Friday, 18 July 2008

Back on the wagon

After this challenge I was really happy to live for a few short weeks at a BMI of 22. My scale I started with (not very good) was showing my weight staying below 140 and staying right about 135 which was the goal. The real weight according to the Wii Fit was about 139ish. While the Wii is not available the home scale is all I have. After this good Doctor visit and learning that I'm a bit over 1 inch shorter than I thought its time to drop a bit more weight I want to stay about 22 BMI it is doable and not too extreme. It is right in the middle of a healthy area. My goal now is to drop another 5LBs (130) and keep it off. I also need to increase my Omega 3 in take from fish (mostly Salmon which of course is going up in price).

So I will be posting back here on a weekly basis. If I don't please poke me via Twitter and help keep me honest and on track. You have all meant so much to me in helping me get healthy I can not thank you enough. The Doc said "your doing it right". He is happy to prescribe drugs because he knows people can be/get lazy. But taking the reigns myself to change my diet and lose weight is something that when he recommends it falls on deaf ears.

Lets all do our part for humanity and be healthy, happy and active. Thanks for all yo have dome to make me just that!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A Milestone

I bought a two-piece swim suit today. AND I might wear it in public. That's a huge milestone for me since I haven't had a bare midriff for 25 years. I need a tan on my tummy now. :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Weight Loss Update

Hi you guys! Are you still out there ? Have you put all of that weight back on yet ? :)

I'm doing OK, but I have had some surgical assistance. My weight currently stands at 169 lbs, so thats down a total of 13 lbs since I started, but as I say, I lost a fair chunk of that through the surgical procedure I had a few weeks back.

But, I'm starting to eat properly again now, so I have to watch out for those pounds coming back. It would be nice to keep the weight off, so that I can see if it has any affect on the speed of my running.

I have only run 3 times in the past 4 weeks, so I've also lost a lot of muscle and my conditioning. I'm slowly trying to build my running back up, as I've missed it badly.

So, how about you other guys out's it going ?


One Hundred Pushups

Someone - I can't remember who now - posted this link on Twitter the other day. (If I go back and read thru the posts, I can probably find it and give them credit.) Update: - the first person I heard it from was Chris Gillebeau.

Anyway, there are a lot of us who have started the training plan to work towards doing 100 consecutive pushups.

I was doing pushups and ab work every night during the winter and had worked my way up to two sets of 15 pushups but since spring, my strength workouts have taken a back seat to tri training. So, I have joined this challenge and completed the initial test (a whopping 5 pushups), and have now completed Week 1, Day 1. I have ways to go. :)

There are three sessions a week, for 6 weeks, although some people may have to repeat a week or two if they are struggling.

Anyway, I thought I would post the link here in case anyone is interested.

How is everyone's weight loss going? Did anyone lose any more? Are you maintaining the weight you DID lose?

Why not give us an update!

I gained some of mine back when I was away for a week but I'm back down to 118 lbs right now and hope to continue the loss.