Friday, 16 May 2008

Bye Week (Maddy)

No weigh in for me this week.

I've actually stayed away from the scale since last Friday.

Saturday I was up early for a 5K, so I just didn't weigh myself. Saturday night we spent the night at my sister-in-law's house in New Port Richey. I was able to get in a six mile run, but I didn't weigh myself.

My week started out pretty busy and I was getting ready for my San Diego trip, and I just never weighed myself.

I'll be back home late Friday night / early Saturday morning. At that point, I might as well wait for next Tuesday.

So far my trip is going well. I have made wise food choices and this morning I went out for my "Harbor Run". If I make it an early night tonight, I may attempt another run to Harbor Island in the morning.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Week 5 Update (Chris) - Going Backwards

I am discouraged. I will admit that I am not working REALLY hard - but I have been running more and, I think, eating less. Still I am at a plateau. Part of it is that things inside aren't "moving" so well for me (sounds like Andy found a way to move things along). After no real movement for almost 2 days (ok, sorry, TMI) I knew I was not going to like the results when I got on the scale this morning.

133 lbs (+0.5 for the week, -1.5 lbs for 5 weeks)

I feel like I am going virtually nowhere!

I spent some time at the acupuncturist who gave me something to help get things moving. We shall see how we do for next week. I am considering a fruit and veggie diet for a few days to help clean things up. We shall see.

My training has been better, but this is a busy week with the kids. Band concert and soccer practice yesterday (missed an late afternoon run but got some upper body weights in at lunchtime), school awards tonight (no run today).

I am going to keep on keeping on....

Here is hoping the next 5 weeks are more productive. I have to say one thing - for myself and everyone else. I think we are all eating healthier and making more conscious good choices. Well done, all!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Week 5 update (Andy)

Looks like I've climbed off my plateau / gain of last week and have managed to loose some more this week. Last weekend was pretty hot here in the UK, so I ate less and lost a lot of water - even though I was drinking far more than normal. I weighed in for an interim on Monday morning and found myself at 161lb, that's down 7lb from starting weight.

However, as we hadn't reached Tuesday and I knew I had 2 days of long meetings and poor eating ahead, it's not a weight I really wanted to post for the week, to find that next week I had another weight gain. That would be disheartening.

So, having returned Tuesday evening (not having access to a scale in the hotel Tuesday morning), I weighed in on Wednesday morning to record 162.8. This is a far more realistic weight for week 5, and so week 6 is less of a mountain to climb.

The progress now is:

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
Week 10: 158lb (goal)

One thing I have added to my diet over the past week is JalapeƱos Peppers. JalapeƱos are great diet food for me because of how they "speed up" my digestive system. Lets just say that with sufficient quantities, things can happen real fast, very soon. Bloat is something I suffer with, especially after pasta, so it's nice to have something entirely natural that can help restore the balance.

On the running side of things, I ran 3 miles on Monday and 4 miles this morning, so I'm starting to rack things up towards the 10K race I have planned for June 14th. I hope to get back to a 5 miler for the first time in about a year, next week. Looking forward to that!

All the best,


In marathons there is hitting the wall, in life there is hitting "the funk" (Alisa)

Lately, I’ve been drained, both mentally and physically. I can’t seem to pinpoint the cause. It’s true that there have been changes at work which have added more responsibilities to my plate (but in a good way). I feel that I’m being more challenged and that my career is starting to come into its own. So that’s not it. I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive and who makes me feel loved every day. My family is doing well and has recovered (as best we can) from our two recent losses. I have great friends on both coasts (some I don’t get to see as often as I’d like but we’re still close). Everything in my life seems like it’s going well and yet, I’m still in a funk. You are probably asking yourself what this has to do with the 10 in 10 challenge…I think, a lot! This week I’m down another .5 lbs, which is at least a loss but really nothing to brag about. Normally, once I put my mind to something, especially when I have others to hold me accountable, I jump in head first and accomplish my goals. This time my head just isn’t in it. I was really excited to join this challenge and the first couple of weeks I was especially “good” but since then well…I hit a funk! Before, I would think twice before picking up the tortilla chips or the chocolate covered pretzels…now I come home from work to mindless eating. I mentioned my problem of being so busy during the day that I don’t eat as much as I should and making up for it at night. I’ve been consciously trying to take my lunch breaks and to eat healthy lunches…still the mindless eating happens. My husband constantly calls me on my snacking…which is true, I am a snacker. I always thought that I was a healthy snacker and that my snacking was helping me from overeating at meals. Well, come to find out, my husband was right…my snacks aren’t really snacks they are meals. I’ve read a lot about food journals and how they are the dieters best friend but I can’t seem to get in the habit of writing things down. I think keeping a journal (not just a food one) might help my mental funk; a food journal will hopefully help me pinpoint weaknesses and show me areas where I can improve my diet. Anyone have advice on keeping food journals?

I know that much of this post (and my other posts for that matter) are just me rambling but I truly appreciate having a place to ramble. Nigel, I thank you for starting this challenge and blog. Here’s to a successful week and overcoming “the funk!”

To date: - 2.4 lbs (can we round to 2.5, jk!)

Week 5 Update (Barb)

Well, I'm happy to say that I'm down to 118.5 this morning. (Yesterday was a baaad day and I didn't get to weigh in.) My weight's been up and down all week - wavering between 118.1-119.4 so I guess today's weigh-in is a fairly accurate average.

I trained really hard last week (about 9 hours in total) and although I felt great while training, especially on the weekend, I fell apart on Sunday afternoon (I had a really bad cramp-like stitch in my side while biking and had to get a ride home). Since then, I've been super-tired and feeling crummy over all, even though I've been getting 8 hours of sleep. I guess I've been over-training and need a few days off to recover so I took today off work and I'm going to sleep and take it easy.

