Friday, 22 August 2008

!!! Hey yall! (Yes, I realize simple things excite me.)

I had no clue yall were still posting on this, but for some reason I saw the link while going through my 'favorites' and clicked on it. I'm so glad I did! It's awesome yall are still posting!!! So of course now I have to give my crappy 2 cents. (I say that cause I'm a bad writer.)

I don't know how much I weigh; I haven't weighed myself since this challenge was over, but I have noticed huge change.
First off I'm gettin way skinnier (not a bad skinny, I wouldn't dare let that happen). Second, my running is faster and I've never felt better being out there. I'm also much happier overall (not like I wasn't before, but I'm even happier overall than before.). I struggled for a bit there with the heat/weather issue, but I'm out of that rut.

I guess you wanna know why. Call me crazy, but I think animal protien is the devil. A little harsh, I know. I am now officially vegan. (I won't admit this on my podcast, not yet at least, but I figured not many outside the group read this, so what the hay.) So this means I don't eat anything that comes from an animal. (Yes people, I'm living off chips and pasta...kidding!)

3/4 of our grocery cart now is whole foods from the produce section. I eat this cheese made from soy. I've been cooking food from all over the world! (It happens when you realize that most other countries have tons of vegan dishes, Americans though, do not.)

I could go on FOREVER about why I'm doing this, but if you wanna really understand why, read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

At first I did miss meat, but not anymore. Once it was all out of my system (which wasn't pretty, ok too much info, i know) I didn't even think about eating it, not even seafood (which is a huge staple where I live). I eat fruits and veggies all day everyday. There are so many foods and meals that I'm now aware of that I never would've known existed before. I'm actually eating more food now than before, but I'm dropping the weight and running better. I actually look forward to eating every meal now, because I know I'll be eating something different and so delish.

I'm reading Vegetarianism for Dummies which is written by a nutritionist. She gives the run down of the nutrition in all the foods, so you know what to eat when you take meat and milk out of the picture.

So anyways, that's my short story. I really think yall should check out The China Study; I would love to know what you think!


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Regression...but with a plan

Hello all! I haven't checked this blog in a long while but I saw that some others had posted their progress. My progress...well...has been more of regression than progression. While vacationing in Hawaii I gained a few pounds then, gobs of my family starting visiting and taking J and I out to eat, gained a few more. Before I knew it I gained back most of the weight I lost =(. Sad! BUT I have a plan, in fact I've already lost the 3 lbs of Hawaii weight--HOORAY. I started a running blog, I signed up for a bunch of races and I've been using my journal religiously. I'm hoping to be down that full 10 from my starting weight of the challenge by Xmas. From the sounds of the posts, sounds like others are doing really well.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Back on the wagon

After this challenge I was really happy to live for a few short weeks at a BMI of 22. My scale I started with (not very good) was showing my weight staying below 140 and staying right about 135 which was the goal. The real weight according to the Wii Fit was about 139ish. While the Wii is not available the home scale is all I have. After this good Doctor visit and learning that I'm a bit over 1 inch shorter than I thought its time to drop a bit more weight I want to stay about 22 BMI it is doable and not too extreme. It is right in the middle of a healthy area. My goal now is to drop another 5LBs (130) and keep it off. I also need to increase my Omega 3 in take from fish (mostly Salmon which of course is going up in price).

So I will be posting back here on a weekly basis. If I don't please poke me via Twitter and help keep me honest and on track. You have all meant so much to me in helping me get healthy I can not thank you enough. The Doc said "your doing it right". He is happy to prescribe drugs because he knows people can be/get lazy. But taking the reigns myself to change my diet and lose weight is something that when he recommends it falls on deaf ears.

Lets all do our part for humanity and be healthy, happy and active. Thanks for all yo have dome to make me just that!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A Milestone

I bought a two-piece swim suit today. AND I might wear it in public. That's a huge milestone for me since I haven't had a bare midriff for 25 years. I need a tan on my tummy now. :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Weight Loss Update

Hi you guys! Are you still out there ? Have you put all of that weight back on yet ? :)

I'm doing OK, but I have had some surgical assistance. My weight currently stands at 169 lbs, so thats down a total of 13 lbs since I started, but as I say, I lost a fair chunk of that through the surgical procedure I had a few weeks back.

But, I'm starting to eat properly again now, so I have to watch out for those pounds coming back. It would be nice to keep the weight off, so that I can see if it has any affect on the speed of my running.

I have only run 3 times in the past 4 weeks, so I've also lost a lot of muscle and my conditioning. I'm slowly trying to build my running back up, as I've missed it badly.

