Thursday, 24 April 2008

Week 2 begins (Andy)

This is now the longest I have stuck with any sort of diet. Not that I've dieted many times before, but on those two occasions I made about 2 days on daft food and then quit. The cabbage soup one was particularly memorable.

This week, I went away on business on Tuesday morning, returning yesterday, Wednesday evening, and in my early morning stupor on Tuesday, I forgot to weigh in. Being away, of course, means eating out in the evening. I'd been very good all day: light breakfast; simple sandwich with a bit of salad at lunch; no snacking. Then I was to join some colleagues for an evening meal. Naturally, I was starving and the decision was to find a nice country pub. We duly arrived at about 8pm - really really hungry now - and then came the ordering.

Despite severe temptation, I had no starter (they all had one, and each was a meal in itself) and then when the main finally arrived, I fell upon and devoured my rack of lamb with mash and veg in short shrift. It was very good, and the lamb was maybe slightly rarer than Hannibal's in Silence of the Lambs. Delicious.

So apart from the single pint of guest beer, 6X also very good, that was it - no pud!

In the morning, I used the hotel gym. Someone was already on the elliptical, so I tried out the treadmill, which made a good easy running surface to see how my right ankle was fairing. I took this really easy, somewhere around an 11 minute pace with a few walking breaks and don't appear to have suffered any damage from it.

Not that I'm now food obsessed, but the hotel full breakfast was again highly tempting. I stuck to some cereal and fruit, and actually felt a lot better for it.

So, with these close calls, and a few other minor slips over the week - mainly leftovers because I've reduced my portion sizes - I weighed in this morning, Thursday.

Down 2.2lb. Hurrah!

Being a late weigh-in this week, this gives me quite a task for the end of week 2, and I can't see there being anywhere near as large a drop. The "easy" pounds have gone and the time is short. However, good progress.

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb
Week 2: 165.8lb
Week 3: -
Week 4: -
Week 5: -
Week 6: -
Week 7: -
Week 8: -
Week 9: -
Week 10: 158lb

All the best to you all.


Week 2 Update (Chris)

Well this has been an interesting week.

So I get home from my trip and hop on the home scale to see where I am and it displays 131.5! I was very excited. I was doing better than I thought. But I wanted to see where I could be by the end of the week so I waited until this morning to weigh in and the scale read 132.5. Hmmmm, could it be I gained a pound since Friday? It is, ice cream cake, etc. over the weekend. I have done a few runs but apparently not enough to offset the calories.

Tonight I just returned from a 5 miler and decided I would sneak on to the scale again to see if the run did any good. 133.5???? What, another pound? This is definitely going in the wrong direction.

And how could I put a pound on in the same day AFTER running 5 miles?


Since I generally weigh in first thing in the morning, I would like to take the morning reading of 132.5 and take credit for 1/2 lb this week. Unless you all think I should average the two readings and call it even for this week....

(sigh) Dinner time - a salad perhaps?

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Week 2/week1 update (Alisa)

Officially, my first week will end on Thursday but since it's week 2 of the challenge it's my week 2 as well. I've been following a "modified" version of the South Beach diet...keeping some of the good carbs but cutting out the refined sugars and white flour items. This plan started a bit late, I had planned to start Friday but ended up with a bug over the weekend so I started Sunday night. So far, so good...I'm down 1.5 lbs from last week. For me, that is impressive...I have the slowest metabolism ever. Losing weight always seems to take forever. I definitely think this challenge has helped me stay away from the temptations of birthday cake at work and ice cream at home (the strike is still going strong)! I have also kept to my 2 hours of TV a night rule (exception last night since my husband and I watched a movie). I have had more time to keep the house clean and to read, it has been a nice change.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am training for my first marathon on June 1st (coming up shortly). I've hit a bit of a blah period in my training. I have been having trouble getting in the weekday runs with my job schedule becoming more and more hectic and the runs getting longer and longer (it takes a good while for me to run 10 miles). Some of you are thinking, if your job is so hectic how are you writing this post during work hours?...well...since I haven't really taken a lunch break or the federally mandated 15 minute breaks you're supposed to get for every 4 hours of work in the last week, I don't feel so guilty blogging at work. I can't really complain too much, in fact, not really at all I am very happy with my job and I would much rather be busy than bored! Anyway, back to the blahs...anyone else encounter this problem? It is really not fun. I wish I had a training partner to keep me accountable. My husband is great and is training for the marathon too but he runs an 8 minute mile and I run 10:45-11:30 minute mile. Also, because I've never been so devoted to one activity, I am really missing other things I used to do at the swim, spinning classes, hip-hop dance classes, etc. I just find that with running I don't have a lot of time for anything else. I know this blog is a weight loss blog but if there is anyone out there with advice on overcoming the training blahs I would love to hear from you! I am hoping that weight loss will help be a motivator to run faster and longer =).

