Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 10 Update - Final Update (Nigelrunner)

Well, I'm sorry to say I failed miserably at this 10 in 10 challenge.

Ok, I'm nearly 3 pounds lighter than when I started, but a bout of dehydration could do that for me! :)

I was doing fairly well at the mid-point, but I lost focus in the latter stages. There's no dressing it up...I didn't do well. But, I am going to be keeping an eye on my weight and will still endeavour to shift a few more pounds over the coming months.

Congratulations to the many participants who have achieved some VERY impressive results - you should be very proud of your achievements.

Well, that's it for now...we'll probably all be doing this again at the beginning of next year, but try to be good in the meantime...

Nigel :)


T said...

Nigel, THANK YOU for heading up this challenge. You really helped me keep a lid on what I could have done to myself during the most stressful time of the year in my profession...public school state testing season. I have MANY more pounds to lose, but at least I kept going in the right direction due to the accountability of your group. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

mamarunner09 said...

Nigel, thank you again for putting this challenge together and for squeezing me in! I'm excited to have lost my 10 and look forward to losing 10+10 more!I'd love to know if you will be doing another challenge like this again! Cheers!