Saturday, 14 June 2008

Continuing the challenege (Alisa)

As this challenge comes to an end, I found something that will help to keep me motivated to continue my healthy lifestyle...the Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon in January. My husband and I ran the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon on June 1st and had such a great time it inspired us to run another. We'll definitely be doing San Diego again in '09 and would like to run Disneyworld in 2010. (Lofty aspirations, I know.)

While I didn't meet the challenge goal (though I'd still like to get rid of the extra 5 lbs before our trip to Hawaii), I have definitely been more conscious about what I eat knowing that I have all of you keeping me accountable. I have enjoyed the encouragement and accountability of this challenge. I have also really enjoyed reading about all of your lives. Maybe we could change adjust the title of the blog and keep the group posting going...???

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I'm about to admit something really weird (Jodi)

I haven't eaten meat since Sunday. So this is day 4 with no meat. So let me go ahead and tell you why I'm doing this.

It's mostly an experiment to see how I feel. It all started Sunday night with a magazine article I read in Marie Claire about mad cow disease. This led me to looking it up on wikipedia which led me other websites as well about meat. I must be living under a rock, cause I seriously had no clue that the cows we were eating (at least a few years ago) were being fed the remains of other cows. I also read that chickens were being fed excrement and ground up feathers.

Now I don't know about yall, but that's nasty! I don't want to eat meat from an animal that's been fed that nasty stuff. I'm not a vegetarian...let me repeat I'm not a vegetarian. I believe certain animals are on earth to nourish us. But I don't want to eat meat when the animal was raised in such a disgusting way with shots, antibiotics, steroids, whatever, it's gross. I don't want that nasty meat in my body. And plus, we don't even need to eat meat everyday. That's a social stigma that fast food restaurants put in our heads.

I also read on various websites that meat takes about 2-3 days to digest! What the...! 3 days?! Also, I read that processed meat has this stuff in it called sodium nitrate, which supposedly increases your risk for cancer (i know i know everything gives you cancer nowadays). The sodium nitrate is what increases the meat's shelf life (stuff like sliced lunch meat, peperoni, anything packaged basically). Double gross! I will pass on the sodium nitrate thank you.

Since I want to run faster and all this stuff I was reading was completely grossing me out, I have skipped out on the meat since Monday morning. I have to tell you I feel great, and my runs have been going well also.

And since I don't even want to think about getting salmonella from a tomato (in the news here in the US), I'm going shopping at the farmers market for our groceries Saturday morning. All those foods are locally grown. I also heard there is a couple that sells fresh goat meat. I don't mind eating meat once in a while, but I want the meat to be fresh cuts from animals that eat normal stuff like grass for cows and corn for chickens. So bring on the local goat meat!

I weigh 131 as of Tuesday.

Week 9 check in (bobm512z)

OK I have put if off long enough. I did not change weight again this seek I am still 143.5 on the Wii Fit. I was so bummed out by it I gave into an eating binge on Tuesday night and porked out till I was stuffed. “what the heck” I cold not seem to lose weight anyway.

I am now checking my weight each day just before dinner and seeing very little progress that was until Wed night I was down to 140.5 (normal 2lb swing). What is that about? Apparently my body is still trying to figure out what I'm doing. I want to lose the weight mentally but my body is a bit slow. I have seen my waist get smaller and that is good. I have had more people say I look good and I know I'm getting stronger. All the right things seem to be happening but my weight is not changing much. With my Wed weigh in I think I'm getting back to moving the food I eat to muscle and burning the fat with exercise and giving it no excuses to 'hang around' for a rainy day.

I'm a bit bummed I may miss my goal and I hate to admit defeat hence the late post. I no have some hope and will really pour on the miles, Wii Fit training and 'mouth control' to see If I can make this happen in the next few days. Thanks all for sharing your stories I don't feel alone and should know that any part of accountability means being honest.

With hope and a bit of work I may just do this.