To recap...I'm -1.5 lbs for the week (and total, since this is my week one). I would really love to see the 140's by the end of this challenge!

Weight as of 4/23: 158

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Hi everyone, and thanks for letting me join your challenge! I wasn't sure if it was just for the podcasters or for the listeners as well. I've been keeping track of my weight for awhile and although I lost 20 lbs and kept it off for the last two years, I've struggled to lose the last 5 lbs for a while now. Over spring break, I gained back two more pounds so it's time to get back on the wagon and get rid of it once and for all.

Your weigh-in day is Tuesday isn't it? I was at 121.6 last Tuesday and this morning, I'm happy to say I weighed in at 120.3 lbs! I know, it's a bit much making a point of including those decimal points, but when you get this close to your goal weight, every ounce counts! My goal is to get down to 115 lbs and lose the rest of that roll around my middle. (Unlike Jodi, I have more than a 'pinch' to lose. :) )

Over the past few years, I've been gradually changing my diet to include more fruits and veggies, and less fat and junk. Then a few months ago, I started listening to Dr. Monte's Fitness Rocks podcast, and found that the Mediterranean style diet was just the thing for me. I like the food, and although I'll never go meatless (I love my steak too much), I do try to eat more alternate forms of protein. When I want to lose weight, I still have to count calories though, so I am trying really hard not to dip into my son's left over Easter candy, or eat the treats I find in the staffroom at work. It's hard!!

With all the training I do (run 3X a week, swim 3X a week, bike 3-4X a week), I need to get those carbs in so I try to eat a balance of about 60% carbs, 20% protein and 20% fat. (I tried the low carb diets and they certainly worked, but I don't think they're the way to go for an athlete.)

Anyway, thanks for having me and good luck to everyone in the challenge!!

Barb AKA kelownagirl (in beautiful Kelowna, BC, Canada)

Sucker born every minute (Drusy)

Well, I needed a new goal and direction with the marathon behind me. I'm still running mind you, but I've realised that I do that for pleasure and it doesn't make me lose weight. So I decided that I needed to learn how to lift weights. So I signed up for a 12 day "Intensive" programme at Educogym. This is my first time being exposed to body building supplements - Creatine, protein powders and amino acids... whew. A better life through chemistry! Anyway, I bought the lot and I'll see if it works. The diet is basically Atkins and they claim they can get rid of my spare tyre and improve my posture in just 12 sessions - 20 minutes each. OK I'm skeptical, but ever hopeful. And hey, its worth a try. Ms Universe LOOKOUT! Oh yeah, no change in weight 126 26% bodyfat since last week, but I've only run 6 miles.

Week 2 Update (Athlete)

Just a re-cap of last week: +4.1 pounds as a result of a long weekend to the beach with lots of eating out and "a few" adult beverages. As a result of the weigh in, I was pretty disappointed but knew I would get back into gear.

This week, I have been eating much better. I haven't had a coke all week (it helps by not having them in my apartment) and have been drinking a ton of water. If I'm hungry I'm now going for a bagel (and peanut butter) or a banana. I'm still having a fairly hearty dinner of 2 hamburgers or something similar, however, that meal only comes out to 850 calories, so although there is still room for improvement there, it could be worse, plus, it keeps me from craving fast food and therefore helps keep the weight down. In addition, I was able to get back on the bike this past weekend (knocked off for a while due to sunburns). I got in 2 1 hour rides, and 1 30 minute ride.

