Friday, 23 May 2008

Week 6 Update: Going Nowhere (Chris)

Well I was on travel this week so I got my weigh in a day late.

The extra day didn't help.

I just haven't been feeling that great - digestively. So this morning was probably not a good day to step on the scale.

133.5 lbs

Total progress, -1.0 lbs. Not so good for 6 weeks. I figure 10 lbs is out of the question for this challenge. Now I just want to make a halfway decent showing.

I am running more and eating less. But what is there is very stubborn!

I haven't been able to get into a good weight training routine yet - that may help. I am also working on some options to help fine tune my digestive system. As I have mused in the past - a drastic diet change is probably necessary. I just haven't had the strength of will to do anything that drastic.

For now I am attempting more fruit and veggies, more water....

Let's hope the holiday weekend doesn't get out of hand :-)

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Week 6 Update (Nigel)

Well, I was dreading getting on the scale this morning but had a pleasant surprise. I weighed in at 178.0, which is a-4.2 lb loss to date.

After the disappointments of the past couple of weeks, its a great boost to be honest!

I followed my own advice last week and actually started keeping an eating diary. It only lasted for 3 days due to work travels, but in those 3 days I had a good look at what I ate and did some rough calorie calculations. I was definitely falling in to the 2000 - 2500 calorie band, so with my regular running I guess I should be chalking up a general calorific deficit.

So, I guess its just a case of keeping on being good!

I feel quite motivated to keep on with my efforts and see if I can't shave off a few more pounds over the remaining 4 weeks.


I'm ok for now... (Jodi)

I ran 4 miles today, and I felt terrible. It was very humid, and I didn't drink enough water today nor did I bring enough with me on the run.

Needless to say, I was pretty dehydrated when I weighed myself, so the scale said 130. I'm sure if I had drunk more water I would've weighed 131. So I'm not sure what to put here. I don't feel like I lost a pound of fat, but I just didn't have enough water in me. But that's what the scale said. Nigel, you decide, I don't want to feel like a cheater, because I didn't drink enough water or anything.

I ate some crazy food this weekend, especially on Sunday. After eating American, Thai, Philipino, and Mexican food at the international spring fest, we went to my parents for dinner. There were these Ukrainian people there, I guess they were me and Jeff's age, cooking dinner for all of us! (They were here for mission work or something. My parents never meet a stranger.)

Anyways, we ate this Ukrainian food, and it was so delish. It was all fresh and from scratch. They eat some very healthy food over there! We ate this potato salad thing, and a fruit salad dish, and some soup with veggies, I can't really describe it well, cause all this is so different from anything I ever ate. It was really good though, and my mom got the recipes. I will try to get the recipes from her, so I can post them here if anyone's interested.

This weekend we're going to a friend's party; she's havin a crawfish boil. We are also going to my parents' the following day for a crawfish boil. Now I can go through some crawfish; I peel it way too fast, which is probably bad for my stomach. However, it's fixin to go out of season, so I might as well eat it while I can, right! Maybe I'll lay off the potatoes and corn...not the beer.

Have a great week yall.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Week 6 Update (Andy)

Week 6 was be the last "straightforward" week for food I'll have for a fortnight, so I had to make sure I got some good gains. All has gone well and by the time I got to my Tuesday weigh in, I was at 161Lb, down 1.8 for the week and 7 for the challenge. This was great news, and happened to co-incide with my birthday, which begins the more challenging 2 weeks.

Tuesday evening was of course a family celebration, and I overdid it a bit on the food and drink as expected. Next Sunday will be a 2nd chance to celebrate with friends as we all go to see the new Indiana Jones movie and eat out again. Directly following, I'm taking the kids away on a camping trip, and I expect there to be a fair bit of less-than-optimal diet going on there, especially if there is a good local pub next to the camp site. Any tips on good camp food would be really useful!

So, there won't be a weigh in for me next week, and the following week (8) I suspect I shall have either lost nothing or gained some, to make the last 2 weeks a real challenge. Still, I really want to complete the challenge with a 10lb loss, so will do what I can to keep as close to the track as I can.

Running has been going well. Got a 4 mile run in this evening and am working towards my 10K in June. I may have a work colleague interested in joining me, which would be great, although he's not too sure as he hasn't gone further than 4.5 miles before.

So, here's my latest progress.

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
Week 6: 161lb (-1.8, -7)
Week 10: 158lb (goal)

All the best.


Week 6 (Drusy)

Buried under at work after holiday, so I only got out for a few runs and a monthly 2.3mi race. But I'm stuck at 124 so not losing! MUST TRY HARDER.

I've given up the weightlifting programme. Partially it was just scheduling - the gym is 20 min away and because I needed to book time with my one-on-one trainer, I had to commit days ahead and struggled to make it when I had to deal with things at work.

Mostly I just don't think I liked how it made me feel. My trainer said I shouldn't run in the intensive phase and I missed running. I like the time to myself and listening to podcasts or music. The regular physical exertion feels good, as does a relaxing stretching routine outside in the grass to cool down afterwards. My mind clears and I often am more creative after a run.

I found the lifting somewhat frantic and frustrating and it undermined my confidence when I whimped out of heavy lifts (uncomfortable brush with reality!) I resented the pressure to lift even more once I was vaguely competent at one level, and I was on all sorts of supplements that I had to choke down at specific times - ammino acids, stimulants and creatine. And the diet was VERY restricted low carb with a horrible protein powder and double cream concoction.

