Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Regression...but with a plan

Hello all! I haven't checked this blog in a long while but I saw that some others had posted their progress. My progress...well...has been more of regression than progression. While vacationing in Hawaii I gained a few pounds then, gobs of my family starting visiting and taking J and I out to eat, gained a few more. Before I knew it I gained back most of the weight I lost =(. Sad! BUT I have a plan, in fact I've already lost the 3 lbs of Hawaii weight--HOORAY. I started a running blog, I signed up for a bunch of races and I've been using my www.fitday.com journal religiously. I'm hoping to be down that full 10 from my starting weight of the challenge by Xmas. From the sounds of the posts, sounds like others are doing really well.