Saturday, 2 January 2010


This is my 2nd go at the 10-in-10. Last time (was it 2 years ago?) I started from 168Lb and managed to drop around 8Lb by the end. This time, I'm slightly heavier, having very gradually increased weight back up to 165, and then completely binging out over Christmas to a nice rotund 169Lb. At a shade over 5"6' tall, this gives me a BMI of 27.3. Losing 10Lb would take me to a BMI of 25.7. Another 5Lb would then take me into so-called "normal weight" range. But that's not going to happen in the next 10 weeks!

My plan is:

  • Restart running. I've had a long layoff due to an achilles injury. I'm done with physio and have got some cold weather running gear in.
  • Stop eating crisps (=potato chips), biscuits (=cookies) and chocolate.
  • Eat smaller portions for meals.
  • Cut down on bread.
  • If I must snack, snack on fruit.
  • Look at other areas of my diet, particularly from week 5 onwards when we've got through the easy Lbs.

I'll also try to follow Frank's ideas of drinking more water and not eating at all after 7pm.

One thing that I found last time was that, unsuprisingly, I did get hungry from time to time. However, I saw this as a positive thing. It isn't all bad and its probably good to spend a couple of hours in the day feeling hungry. Not giddy from hunger, that would be a bad thing!

Best wishes and good luck to all.


Thanks for the offering

Many Thanks Nigel for letting me participate in this challenge. It's just what I needed to get back into running after being off for about a month. Just entered my starting stats, and I'm ready to go. Thanks again Don.

And away we go!

So it begins... 10 in 10 in 2010.

Bon chance to all the entrants and a big thanks to Nigel for organising!

My plan is not to cut anything out completely (all things in moderation after all) but to change the percentages of the things I eat to concentrate much more on vegetables. I see that I have been eating way too many carbs and dairy products.

I am helpless when it comes to UK dairy products, they are just too good (I'm talkin' about YOU, Cornish Clotted Cream Vanilla Ice Cream!!) I am beginning to resemble that particular product, so the 10 in 10 is coming at the perfect time.

Thanks for letting me participate!

I was a bit late but Nigel graciously allowed me to participate.

My plan is to simply train for my first marathon and eat healthier and in moderation. My biggest sacrifice will be reducing my consumption of stout to a maximum of two after my weekly long, slow run.

I'm a stocky guy with a lot to lose so I have a definite advantage over all of the seasoned runners.

Friday, 1 January 2010

A little early but a good start

Its Jan 1st and I'm 149.0 lbs I am going on a run/hike today from 10-20miles I hope to have the strength after this to be ready to succeed this time around. Happy new year all and lets do it.

The New Year's Countdown is done - here's the 10-10-2010 countdown ...

Hi all -
Just popping in for a quick introduction. I'm a 39-year-old runner/dancer/cyclist living in Minneapolis, MN, US. For those of you unfamiliar, it's a nice city in the middle of the massive North American continent, and it's January, and so without any nearby ocean to moderate things, it's pretty *&$@# cold here right now. :-) That means I've taken all my training indoors for the next few months - which isn't a bad thing, as I enjoy a bit of cross training for a change of pace. But in ten weeks or so, I should be able to start getting out for those first few (frigid) runs outdoors, and I'm psyching myself up for this challenge with that thought.

I don't have any dietary wisdom to offer, but I do have a book recommendation: the Sports Nutrition Guidebook, by Nancy Clark. I came across it a few months ago, and it's really great - full of good, sound dietary guidance from a nutritionist who works with athletes. There are chapters on eating for performance, eating to bulk up if you wish to gain weight (I skipped that bit), and of course eating to lose a few pounds as well. There are good recipes in the back as well. So, mostly I'll be following her advice and keeping up my regular workouts. And avoiding cookies. That last bit is harder than it might seem.

Best wishes to all, for the New Year and the Challenge,
Susan Stekel Rippley

Only a couple of days to go

My plan is to try and continue what i started before Christmas. Put simply I'm trying a raw food diet...not all raw food, but Im trying to eat as little 'process/cooked' food as possible. Im also trying at least on green smoothie a day.