But I did lose fat and build muscle, raising my basal metabolic rate. So I guess I need to devise some sort of lifting programme I can do in my own time at the gym at work. And I'm staying with the low carb, but allowing lots of green veg.

So I'm confident I can the scale to move again.. if two steps forward and one back.. but at least I get to run now!

Week 6 Update (Barb)

OK, here's my UPdate - my weight is UP. But I think that's ok and here's why.

First - a review of my new Tanita Body Fat Scale 534.

I got it last Thursday and it's been very interesting. It can store info for up to four people so I input my age, gender, height, and activity level and it gives me my weight, body fat %, water %, bone mass, # calories I can consume in the next 24 hours, and metabolic age (I love that part).

The interesting thing is that I am no longer anxious to see how low my weight can go - I'm more excited to see my body fat down.

They recommend that you weigh yourself at the same time every day, preferably just before the evening meal. Your body fat % will not be as accurate if you are dehydrated (it will actually show as higher) so morning weight is not the best time.

Last Thursday, I weighed about 119.5 lbs on the new scale, just before dinner and my body fat% was about 24%. The next morning, I was down to 117 but my body fat was up to 26.5% and my water content was low. Over the next few days, I weighed myself at various times throughout the day and my weight varied between 118-120 lbs and my BF% between 24-27%. The lower my water content, the higher my body fat. Interesting.

So this morning, although my weight was up to 120.3 (ugh), my BF was only 23% and right now, after dinner it's down to 22%.

Best of all, my metabolic age ranges from 19-22 years (I am 48). (big grin)

So - I guess I'll have to watch all of this for the next few weeks and hopefully my BF will continue to drop. This time last year, it was at 30% and my weight was about 123 lbs. Now, at close to the same weight, it's 22-23%. Yeah baby. I want to get it down to 20% and I'll be happy.

So - I think my weight went up from my last weigh in because I've been dehydrated from a lot of training. I was really tired so I took last week off and I think the training has been building some muscle as well. Woot!

Biggest PR this week? I went for a run, in public, wearing my shorts and sports bra. My tummy has not seen the public light of day for many years. :)

Week 1 ~ 121.6 ~ (N/A)
Week 2 ~ 120.3 ~ ( -1.3 )
Week 3 ~ 119.9 ~ ( -1.7 )
Week 4 ~ 119.4 ~ ( -2.2 )
Week 5 ~ 118.5 ~ ( -3.1 )
Week 6 ~ 120.3 ~ ( -1.3 )

Week 6 Update (Maddy)

I'm happy to say that during my travel last week, I made decent food choices and my two favorite runs in. Thursday I ran to the harbor, past the Star of India and the USS Midway.

Friday I ran to Harbor Island. I was excited to see banners on the light poles for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. It made me wish for a few minutes that I had decided to run the race. Maybe next year...

Things are going well, and while I'm not losing as quickly as I would like, the good news is, I'm still losing!

The exciting part about losing weight is the subtle changes in my body. There is some noticeable loss in my stomach and sides. I am most proud of the change in the shape of my legs. Look out Betty Grable!

Starting Weight: 152 lbs

Current Weight: 143lbs

Total Lost: 9 lbs

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Week 6 Update (Bobm512z)

Well I was not nearly as connected as I thought I might be while in FL last week. I checked my weight only once at a local Publix market the day I got off the plane and was 142 in clothes. So the airline snacks did not cause me to puff up like a balloon. I ran a few days in FL and swam all but 3 travel days sometimes more than once a day. When I weighed in today I was 139 but it was not the kind of goal I hoped for. I started so strong and now things are really slowing down. I have missed my Sat night weights and COAR exercise and stretching and can really feel the loss.

I do have a Wii Fit that should arrive tomorrow and I will start using it for my weigh ins and for my training. I hope it helps motivate me to do more than just run. I really want to prove once and for all I can be younger than my kids (Wii fit age) . So with 4 weeks left the mental game/work has begun.

This week 1LBS in total -6

4 short weeks 4 heavy pounds... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,

Week 6 Update (Athlete)

After a visit home this weekend, I was a little afraid of the weigh in today. Trips home always means lots of eating out, which historically has hurt my progress! So I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale today to see the number 193.8, which is a -0.4lb loss from last week, putting me currently at a -4.3 lb loss.

I definitely have my work cut out for me if I hope to make it to 10 lbs in the next 4 weeks, however, it at least appears to still be possible at this point! The one last 'problematic' weekend that I forsee will be this weekend when I'm travelling again, However, if I can manage to squeak a 1 lb loss over this next week I really think I'll be able to get the last 4.5 lbs over the last 3 weeks. I'll at least go down trying!

Week 6 Update (Gordon)

13st 1lb - a total loss of 6lbs. I'm at that point where I'm seeing results and that's what's keeping me going. Yesterday I twittered that I managed to get into a waist 32 pair of Wranglers for the first time in three years. While that's true what I should have probably written is that things were a little pinched in there! Still, it's progress.

I'm off to hear the Dalai Lama this weekend, down in Nottingham. This should mean a booze and crisp-free weekend. Unless, of course, he wants to go down the nearest boozer for a quick half and a half-pint! And a packet of Quavers.

Unlikely ....

Week 6 Update delayed - Nigel

I'm working away from home for the next day or two and don't have access to my scale. So, my weigh-in is delayed a day or two.