The result of all of this effort: Down to 196.4 lbs at my weigh in this morning. That's a -5.8 change from last week, and a -1.7 lb drop from the initial weigh in. That's a fairly big one week drop, however, a lot of it was from water weight from the weekend so I'm not too concerned. I'm glad to be back on track now and having the scale moving in the correct direction!

This weekend will present another challenge, although not as bad as the beach - on Saturday I will be attending a fish fry so I have a feeling that my intake for the day will not be as good as it should be. However, I'll be able to get more workouts in this week and with my overall better eating habits, I'm confident I'll be posting another drop next week!

Week 2 check in (bobm512z)

A lot of 'work' for one little pound. I continued to cut out the snacks, ate only one big meal on the weekend, took some ideas from this site and added more sit-ups, push-ups and more stretching to the program and only lost 1 pound. I ate more salads, more fiber cut out many carbs I would not burn and only lost 1 pound. This is going to get tough as of today I weighed in at 141. The next 6 pounds are going to be very tough, I hope as the weather gets better I can run more and maybe add some cycling to the mix. The big problem I see ahead is a family trip to Disney World. I plan to do a lot of walking and even running, but the meals will be tough. I have 3 weeks yet before that trip and maybe I can make some better progress so it won't be a "fall off the wagon and get run over by it" event.


Weekly Check-In (Maddy)

This week was remarkably better than last week. I attempted to make wise choices over the weekend. I also ran a ridiculous amount of miles on Saturday and Sunday (9.45 on Saturday and 10.48 on Sunday)- but I am breaking out of the mindset of "I ran a lot, so I can splurge a little."

Isn't that what got me to this point in the first place?

I have been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. At least five servings a day. The good thing about that is they can really fill you up and are really low in calories. Each day, after my coffee, I have been drinking a 11.5 oz can of V8 juice. Two servings of vegetables and 70 calories. The sodium is pretty high, but I cancel that out by drinking an ocean of water.

I am happy to report that my weight as of this morning is:


Yay! I'm in the 140's. Watch out 130's. I'm comin' to getcha!

Week 2 - Not on track yet (Marty)

Actually week one and a day. Unfortunately I have climbed the scale this week. I am up 1 pound from last Tuesday. I will lose that pound and a couple of his friends this upcoming week!!!

I am trying hard to get back on the losing track again. It seems to be a hard transition. I am still snacking, albeit, smarter snacking. I know my main problem this week, especially over the week-end was too many restaurant meals and the high sodium content. I have been drinking a lot of water to try to flush it out of my system. but I am still retaining pounds of water. I know that I have to cut back on my bread intake. This will happen slowly.

I know I will get there and I hope this challenge will help to spur me on.


Week 2 Update (Gordon)

It could have been worse. I just weighed in at 13st 5lbs, that's a pound on from last week. I put my lack of progress down to the fact that I've had a bad knee and that last week, as a result, I forced myself to remain practically immobile.

And you know, there's something about being stuck in one place that makes you resort to 'comfort food'.

So it's week two and time to get serious again. I should be able to start some gentle jogging over short distances in the next couple of days and that should pull a pound or so off me for next week.

I'll try to keep things in perspective: the object of the exercise is to lose a pound a week. So far I'm on schedule, having lost 2lbs to date.

Week 2 Update (Nigel)

I got on the scales a little nervously this morning for my weekly weigh-in. My gut feel was that I didn't feel that much lighter.

Well, my fears were confirmed, as I weighed in at 180.6 lbs - the same weight as last week.

I guess I can take comfort that at least I didn't gain, but I was hoping to be on track and be at least 2 pounds down at the end of week two.

Over the weekend I did a mid-week weigh-in and was under 180 lbs, but strangely after running Saturday, Sunday (long run) and yesterday, I seem to have gained a little!??

Ah well, that's the ups and downs of weight loss I guess. I'm going to keep on track and hope this is blip in my progress.