So, how about you other guys out's it going ?


One Hundred Pushups

Someone - I can't remember who now - posted this link on Twitter the other day. (If I go back and read thru the posts, I can probably find it and give them credit.) Update: - the first person I heard it from was Chris Gillebeau.

Anyway, there are a lot of us who have started the training plan to work towards doing 100 consecutive pushups.

I was doing pushups and ab work every night during the winter and had worked my way up to two sets of 15 pushups but since spring, my strength workouts have taken a back seat to tri training. So, I have joined this challenge and completed the initial test (a whopping 5 pushups), and have now completed Week 1, Day 1. I have ways to go. :)

There are three sessions a week, for 6 weeks, although some people may have to repeat a week or two if they are struggling.

Anyway, I thought I would post the link here in case anyone is interested.

How is everyone's weight loss going? Did anyone lose any more? Are you maintaining the weight you DID lose?

Why not give us an update!

I gained some of mine back when I was away for a week but I'm back down to 118 lbs right now and hope to continue the loss.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Final Update- Kevin

SO SORRY I have been a tad M.I.A.

Had some small issues to take care of and then some vacation.

Bottom line is that I have lost 5 pounds during the 10 week challenge. I guess that's better than putting 5 pounds on, but I have to tell you, I can sit down at a good meal and put 3 pounds on!

But still, glad to be rid of the 5 and thanks to Nigel for putting this together! Maybe we should celebrate with a big piece of carrot cake or two??!! ;-)

Friday, 20 June 2008

The cows have come home (Jodi)

As I sit here nibbling on carrots like a rabbit, I'm reading yall's posts, and it looks like everyone has done incredibly well with this challenge. Congratulations!

As of Tues. I weigh 131, so no change for me since 10 weeks ago...wait a second. There has been change.

I feel much better, I really do have less of a pinch on my belly. I'm accounting that mostly to me not eating much meat within the past few weeks (if you're wondering why, my post before this one explains it).

I noticed my physique looking much leaner since I've been passing on the meat. Within the past 2 weeks this is what I've eaten in terms of meat: I ate a small steak last weekend which we cooked on the grill. Since a group of us went to a club last night we ate Sonic before and Whataburger afterwards. I had to get some chicken from sonic, because it was either that or me eating nothing but tater tots.

However, my eating has gotten much healthier since my findings on the meat issue. I've been incorporating lots of soy, fruits, and veggies into everything I eat. Surprisingly, I don't mind the soy milk that much. I think I'll be sticking to eating a small amount of meat only once a week. That's all I really need.

My running has also been going well. I won 2nd in my age group in a 5K last weekend. It was really hot, but I pushed through it much better than I expected I would. As we neared the finish, I basically sprinted past anyone I saw ahead of me that was a female and looked between the ages of 25-29 :-) That was fun.

It was funny, at the 5K, my mom and I were talking to the dad of a runner from back when I ran cross country in high school. She would win almost all of the races and ran most of those 2 mi. races between 11-12 minutes. Well I don't remember how the subject came up, but when I told her dad I don't eat meat much anymore, he said his daughter has been a vegetarian for 5 years, and she has never run better. Well that gives me all kinds of hope!

So overall, the challenge went well, and I'm looking forward to even more changes in the future with my new way of eating. Thanks yall for posting so much great info.


Final Week Update

I'm just back from a weekend of living it up in Suffolk. Lots of free booze, free food ... perhaps not the way to report in for the last time. I'm still at 13.2 and disappointed I didn't do better than lose 5lbs. It all started out so well but I think I lacked the discipline this time around.

It's been great reading all your reports and I, too, want to thank Nigel for having the inspiration to put this together.

And incidentally, Nigel had surgery at the weekend and is on a liquid diet for 6 weeks. The lengths some people will go to!

Let's do this again sometime!

Week 8, 9 and 10: At least I ended up losng something

First, thank you Nigel for setting up this challenge. If anything, I have learned to be conscious of what I eat. The "team" as a whole has done really well. We have all lost something, and that is progress.

I can't seem to crack the code on what is going on with me digestively. Things have not been right inside. If I exercise and eat well I don't seem to make progress. And I find that my will power has not been very good at times either...which I am sure contributed to my lack of progress.

So the last 3 weeks: 133, 132.5, with final 134. Total net loss: 1/2 lb.

I am disappointed, but I don't think I made drastic enough lifestyle changes to really make a difference.