A while ago I began running and went from 100k (220 lbs) to 85 k (187 Lbs)... due to injuries etc Ive risen back to 95k (209) goal is to get to 80k (176Lbs).
the frustrating thing if i still run and do weights, but shifting weight has never been this hard, so I've done the following;
  • raw food as much as possible
  • stay away from biscuits and bread
  • drink water as much as possible
  • try not to eat much after 7pm
  • continue with regular exercise and try to increase it
I usually weigh in at the gym, but because of Christmas haven't been able to. Today I weighed myself with my daughters digital machine and it says that Ive lost 3 kilos (6.6 Lbs)...pfft! I'll wait until I can check at the gym. Even though Ive been careful I don't feel any lighter and the no one has said how thin I look :).
So I look forward to being with you guys as we reduce and reduce.
Frank in Australia

Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Plan

I'll be doing much the same as everyone else so far. I'll be watching what I eat and making sure I use up more calories than I take in. Sounds simple doesn't it. If it is that simple, why haven't I got down to my ideal weight yet? I'll be keeping a food diary. I found it helped me the last time. This time though I'll be using Sparkpeople. Using this site is a little more than using a notebook to keep track of what's going into my stomach. It will calculate the calories and offset them with the activities I log up. I'll try it out anyway and see how it goes.

Food for thought going into the final day of 2009

Hunger is Ugly Leaving Your Body. - Ancient Super Model Quote (Via @zentriathlon)

I was bad over Christmas....

I was bad over Christmas - real bad. But I'm going to start being better tomorrow (Thursday) which even though won't count toward the challenge will help me fit back into my jeans :)!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

HELP! I'm peeing out too much weight in 2009!

How much weight should I add back on during weigh in to compensate for the diuretic effects of the cold medicine I'm taking?


Jump on the scales today and all I heard was "ONE AT A TIME PLEASE" followed by "NO COACH PARTIES ALLOWED!!!"

Not looking good for the 10-in-10.......


Scale Hunting

I have begun the search for a something that I believe may possibly be extinct in my house - my scales. I cant seem to track them down!.. my theory is right now that they may well be in hiding - shaking in the back of a cupboard somewhere!

[cue David Attenborough voice] ".. here, in the depths of Steve's laundry cupboard the scales lie in hiding, a shy and retiring creature who doesnt see the light of day for long periods at a time"

Xmas has been "too good" - so like a boxer I have bulked up and am ready for the "getting cut" stage .. in my dreams..! Im predicting a 90kg / 200lbs initial weigh in ..somewhere between Roseanne and Mr Ed

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I have just dug out and dusted off the scales, now these scales are the cocky ones that do just about everything, they not only tell you how much you weigh they also tell you how much of it is muscle/water/and fat.!!!! Now they are not clever enough to speak! which is good as they would have screamed "GET OFF"

OMG... i wish i'd not looked. I think the fat was the weight of a small toddler!
Some serious action is needed!!

New Year's Resolutions

New Years is always a time to reflect ones past with grand ideas for the coming year. Often these grandiose ideas last only a short period of time only to fall back on ones old ways. I have never set out a New Years resolution to reduce weight despite past efforts of focused nutritional awareness. I would rather focus on what I need to do to make a healthy lifestyle change that is sustainable for longer than 10 weeks, but we all know that it starts by putting one foot in front of the other.

I signed up for this challenge and am coming to this new community thinking that this virtual world of runners might encourage and inspire me. Though I don't know any of you fellow runners, I always pick up some nuggets from reading fellow runner's blog. I stumbled onto this challenge quite by chance. I had exclusively listened to Steverunner's Phedippidations for several years. I took Steve's suggestion to listen to other members of the run net community, and now am a regular subscriber to Nigel's podcast as well as many others from the run net community, even creating a Twitter acct and contemplating a blog myself in the future (who knows??)

I am not sure where this will take me but it will be an adventure - with ups and downs. I ran my fifth marathon this past fall and reduced my marathon PR from 3:53 to 3:26. I plan to run a spring marathon in May 2010 and know that running with less weight is always a good thing so the timing couldn't be better.

Success Criteria

1. I plan to use the "Loseit" application - daily diary (I'm driving my wife crazy since I started this application three days ago) but writing one's food intake creates little voices in my head, saying "Are you sure you want those three Hershey Kisses?"

2. Drink more water - this is my downfall - I drink too much Diet soda and would like to replace soda with water - this will be hard for me.

3. Continue to run - previous marathons running 30-40 MPW, this past marathon with a PR I was running 50-60 MPH and saw dramatic improvement. Run with a purpose; not just jog.

4. Continue meeting my virtual friends through this and other mediums who I have already found to have (1) new insights, (2) similar experiences. and (3) incredible motivating.

Good luck on your journey.

Savor the journey to the finish line!



My Plan

I'm keeping it simple and doing 4 things

  1. Limiting my portion size when I eat.
  2. Eating healthy foods (fruits, lean meats, whole grains) and cutting refined sugars (soft drinks).
  3. Running at least 3 times a week with at least one workout being an LSD and another being a short, but hard run.
  4. Cross training at least 2 days a week with stretching, yoga, or cycling.

