Friday, 20 June 2008

The cows have come home (Jodi)

As I sit here nibbling on carrots like a rabbit, I'm reading yall's posts, and it looks like everyone has done incredibly well with this challenge. Congratulations!

As of Tues. I weigh 131, so no change for me since 10 weeks ago...wait a second. There has been change.

I feel much better, I really do have less of a pinch on my belly. I'm accounting that mostly to me not eating much meat within the past few weeks (if you're wondering why, my post before this one explains it).

I noticed my physique looking much leaner since I've been passing on the meat. Within the past 2 weeks this is what I've eaten in terms of meat: I ate a small steak last weekend which we cooked on the grill. Since a group of us went to a club last night we ate Sonic before and Whataburger afterwards. I had to get some chicken from sonic, because it was either that or me eating nothing but tater tots.

However, my eating has gotten much healthier since my findings on the meat issue. I've been incorporating lots of soy, fruits, and veggies into everything I eat. Surprisingly, I don't mind the soy milk that much. I think I'll be sticking to eating a small amount of meat only once a week. That's all I really need.

My running has also been going well. I won 2nd in my age group in a 5K last weekend. It was really hot, but I pushed through it much better than I expected I would. As we neared the finish, I basically sprinted past anyone I saw ahead of me that was a female and looked between the ages of 25-29 :-) That was fun.

It was funny, at the 5K, my mom and I were talking to the dad of a runner from back when I ran cross country in high school. She would win almost all of the races and ran most of those 2 mi. races between 11-12 minutes. Well I don't remember how the subject came up, but when I told her dad I don't eat meat much anymore, he said his daughter has been a vegetarian for 5 years, and she has never run better. Well that gives me all kinds of hope!

So overall, the challenge went well, and I'm looking forward to even more changes in the future with my new way of eating. Thanks yall for posting so much great info.


Final Week Update

I'm just back from a weekend of living it up in Suffolk. Lots of free booze, free food ... perhaps not the way to report in for the last time. I'm still at 13.2 and disappointed I didn't do better than lose 5lbs. It all started out so well but I think I lacked the discipline this time around.

It's been great reading all your reports and I, too, want to thank Nigel for having the inspiration to put this together.

And incidentally, Nigel had surgery at the weekend and is on a liquid diet for 6 weeks. The lengths some people will go to!

Let's do this again sometime!

Week 8, 9 and 10: At least I ended up losng something

First, thank you Nigel for setting up this challenge. If anything, I have learned to be conscious of what I eat. The "team" as a whole has done really well. We have all lost something, and that is progress.

I can't seem to crack the code on what is going on with me digestively. Things have not been right inside. If I exercise and eat well I don't seem to make progress. And I find that my will power has not been very good at times either...which I am sure contributed to my lack of progress.

So the last 3 weeks: 133, 132.5, with final 134. Total net loss: 1/2 lb.

I am disappointed, but I don't think I made drastic enough lifestyle changes to really make a difference.

I am still going to track this thing. Vacation starts next week, which probably will add to my challenge, but when I return marathon training starts - and some of the weight should come off with the increased training (as it did last year with my training). We shall see in the coming months!!!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Not final weigh in. (Andy)

I'm still going of course as I'm a week behind. I'm pretty sure I'll keep going beyond 10 weeks as I'd really like to have lost a whole stone and be well below the BMI of 25 that the 10 would have taken me into.

When I weighed in on Tuesday I hadn't managed to loose anything from last week, despite having done a 10K race over the weekend and I thought eating fairly sensibly. I think we've all had one of those weeks.

However, I've found that the whole idea of eating less and exercising control over unnecessary snacking has become pretty much embedded in my lifestyle, and what were conscious decisions about eating habits are now more-or-less unconscious and not much of a struggle (most of the time). This can only be a good thing.

I have come to the conclusion that I (and probably a lot of people) have a fear of being hungry. In the UK, a lot of us were brought up with habits and ideas that came out of WW2 - eat up, clear your plate, don't be wasteful. My parents certainly went through shortages in their childhoods and I wouldn't be surprised if this led them and a whole generation to want to ensure their children didn't go through the same thing.

However, in these relative times of plenty, trying to make sure your plate has less on it needs to be added to these otherwise laudable principles against waste.

What these last 9 or 10 weeks have shown me that being hungry for what are essentially short stretches of time (a couple of hours) is not a problem and actually good for me. There is no reason to fear being a bit hungry.

So, my progress thus far:

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
Week 6: 161lb (-1.8, -7)
Week 7: n/a
Week 8: 161.2 (+0.2, -6.8)
Week 9: 160.2 (-1.0, -7.8)
Week 10: 160.4 (+0.2, -7.6)

I'll post an end of week 10 after next Tuesday.

All the best.


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

This WAS the Three-and-a-Half in 10 Challenge, right?

