Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ten in Ten For 2011

This year's 10 in 10 challenge has switched formats. I don't have the time to administer the challenge, so have elected to use tools which you can administer yourself.

I have chosen to use Facebook as the primary tool to provide textual updates amongst the members of the challenge. You can post updates to the 10-in-10 Facebook page by just 'liking' the page at

To record and track our actual weight loss progress, I have decided to use the fabulous free resource over at I have set up a weight loss challenge beginning on the 3rd January, which runs for 10 weeks with a goal of losing 10 pounds.I have created a weight loss challenge at :

To track your weight loss progress, you just need to go in to your training log on the day that you weigh-in and then select 'edit the day details' (hover over icon in day cell). I'll be entering my initial weight on Jan 3rd, then on each subsequent Monday. As you update your weight, it will be reflected in the challenge.

Well, good look to everyone taking part - I'll see you on Facebook!


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