Thursday, 5 June 2008

Week 8 update (Kevin)

Well, I got back just what I put in this week. Meaning didn't put much effort in this week, and I got nothing back.

Still sitting at 202, down 5 lbs overall.

I guess, if I stop and think about it, I should be happy about this result because I was not a very good boy at all this past week. Too much snacking and sweets in the evening, and not enough packing my lunches during the week.

Two weeks left to finish strong.. or at least stronger than the past week!

Week 8 Update (Barb)

Not much has changed from last week. Down a half pound, that's it. 119.8 lbs. (I actually started at 121.6 so my total loss is -1.8 lbs now.)

My body fat is 24-25%. If I lose 4% body fat, I WOULD have to get down to 115 lbs tho. I'm going to keep trying I guess.

I went for 3 runs, 2 bike rides, and 2 swims in those 7 days. I can't believe the pounds don't just drop off... LOL...

I am motivated by those of you who are so close to your goal though - great work!! And for those of you are still struggling - I can sympathize.

My personal 10 week challenge may end up being a bit longer. :)

Week 8 Update (Maddy)

I have some very exciting news! I have reached the objective of this challenge. I have lost ten pounds.

So am I done?

No way!

I am not at my goal weight yet, but I am ten pounds closer.

Drusy's post last week about lean muscle mass has really gotten me thinking about what my goal weight should be. I really need to take some action and investigate that.

I did another test with my scale's ability to tell me what my body fat percentage was. I seriously doubt that it has ever changed. It said I had 36% body fat. That would leave me with a lean body mass of 90.8 pounds and 51.2 pounds of fat. I'm not buying that. That would mean that in the nine years since I had the body fat caliper test that I have lost 30 pounds of lean body mass, i.e. muscle? I think not.

Anyway, my point is, I'm not done yet and I don't really have an end point. Although, my weight is something that I will forever need to keep a close eye on, because as soon as I stop paying attention, the pounds creep back on. So, it's not like I would reach that goal weight and start eating crap all over again. It just doesn't work that way.

Starting Weight: 152 lbs

Current Weight: 142 lbs

Total Lost: 10 lbs

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Week 8 Update (Andy)

My 2 weeks off-piste have now ended, and I returned with trepidation to the scales earlier this week. To a certain extent, I've tried to be on-diet whenever I can be, but thoroughly off-diet during my birthday (OMG I'm 40) and straying whilst off camping with the kids last week.

The net effect was about evens - a gain of 0.2Lb over the 2 weeks, which is pretty much what I could have hoped for, given all of the pan-fried bacon eggs and sausage consumed. As is usual for a May holiday in the UK, it was windy and rainy, perfect for camping. We started the week trying to assemble a large tent in a Force 6 which was pretty tricky, found the tent to be moderately leaky mid week and then got sunburnt in a 4 hour period of glorious sunshine on Thursday, before it rained again. Our spirits were not dampened though, and we had a few fine walks in Derbyshire, including the popular and famous Dovedale, photos below.

So, we're into the last 2 weeks. As I started a week later than most, I might sneak in an "end of week 10" to give myself a little more elbow room to reach my 10Lb goal. Hope you don't mind!

The story so far ...

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
Week 6: 161lb (-1.8, -7)
Week 7: n/a
Week 8: 161.2 (+0.2, -6.8)
Week 10: 158lb (goal)

All the best,


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Week 8 update (bobm512z)

Well I'm learning quite a bit from the Wii Fit. That your body weight fluctuates on average 2LBs /day and to really get a accurate reading you need to do the weigh ins at the same time each day. I have made my weigh in time just before dinner each night when I get in from work. Last night I was 143.5Lbs with a normal BMI down 1Lbs from last week.

I have been doing many of the strength and yoga exercises and I feel better about my flexibility and endurance in the rest of my body. I have been rated a “body builder” for some exercises, yea right. But it makes the training fun, and includes a bit of competition. I am feeling better about my weight where its at though I really want to get down about 5 more pounds. I have a target in the Wii for 5 more LBS by next week its a lot but it is one I can not change until it comes due so I have a goal and I'm going for it.

I have been eating much smaller meals over the past week. But a Sunday dinner out with the family quickly ended any gains. I have to stop thinking “I paid for it better eat it”. My health and weight is worth more than $5.00 in left overs. I need to put more value on how I feel and not how far I can stretch a dollar. That will be my goal this week to change the way I look at food in relation to me. Not it relation to how much it costs.

Good luck everyone, is it time to kick in into the finish? 3, 2, 1, here I go.

Totals this week -1
Total lost ~7LBs (scale change) goal weight 5 Lbs away

Week 8 Update (Athlete)

I was able to reverse the yo-yo this week, and as I'm remaining at home the next 2 weekends I will carry this progress to the final weigh in!

Last week I was at 194.6 (-3.5lb overall)

This week sees me at 191.2 (a -3.5 loss from last week) putting me at a -7 lb loss overall!

What happened this week? For one, I was able to eat fairly well during the weekend (this is historically the point where I destroy any progress made during the week). Secondly, I got a Wii Fit which I've been playing daily. Thirdly, I was able to get in a ride on the trainer nearly every day. Assuming I keep doing these three things for the next week, I may actually be able to reach the 10lb loss by the end of the challenge! That will mean I'll see a number in the 180's on the scale for the first time since I don't remember when, and that will be quite a happy day!

Week 8 Update (Nigel)

Well, the Yo-Yo weight loss continues again this week :)

This week I'm back down to the weight I was 2 weeks ago : 178 lbs. That means I'm back to 4.2 lbs down, which I must admit I'm pretty pleased with.

At the back-end of the week I really packed in the running miles as I couldn't fit them in at the start of the week. I ran a 9 on Saturday and again on Sunday. On Sunday and Monday (yesterday), I was just hungry all day and just kept snacking.

Although I haven't lost as much weight as I hoped at this point, I have to say I'm feeling leaner, my energy levels are good and I feel great.

I'm hoping that with a final push, I should hit the 5 - 6 lbs overall loss at the end of the challenge, which I will be delighted with !