OK, so I didn't lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Not even half that, actually. Thirty-five percent of it.

Losing 3.5 pounds in 10 weeks isn't so bad, I guess, considering we're well into popsicle season on my part of the planet. Also, the 10-week period comprised both my anniversary and the inevitable dinner-splurging that goes along with that, and a weeklong stay in Vermont, home of Ben & Jerry's, Cabot cheese, and several dozen microbreweries, all of which I availed myself quite lustily thanks very much for asking.

But I don't want to give off the impression that I only ate junk. I ate more regularly, and made a few better choices. I ate regular-sized portions of food like I should be doing. When I did eat junk, I was better about not making a hog of myself about it, and then I went for runs to try to "pay it off." That last seems most important to me -- during the past 10 weeks I've been growing into the habit of reminding myself at least to pay off splurges with exercise to negate those splurges. That helps to keep me from splurging as badly in the future. I've developed some nice habits to keep with me continuing past the challenge, so I'll hit the 10 mark at some point.

Final Weigh-in (Alisa)

Last weigh in. I must say I have kicked my butt the last two weeks. Sadly not enough to lose the full 10 but still not to shabby with a total loss of 5 lbs. I took one week off after the marathon and then have kicked it into high gear. Now that it's summertime I have gone back to my early morning routine and I am loving it! For the past two years, while I was in grad school, I always worked out in the mornings because I knew that would be the only time I had available most days. I got out of the habit since I became a working girl again (FYI: not that kind of working girl but one with a desk job). While training for the marathon I did some runs in the morning but mostly in the evenings when I had more time (or so I thought). For the past two weeks I've been getting up at 5:00am and hitting the gym first thing. I've tried spinning classes (which I haven't done in months), weights classes (which is the only way I can force myself to weight train), I've added more yoga and swimming days into my training and I'm working my way back to 12 – 17 miles a week (which is where I want to keep my base training). Getting out of bed at 5:00am is a struggle but at 8:00am when I'm sitting at my desk it is invigorating to know that I've already gotten in an hour/hour and a half workout. For me working out in the morning also helps me stay on track with healthy eating throughout the day. Since I don't have any races coming up until January (marathon #2) I really want to take the next couple of months to focus on cross training and strength training. I am still considering a sprint triathlon at the end of summer but I may be having company the weekend of the triathlon. My goal is to stay motivated to keep up my healthy habits. I think Nigel mentioned he'd be willing to keep the blog open for monthly check-ins which I think is great. To help keep myself motivated and because I have enjoyed following so many of your blogs/podcasts I decided to start up my own blog. It is still in the design stage but should up and running by next week. If anyone is interested here is the url:

In other news, I have read a few posts about the Wii Fit. I just bought one for my husband for our anniversary (word to the wise: call around and find out when the shipments are coming in and go to the store right away, those things sell like hot cakes). Much to my surprise, I have enjoyed using it as well. I have certainly felt some of the strength exercises the next day. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the yoga, a bit too slow and not enough of the flow poses for me, but the games are a lot of fun. I think it's great that Nintendo came out with this product (and that it is selling so well). While it's not a complete workout, especially for those of us who workout regularly, it's a fun supplement.

Total weight lost during challenge: 5 lbs (I agree with Jodi, less pinch)

Congrats to everyone who participated in this challenge. Losing weight and changing your habits is a long hard process. We should all be proud that we stuck with something for 10 whole weeks! (well 9 for me)

Drusy final results

I was better last week at developing cookie blindness (nope, I don't see that plate sitting in front of me in the meeting) so I'm feeling virtuous, but no lighter.

So I'll close out at only 2 lbs lost, but I still view that as a success and the best part has been getting to know everyone.

I'm glad that Nigel has decided to let us carry on and I'll look forward to updates.

Congratulations to those who met the goal - very impressive!!! And well done to those who got part of the way there, and many thanks to those who supported us all with comments!

Regards, Drusy

Final update - Barb

Well I'm not sure if I should post my morning weight, or my weight after my ride and run this afternoon. :) I guess I'd better be honest and stick with the non-dehydrated weight - 119.1. 121.6 - 119.1 = 2.5 lbs lost? My goal was 7 lbs in the 7 weeks I was here so it's not as bad as it sounds. 4 more to go.

It's been a busy month and subsequently a difficult one to stay on the wagon. In another 10 days, school will be over and I'll have 2 months off with time to keep my eating on track. I also really want to start doing upper body and ab work again too so I think I'll start set myself some sort of goals to do a certain number of crunches and push ups every day, as well as some work with hand weights. I also want to work my core. Build muscle, lose fat right? If anyone is interested in joining me in some sort of mini-challenge to do this on a regular basis, let me know.