Weigh in day no change 143.5 no change

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Week 9 Update (Gordon)

Just call me the Yo-Yo man. I'm back to 13.2, going nowhere. A couple of weeks ago I was boasting about getting into a smaller size of jeans. Now I feel like saying, 'It's the wrong trousers, Gromit!'. I have a 5k race down in the Borders next week, at the Abbey Hotel somewhere in or around Melrose. Thing is I'm just about to leave the island in about an hour to go on holiday. A friend down in Suffolk is celebrating his 50th birthday party on Saturday and we've been invited o his party. That should just about see me going up to 20 stone. Nigel? What's the next challenge? And while we're on it., you're beating me by .2 of a pound. This will never do!

Week 9 Update (Barb)

I don't want to talk about my weight (120.6 lb) (See Drusy's post...)

I'd rather talk about my new bike! :) Gorgeous, smooth, fast. I love it! Maybe I will lose weight if I ride my new bike??

Here's a pic for your viewing pleasure...

Wed Update: Ok, my weight is back down to 119.6 lbs where it had been since last Tuesday. Can I change my weigh-in post? I have a theory - maybe someone knows if it's true or not - my weight seems to go up a pound or so for a day or so after a hard workout or race. I suspect my muscles retain extra fluid when they are inflamed? My quads are feeling better this morning - maybe that was the temporary weight gain on Monday and Tuesday. I hope so.

So I'm down 2.0 lb since the beginning of the challenge. I hope someone wants to continue this challenge, or start up a new one, when this is done. :)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Drusy slipping (week 9)

No excuses... but here goes anyway. I've been buried under at work (big offshore licence round that happens about every two years) and with working weekends and going to reviews with the applicants every day... I've let my running slip and I've starting drinking more coffee. The coffee is a gateway drug...a slippery slope, leading to needing pick-me-up biscuits during meetings to balance out the blood sugar level crash and if I've had a few biscuits during the day, what's the point in passing on ice cream after dinner.... you get the idea. I do know better, but can't seem to break the cycle.

Amazingly, I've only gained a pound since two weeks ago. So hanging in there at 124, still 2 lbs down from my start. I don't see things getting better next week... but I think I need to try day by day to stay virtuous instead of writing the whole week off now and risk a major binge!

Nigel Update (Week 9)

Well, we're in to the final week: week 10 !

This weeks weigh-in is not too bad, I stayed at the same weight so I'm still down 4.2 lbs overall.

However, I have to say that over the past week, I haven't really been trying to cut calories particularly. This weekend I have to have a small surgical procedure (nothing serious) on my stomach which my surgeon tells me is going to cause me to lose some weight anyhow. So, I thought that maybe I should just concentrate on getting good food inside me over the next week or so and I'm hoping that will help my recovery speed. I should only be out of running for a couple of weeks, but I'm expected to lose 10 - 15 lbs (!) due to my restricted diet over the next few weeks.

So, its not exactly how I planned it when I started this challenge (I didn't even know I would be having surgery!), but it looks like I will hit the 10 pounds target in the next few weeks anyhow ! :)

So, I will probably still weigh-in next Tuesday, but it will not really be a real reflection of my weight-loss efforts over th last few weeks, more the effect of eating through a straw over the weekend ! :)

I have to give a special mention to Maddy who has already hit the 10 pounds goal. What an awesome achievement. She's done incredibly well, well done Maddy!

Hope everyone has a great final week, and I look forward to seeing your final weigh-ins next week.


Monday, 9 June 2008

Not much of an update (Jodi)...except that we have dog!!

I have been out of the internet loop for a while. I realize I haven't posted in a few weeks, but I never seem to get a long enough chance at once on the computer to where I can get a good post in. (Does that sentance even make sense?) I've been making my runs my priority, and I've been putting sleep and relaxing with books and magazines as another priority. Because of these reasons I've been putting the computer on the back burner.

I have no clue how much I weigh anymore, because I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks, and everytime I'm at the gym to be able to check my weight, I keep forgetting! I'm really going to weigh myself this week though. My internet feedback manners have been terrible.

Also, Saturday, we adopted a dog! No more cage/shelter for him! And he loves to run yall. If you would like to know more about my new dog and the 3 legged dog my mom ended up adopting, you can see it on my blog (I have to warn you, this is the first actual post for the blog, that's not shownotes, in a couple months.)

PS: I doubt you care, but if you're wondering, my podcast for this week will be delayed a little, because the dog is just too cute!!