With those four items, I believe I can achieve my goal.

10 in 10 in 10 Plan...

Hey Losers!

Rob here (or bobbyjohn as some of you may know me from out on the interwebs) with my weight loss plan for the 10 in 10 in 10 Challenge.

My plan basically consists of not eating like a you know what everyday. I've got portion control issues. There I said it. And I'm not the best at making "good food" choices. So to put all this valuable self-knowledge to work for me instead of against me, I'm going to:

  1. Try to be mindful of my real hunger level, eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full 
  2. Drink 64 oz. water everyday
  3. Track what I eat daily in order to make better food choices

Looking forward to losing with all of you!


Hi, 10 in 10ers!

Hi, all! I am so excited to begin this challenge. I lost 10 pounds in 2009 and would LOVE to lose 10 more in 2010. That would put me at an ideal weight. I have found that if I am running about 20 miles per week and eating a balanced diet, I lose about a pound each week. That is not much of a "Plan" but it works for me. I am looking forward to cheering all of you on.


Further Entries Closed For The 10 in 10 in 10

I'm sorry to say that I can't accept any further entries for the 10 in 10 challenge.

We've reached 51 participants, and it has already been quite a challenge to administer this number of entrants.

So, I've decided that 50 is quite enough (OK, 51...someone sneaked in at the last minute). I only expected 10 to 15 people to take part, so its been quite a shock that so many people wanted to be part of this! :)

Apologies to anyone else who wanted to take part, but I just can't handle anymore entries.

In retrospect, using an established site such as Buckeye Outdoors for a challenge would perhaps be a better option for future challenges...I really didn't expect it to be this popular, so my solution hasn't scaled well up to a large number of participants.

All the best and apologies again.


Monday, 28 December 2009

My Cunning Plan For Weight Loss (Nigelrunner)

Well, I've been giving the forthcoming challenge quite a lot of thought, trying best to decide how I can shift a few pounds over the coming weeks. I'm probably under more pressure than most, as the organiser of this event - it wouldn't look too good if I was the ony one who didn't acutally lose any weight during the challenge!

When you sit down and think about it, the physics of it is so maddeningly simple: just consume slightly less calories than your body needs to keep ticking along day-to-day. Or, alternatively, create a calorific deficit each day by exercising to use up more calories to get the same effect. But, when it comes down to it, it is so hard (for many of us) to do.

It's very much like golf (or sex). It seems such a simple task involving a bit of patience, a certain amount of skill and some self-restraint.

However, like golf (and 'other activities'), it often descends into frustration, grunting and thrashing about in an attempt to achieve results.

But, this time, I am determined to approach the task in hand with a cool head (I am no longer referring to golf, or 'other activities') and a well-crafted strategy.

I am currently at the beginning of training for a half marathon at the end of March. This means that I will gradually be increasing weekly mileage throughout the challenge. Hopefully, this will help to step-up my calorific 'burn', and help to contribute to the deficit required to burn off some weight.

I'm also combining this with a multitude of other tricks to reduce my normal day-to-day calorie consumption. My 'quick wins' include:

  • reducing sugar in my tea & coffee from half a tea-spoon to zero
  • substituting my mid-morning snack with a piece of fruit, rather than a snack bar
  • not eating between meals (other than my 'authorised' mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks)
  • substituting a couple of cups of tea or coffee each day with water
  • drink plenty of water
The mid-morning and afternoon snacks 'thing' may seem a little counter-intuitive, but they've always worked well for me. I find that having 3 meals a day, with 2 additional (healthy) snacks helps to 'smooth the bumps' during the day, and helps to alleviate that feeling of self-denial that often accompanies trying to eat less whilst trying to lose weight.

In addition, I am going to control portion size to try to only eat what I require. I'll also try to only have a healthy sweet after meals when I am still genuinely hungry (especially in the latter stages of my race training).

I'm not going to follow any specific diet or change the food I eat particularly, just concentrate more on eating the good stuff, avoid the bad stuff, and keep portion sizes under control.

I find it's a tricky balancing act when training for a race and trying to lose weight at the same time. On one hand I want to lose weight, but, on the other I need to maintain enough calories to not adversely affect my training.

So, that's pretty much the nuts & bolts of my strategy. It's worked pretty well before...let's hope it can produce result for me again.


Thanks for setting up the 10-in-10 Nigel !!!

Tempted to "load up" prior to the challenge starting as there is a huge box of shortbread and tonnes of cheese in the fridge...... but they can wait!