I want to send out a HUGE congratulations to everyone, whether you lost weight or not. I suspect that, at the very least, everyone learned something about themselves, became a little knowledgeable about their body and conscious of what they put in their mouth. Baby steps, people. That's what it takes. Keep at it whether you met your goal or not.

I for one will be checking in once a month to see how everyone's doing, and to report on my own progress. Thank you to Nigel for organizing this challenge, and for doing all of the blog updating for us. I agree we don't need to have the sidebar thingy once the challenge is officially over.

Have a great summer everyone! It's been great getting to know all of you and thank you for letting me join you part way through!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Final check in? (bobm512z)

Well I really pushed this last weekend. Despite Fathers day and being with the family missing my Sunday run I was able to weigh in on Monday evening at (136 on the scale I started on) and 138 on the Wii Fit with a BMI of 23.14 (I was shooting for 22ish) so it said "your just slightly off our goal" not even a mention of how much to lose, I got very close. I really feel the community kept me at it. I could always count on dropping a few lbs here & there but never really being serous about week to week changes to keep me healthy.

All the discussion of BMI, Fat vs Muscle, and diet changes has been better that any $20.00 'health bible'. I respect every opinion shared hear and have taken a bit form each of them to make me a better runner, Father and human.

So I just missed with a final total of -9LBs over 10 weeks. Be assured thought I will not soon 'put it back' and will continue to push for that elusive 1 pound and a healthy BMI of 22 ish and a toned and flatter belly (which I do see I may need to trim my belt).

Thanks all of you and I look forward to reading your reports this week.

Final Weight - Athlete

To quote one Dave Matthews - "I did it!"

Today's weight was 187.9 - a total loss of -10.2 lbs for the 10 week challenge.

To be quite honest, I'm actually fairly surprised that I was able to do this. For a while before the challenge I had been trying to get weight off with varying success - it would go down some, but then bounce right back up. Having this challenge forced me to look at what I was doing at a deeper level, and that allowed me to make some changes to get the weight going down and staying down! Had it not been for the challenge, I'm sure I'd be pretty near where I started had I been doing this challenge "on my own"

I definitely intend to keep up the changes I made during the challenge and make it an ongoing weight loss challenge for myself - there's still quite a few pounds I could continue to take off, and I aim to do so!

Final Weigh-in (Nigel)

OK, OK, I cheated right at the end of this challenge. Some people will do anything to lose weight ! ;-)

I stood on the scales this morning for my final weigh-in and came in at 175.2: 7 lbs down. But, that's mainly due to my lack of food over the past 3 days following surgery. Not quite the way I anticipated losing weight when I started this challenge, but life's often like that.

I look forward to hearing how all you other guys have done with your final weigh-ins.

Even though many of us have had varying degress of success, its made us all take a long hard look at how we can improve our diets and how we can maybe modify our physical activity to burn some more calories.

I'm sure that if I was trying to maintain my new weight-loss regime on my own, without the support of this little online group, I'd have given up many weeks ago. But, having the accountability of reporting in each week was a great motivator for me to continue.

I've really enjoyed being part of this little community of online friends and would like to thank everyone for taking part.

It has been suggested that we keep this going. I'm happy to keep the group going, but maybe report in once a month to show how we've managed to lose any more weight, or, MORE IMPORTANTLY, that we've managed to stay on the straight and narrow and keep our weight off.

Either way, I'll almost certainly repeat the exercise at the same time again next year, when we've had our winter indoors and maybe piled on a few pounds again over the holidays :)

Thanks to everyone for taking part, its been fun. I'm sure you'll all look better on the beach than you would have done without the challenge :))


Sunday, 15 June 2008

Week 9 update (Andy)

Apologies for the belated update.

I've found getting back into the stride of my diet to have been a bit difficult over the last week. I'm starting to allow myself to give in to the small temptations - bags of crisps and small chunks of chocolate and the like. Not good.

However, over last weekend (not this one!), I spent many long hours in the attic putting in a now floor - laying some new joists, rearranging the insulation, sawing and then nailing down two dozen floorboards in a very dry high 80F environment. Needless to say, when I weighed myself when it was all done on Sunday, I'd lost around 3Lb in fluids nd was only 0.5lb off my goal weight. But that would have been cheating.

So, having re-hydrated, I weighed in on Tuesday morning and found myself to be 160.2Lb, down a full pound on last week and short of where I really wanted to be. As mentioned last week, as I started late, I'm allowing myself an extra week on the rest of you to see if I can actually do the 10.

Oh, and congrats to Maddy for making it and planning to go for a few more.

So my progress so far:

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
Week 6: 161lb (-1.8, -7)
Week 7: n/a
Week 8: 161.2 (+0.2, -6.8)
Week 9: 160.2 (-1.0, -7.8)

I've been following Nigel's progress on Twitter, and it sounds like the surgery all went OK over the weekend. Best of luck with the recovery Nigel - I know how these things can knock you around more than you would think.