 pounds, so now it's my turn. I've made a new year's resolution to lose weight (no particular number in mind, just want to shed pounds). I'm hoping to accomplish this by doing the following things: (1) stop eating all of the 'leftovers' around the house (the half-sandwich left by my son after lunch, the bowl of chocolate covered raisins that's sitting on the counter, etc.); (2) avoiding sweets (I LOVE cookies and eat way more than I should. I think that if I limit my desserts to once in a while as a treat, I'll be better off); and (3) eating only fruits and vegetables between meals (not that I snack a lot, but when the kids get peckish, then I tend to graze, too).

So, I'm already having a tough time avoiding all of the yummy things that are gracing my kitchen now that the holidays have passed, but I'm keeping in mind that by doing this challenge, I'm holding myself accountable and want to succeed.

Good luck to everyone--looking forward to having company in this endeavor!

My Plan - Maddy

I am excited to be a part of this challenge (although I'm a little saddened that this is the second time I'm participating). Hats off to Nigel for organizing this!

I have realized over the past few months that if I don't watch what I eat, it's not good. I have had success in the past using The Daily Plate, so starting tomorrrow, I will start recording again the food I eat.

My plan also will be to drink more water and drop the soda and just all the way around eat better.

Good luck to all participants! It's going to be a great ten weeks!

Here We Go

Thanks Nigel for getting this 10 in 10 challenge going! I am ready to make this commitment to myself this year. I will run the Little Rock Marathon in March 7, 2010 and hopefully will shave off sometimes with the weight loss from this challenge.

Here is my plan of attack:

1. Will only allow myself one day per week of eating out.
2. Prepare homemade meals in advance for the week.
3. Will stop eating carbs after 6 pm daily.
4. Always have breakfast!
5. Run at least 20 miles per week!

Good luck to all, let's make this a good start to a healthy 2010!


Roll on the challenge

Been for first run of 2010 but with ice under foot and remnents of a cough it didn't go too well. managed 21 minutes but only did 1.63 miles, quite a bit of gingerly walking over iced pavements if i could have been a bypasser watching me i would have laughed at my slip on the ice so it will be gym running for me until the ice thaws, safest that way.

Looking forward to the challenge if i manage 10 in 10 i will fly round my first half marathon booked for March 21st (Reading) - flying to me will be sub 2:55 hours so not fast but better than last year would be good.

Good luck to all entering this challenge and thanks Nigel for counting me in. With support, encouragement and self belief we will all be winners just by completing the challenge.


10 in 10 Challenge

Hello all fellow 10 in 10 Challengers, wow I feel like I am at a big circle table and it is my turn to say a little about myself. I would consider myself a typical Age Grouper trying to improve my times, and to do that I need to lose some of the extra weight the challenges of life has put on me. Now the challenges of swimming, biking and running will take the extra weight off. Good Luck to everyone!


OK so it's nearly D-Day.........

Official weigh-in is less than 24 hours away and then it's gonna be discipline and commitment for the next 10 weeks.

Hopefully the combination of a sensible eating plan and my marathon training schedule should be a good combination for the 10-in-10 Challenge.

I say "hopefully" simply because my work hours don't really sit well with a set eating plan or training schedule. Early mornings and mid-evening finishes to the working day means that I eat irregularly and sometimes on the run. Fingers crossed I am able to combine the two.

So what's the plan for the next 10 weeks?

  • 5-6 smaller meals each day
  • carbs predominantly eaten no later than 3pm
  • maintain good hydration
  • rest on my rest days (resist temptation to "do a bit extra")

Hopefully these combined should help drop a few pounds......