I haven't been writing down everything I eat but I have been fairly cautious with my intake and making sure it's all good stuff. Since I'm working out a lot, I'm not trying to restrict calories too much but whatever I DO eat has got to be mostly whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean meat/protein (oh, and dark chocolate :).

I finally ordered the super-duper Tanita BC 534 Innerscan Body Composition Monitor. According to UPS, it's on its way. My goal is really 20% body fat rather than a specific weight.

Stats to date:

Week 1 ~ 121.6 ~ (N/A)
Week 2 ~ 120.3 ~ ( -1.3 )
Week 3 ~ 119.9 ~ ( -1.7 )
Week 4 ~ 119.4 ~ ( -2.2 )
Week 5 ~ 118.5 ~ ( -3.1 )

I'm losing the Ewok pudge (Jodi)

Weighing myself once a week has been very interesting. I'm learning there's a difference between being healthy and being skinny. (In order not to mess with my mind, I'm just sticking to weighing myself only on Tuesdays.)

I ran 2 miles today and then weighed myself. I think I would've weighed more if I had run the usual 4 miles for a Tuesday, but according to this Galloway marathon plan I was supposed to have an off day (I just couldn't get myself to do that so I compromised!) With 4 miles I probably would've drunk more water, and there would've been more blood flow throughout my body to make me weigh more. I'm saying this, because I'm trying to stay as consistent as possible with these weekly weigh ins.

The scale said 131. I'm still even.

What up with that?! I've been eating NO JUNK at work, and normal the rest of the time. I have no clue what's going on, but I'm flippin happy with my results! I look great, and I'm literally getting in shape. (Not to brag or anything :-) ) I'm just sayin this, cause it's a huge change from the way I was before the challenge, even though my weight's the same.

My running has improved as well as my posture. I feel much better during the day by eating fruit and peanut butter on melba toasts (this is a trade in from butterfingers, chips, and those granola bars that cost $1 a box)

I'm watching the Spurs play a game right now (basketball), and I was just reading Drusy's post. I also just heard the announcer on the TV say "he started on the team as a small guy, but he worked out a lot which made him gain a lot of weight. Now he's playing the best he's ever played..."

Eureka! Drusy! Now this is a thought, and only a thought, but maybe since you don't weigh much, working out is actually making you gain weight (I don't mean fat though). I mean, you are working with that personal trainer, and you only weigh 124, right? Just somethin that popped in my head when I heard that.

Have a great week yall.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Week 5 (Drusy)

Like Nigel and Gordon, I'm frustrated with progress. I spent the last week walking the coast of Cornwall, eating and sleeping in our campervan - which was fantastic, but I drove my husband crazy with my strange diet - advised by the gym where I'm learning how to lift weights. Eggs, avocado and cream cheese for breakfast, more avocado, cream cheese and smoked salmon for lunch and lean meat, nuts and salad for dinner. No beer or bread. Try following that diet while stopping in to cosy pubs on misty afternoons! OK, I was not perfect... and I even split a tub of Hagen Daaz with my husband on my birthday....bliss.

But NO CHANGE - stuck at 124 lbs or a 2 lb loss so far. I'm planning to run the Bridges London race tomorrow so I think I'll give pseudo-Atkins a break for a day. And then press ahead diligently, at least for another week when I'll re-assess the result. Atkins has worked for me before, but only if I don't stray!!!

Week 5 Update- Kevin

Well, if 0.8 lbs counts as a loss, then I guess I lost it. But honestly, I am sure I put it all on and more after my weigh in and breakfast. Not a very impressive week.

Weight now... 204 lbs.
Total Loss so far... 3 lbs

Week 5 Update (Gordon)

I just weighed myself and I am 13st 3lbs. That makes my total loss so far 4lbs. But two weeks ago I had lost a total of 5lbs! Grrr ...

Dan said something on Twitter a few days ago to the effect that he thinks he weighs more just after the weekend than he does towards the end of the week. I think maybe I suffer from this too. Around these parts we tend to relax with a refreshing brew and a packet of Quavers on a Saturday - which can't help!

Next time you start one of these challenges, Nigel, can you make the reporting-in day a Friday?

Just joking.

Week 5 Update (Athlete)

Quick Update:

194.2 this week

-3.9lb progress to date.

About a week behind schedule, but I'm at least consistently moving in the right direction now!

Week 5 Update (Nigel)

Well, I'm up again on last week! This weeks weight is 179.8 lbs, so my overall loss is now just 2.4 lbs.

After a week of hard training, its hard to believe I actually put weight on. I'm pretty much back to where I was back in week 2, which is dis-heartening to say the least.

I'm going to keep going though, but I'm going to start a food diary to see exactly where I must be going wrong with my diet.

If I'm guilty of anything on the eating front, its got to be eating a bit too much when I'm hungry after my increased training effort. But, I don't consider it to be anything particularly excessive, and I'm eating because I'm hungry. Other than that, my eating has been pretty much on-plan.

Maybe I've just hit the plateau earlier than I expected, I don't know.

We'll see what week 6 brings.


Sunday, 11 May 2008

A Helpful Link for Some?

For those of you who like to track your diet progress, you might want to take a look at Sparkpeople. It's free, there are tons of diet and exercise resources, and it has a fairly easy-to-use way of tracking your food and exercise. I used it quite a bit when I first started my weight loss journey 1 - 1/2 years ago. Now I go online once in awhile and track my food intake for a week or so to make sure I'm still on track. It automatically calculates the calories, protein, fat, and carbs of the food you eat and is even easier to use, once you have a 'favourites' list.

Just thought it might be helpful to someone.