Friday, 22 August 2008

!!! Hey yall! (Yes, I realize simple things excite me.)

I had no clue yall were still posting on this, but for some reason I saw the link while going through my 'favorites' and clicked on it. I'm so glad I did! It's awesome yall are still posting!!! So of course now I have to give my crappy 2 cents. (I say that cause I'm a bad writer.)

I don't know how much I weigh; I haven't weighed myself since this challenge was over, but I have noticed huge change.
First off I'm gettin way skinnier (not a bad skinny, I wouldn't dare let that happen). Second, my running is faster and I've never felt better being out there. I'm also much happier overall (not like I wasn't before, but I'm even happier overall than before.). I struggled for a bit there with the heat/weather issue, but I'm out of that rut.

I guess you wanna know why. Call me crazy, but I think animal protien is the devil. A little harsh, I know. I am now officially vegan. (I won't admit this on my podcast, not yet at least, but I figured not many outside the group read this, so what the hay.) So this means I don't eat anything that comes from an animal. (Yes people, I'm living off chips and pasta...kidding!)

3/4 of our grocery cart now is whole foods from the produce section. I eat this cheese made from soy. I've been cooking food from all over the world! (It happens when you realize that most other countries have tons of vegan dishes, Americans though, do not.)

I could go on FOREVER about why I'm doing this, but if you wanna really understand why, read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

At first I did miss meat, but not anymore. Once it was all out of my system (which wasn't pretty, ok too much info, i know) I didn't even think about eating it, not even seafood (which is a huge staple where I live). I eat fruits and veggies all day everyday. There are so many foods and meals that I'm now aware of that I never would've known existed before. I'm actually eating more food now than before, but I'm dropping the weight and running better. I actually look forward to eating every meal now, because I know I'll be eating something different and so delish.

I'm reading Vegetarianism for Dummies which is written by a nutritionist. She gives the run down of the nutrition in all the foods, so you know what to eat when you take meat and milk out of the picture.

So anyways, that's my short story. I really think yall should check out The China Study; I would love to know what you think!