Better get cracking on a masterplan!


Sunday, 27 December 2009

What can we do during this final week of 2009?

Hey gang, as a reminder, to set yourself up for success in 2010, take advantage of this final week of 2009 to make small changes that you can build upon starting a week from now.

Ready for the Challenge

Although I am already lighter than I've been since high school, I still haven't reached my goal weight of 150 pounds. Two years ago, when I started running, I was over 190. By the time I ran my first marathon I was 165. I've been hovering in the same place for 18 months. My hope is that this challenge will kickstart the loss of the last 15 pounds so I can reach my goal.

I am ready for the challenge of being held accountable to everyone and finally reaching that goal.

2010 Will be THE year

Thanks Nigel for sorting this. I really need to lose 5 stone in 5 months but this is a more realistic challenge.

Just over 2 years ago weighing 16 and a half stone and doing no exercise for 20+ years I decided to do a Triathlon. I've completed 4 sprints, lost a stone and a half, put 2 stone back on, lost another stone and so the story goes.

My ambition for this year is to complete a half marathon (hopefully Wrexham on 21 February but weather seriously hampering training atm) and an Olympic Triathlon, 1500m swim, 40k bike and 10k run (Bala in September).

Best of luck everyone

Lynne E

The Last 10 in 2010

I'm really looking forward to this challenge. I lost 60 lbs this year, to get under 200lbs while rediscovering my love of running. I'm hoping this challenge will help me work through that last 10 or so pounds and help me get into the best shape of my adult life.

Thanks for organizing this Nigel!

Best of luck to everyone!

-Adam (@adamm9)

Can't weight for a lighter 2010

This is a great challenge.  I'm excited to get down to my lowest weight in about 10 years.  I have been running consistently for less than a year and will be running my first half marathon on Jan 1st to kick off the new year in a positive way.  

I have been slowly losing weight, but I need to make some permanent changes to do it a little faster... and permanently.  The funny thing about it thus far is that I've lost it proportionately, so its hard for me to notice just by looking.  I still have a proportionately shaped belly etc.  I tried on a pair of pants I haven't worn in a year the other day and they would have fallen right down had it not been for the belt.  That felt GREAT. Then, on Christmas day, I tried on my new base layer running pants that I got for Christmas, size large, and they were too big! I had to exchange them for a medium.  I can't remember the last time I wore anything size medium.

This coming year is gonna be awesome.  More fit, better body, faster splits, better podcast, better quality of life.  I love it.  Lets go everyone!  Here's to making our vehicle suspension last longer in 1020!

(MichaelRunner on Twitter)

10 in 10 in 10 Bring it on!!!

Hi all,

I am really looking forward to giving myself the kick up the arse that i need, to loose weight. So this has come at the right time for me.(Thanks Nigel)
I have been running for about 2 years (which started from run walking)i am not talking super speeds here but it is getting better!
I have done several 10ks and did my first half marathon this year and then went on to do 2 more finishing with The Great North run! Which i absolutely loved. Then sadly had an injury since then September, so clapped loads of weight on!!!
Anyway i have the Reading Half marathon in March so i need to start back in earnest!
I have just ordered some new trail shoes so i have no excuse with the bad weather! although since ordering them the weather has warmed up LOL.


Onward and Downwards

I think this is the kick up the back-side I needed. I dropped over 50lb two years ago and need to lose another 10lb (maybe a little more by the time the festive season is over). I've never really seriously tried lose lose it over the past couple of years but with the coming half marathons and my 50 mile ultra celebration run in May I think losing the equivalent of carrying five 1kg bags of sugar would go somewhat towards making it that bit easier.
Looking forward to seeing the new me.

Gary Wall
AKA kinverkid

10 pounds in 10 weeks...I can do it!

I've been waiting for this challenge...even going so far as asking Nigel about the it last year. Last year though, I needed to lose about 25 pounds. I've lost that in the last 3 months but have about 10 extra I'd like to get rid of.

Soooo...thanks Nigel. Though I'm sorry you need to start this again...I'm selfishly glad!

Hi from Jo (a.k.a. LIrunner9

Hey all,

Can't wait to get this started. Thanks Nigel for starting this up again. As most of you know I ran NYC in Nov. Up until then I was in pretty good shape, but NYC beat me up, and I've been sitting on the couch pretty much since. In the 8 weeks since NYC I've gained 10 lbs. Now that I have recovered, I'm ready to get myself back in shape & this 10 in 10 challenge is just what I need!

Good Luck to everyone, can't wait to experience this journey with all of you.