Update (Jodi)

So I weighed myself in the gym tonight after my 4 mi. run so I could have some number to put here. It said 131. Now this is with my ipod and shoes and gear on, and i'm not sure how yall are weighing yall's selves, but that's what the scale said.

I think that's a good weight for my height (5'6"). I'm not worrying about the number though, because I lift weights in the gym (no, I don't wanna look like Hulk-o-mania! I just wanna run faster.). I know muscle will make me gain "numbers" on the scale but not necessarily weight.

I really wanna lose this pinch of fat though so I can run faster! This is what I did today: I ate healthy til after lunch, and I confess! I ate potato chips at my desk! (Actually, that's nothing new.) What I didn't do is eat any candy today, which a good good step for me. I had hot chocolate instead :-).

I don't wanna skimp on food, b/c I seriously am hungry all the time. I literally eat all day. I just need to pick better foods. Ok, tonight I wanted pizza, and Jeff said salad, so we ate salad. With all the crap we put on our salad I don't know if you can consider it low-cal (I DON'T eat that nasty low fat dressing), but it is veggies over greasy bad food like pizza, so it counts for somethin.

Finally, I wanted to say real quick how good I felt on my run today. I ran 4mi. on the TM starting @ 5.9mph & ending @ 6.5mph. I felt super strong, and good form came easy. Usually during the work week it is hard for me to run well, because I'm so tired from working so long, but it may be because I just eat bad food!

I am no rocket scientist, but there could be somethin to that health food!

I've been readin yall's posts; yall are doin grrrreat!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Mid-Week no update! (Kevin- week 2)

I have NO idea why I am sharing this, other than because I'm in this challenge and will be expected to give an update to my weight in a day or two, but here goes...

I decided when this challenge began that I would do all my weigh-ins from my gym on Wednesday mornings. It would be far more accurate as well as being very consistent to do it on the same day, at the same time, on the same scale. I only get to this gym on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Well, that would mean that I should weigh-in this Wednesday morning and post my results, but I can't.

You see, I am having a very small "procedure" this Wednesday that will not only keep me from getting to the gym, but this one will skew my weight results this week. This "procedure" is one that requires me to fast for a whole day as well as be completely "empty" of all food!

Still not catching on? How about this.. I turned 50 last year. Still scratching your head? Don't get it? Oh come on! Think about it, or click HERE.

So, I will probably post some results this Friday (WEIGHT results people), but they probably won't be as meaningful as they should be. Butt that's the way it goes.. ;-)


Sunday, 20 April 2008

Mid-week update (Nigel - week 2)

Just a quick mid-week update from me.

I've been working away from home for part of this week, and I have to say that being on this challenge has really been instrumental in keeping me 'good'.

There were a couple of occasions when I would have maybe skipped a run due to being in a place I don't know too well, or maybe succumbed to the charms of a slice of cheesecake after my meal. But in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to try to post a good result for the 10-in-10 challenge this week and that was enough of an impetus to make the extra effort.

In fact making that extra effort meant that I got to find a beautiful new place to run near to my hotel, which I would never have otherwise known about : Chatelherault Country Park

I didn't get much opportunity this week to do much weighing, so I did a quick mid-week weigh-in yesterday to see how things are going. It looks like I may be able to post some modest progress again this week if I stay on track.

I'm still keeping up with my incremental push-ups program, and managed 13 this morning - nearly half-way to my target of 30.

I must admit that my increased running mileage seems to have really kicked up my metabolism, and I'm feeling hungry far more often. So, I'm keeping good by eating fruit or cereal bars if I get real hungry between meals. But, in general the regime of 3 meals and 2 snacks is working well.

Oh yes, I went in to the office last week, and someone said to me "have you lost some weight?", so I'm hoping that's a sign of progress ! :)

Since last week, our numbers on the challenge have swelled to 14 and its been real good to see all of the support that's springing up for everyone. Jodi from 'Confessions Of A Runner' had joined, but her approach is a little bit different to our general goal of 10 pounds in 10 weeks. She's trying to lose herself an inch off her waist in the 10 weeks, which I guess is potentially quite a challenge as well.

Anyhow, hope you guys are all doing well, and look forward to seeing our weekly weigh-in results in a few days time.