I am still going to track this thing. Vacation starts next week, which probably will add to my challenge, but when I return marathon training starts - and some of the weight should come off with the increased training (as it did last year with my training). We shall see in the coming months!!!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Not final weigh in. (Andy)

I'm still going of course as I'm a week behind. I'm pretty sure I'll keep going beyond 10 weeks as I'd really like to have lost a whole stone and be well below the BMI of 25 that the 10 would have taken me into.

When I weighed in on Tuesday I hadn't managed to loose anything from last week, despite having done a 10K race over the weekend and I thought eating fairly sensibly. I think we've all had one of those weeks.

However, I've found that the whole idea of eating less and exercising control over unnecessary snacking has become pretty much embedded in my lifestyle, and what were conscious decisions about eating habits are now more-or-less unconscious and not much of a struggle (most of the time). This can only be a good thing.

I have come to the conclusion that I (and probably a lot of people) have a fear of being hungry. In the UK, a lot of us were brought up with habits and ideas that came out of WW2 - eat up, clear your plate, don't be wasteful. My parents certainly went through shortages in their childhoods and I wouldn't be surprised if this led them and a whole generation to want to ensure their children didn't go through the same thing.

However, in these relative times of plenty, trying to make sure your plate has less on it needs to be added to these otherwise laudable principles against waste.

What these last 9 or 10 weeks have shown me that being hungry for what are essentially short stretches of time (a couple of hours) is not a problem and actually good for me. There is no reason to fear being a bit hungry.

So, my progress thus far:

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
Week 6: 161lb (-1.8, -7)
Week 7: n/a
Week 8: 161.2 (+0.2, -6.8)
Week 9: 160.2 (-1.0, -7.8)
Week 10: 160.4 (+0.2, -7.6)

I'll post an end of week 10 after next Tuesday.

All the best.


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

This WAS the Three-and-a-Half in 10 Challenge, right?

OK, so I didn't lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Not even half that, actually. Thirty-five percent of it.

Losing 3.5 pounds in 10 weeks isn't so bad, I guess, considering we're well into popsicle season on my part of the planet. Also, the 10-week period comprised both my anniversary and the inevitable dinner-splurging that goes along with that, and a weeklong stay in Vermont, home of Ben & Jerry's, Cabot cheese, and several dozen microbreweries, all of which I availed myself quite lustily thanks very much for asking.

But I don't want to give off the impression that I only ate junk. I ate more regularly, and made a few better choices. I ate regular-sized portions of food like I should be doing. When I did eat junk, I was better about not making a hog of myself about it, and then I went for runs to try to "pay it off." That last seems most important to me -- during the past 10 weeks I've been growing into the habit of reminding myself at least to pay off splurges with exercise to negate those splurges. That helps to keep me from splurging as badly in the future. I've developed some nice habits to keep with me continuing past the challenge, so I'll hit the 10 mark at some point.

Final Weigh-in (Alisa)

Last weigh in. I must say I have kicked my butt the last two weeks. Sadly not enough to lose the full 10 but still not to shabby with a total loss of 5 lbs. I took one week off after the marathon and then have kicked it into high gear. Now that it's summertime I have gone back to my early morning routine and I am loving it! For the past two years, while I was in grad school, I always worked out in the mornings because I knew that would be the only time I had available most days. I got out of the habit since I became a working girl again (FYI: not that kind of working girl but one with a desk job). While training for the marathon I did some runs in the morning but mostly in the evenings when I had more time (or so I thought). For the past two weeks I've been getting up at 5:00am and hitting the gym first thing. I've tried spinning classes (which I haven't done in months), weights classes (which is the only way I can force myself to weight train), I've added more yoga and swimming days into my training and I'm working my way back to 12 – 17 miles a week (which is where I want to keep my base training). Getting out of bed at 5:00am is a struggle but at 8:00am when I'm sitting at my desk it is invigorating to know that I've already gotten in an hour/hour and a half workout. For me working out in the morning also helps me stay on track with healthy eating throughout the day. Since I don't have any races coming up until January (marathon #2) I really want to take the next couple of months to focus on cross training and strength training. I am still considering a sprint triathlon at the end of summer but I may be having company the weekend of the triathlon. My goal is to stay motivated to keep up my healthy habits. I think Nigel mentioned he'd be willing to keep the blog open for monthly check-ins which I think is great. To help keep myself motivated and because I have enjoyed following so many of your blogs/podcasts I decided to start up my own blog. It is still in the design stage but should up and running by next week. If anyone is interested here is the url:

In other news, I have read a few posts about the Wii Fit. I just bought one for my husband for our anniversary (word to the wise: call around and find out when the shipments are coming in and go to the store right away, those things sell like hot cakes). Much to my surprise, I have enjoyed using it as well. I have certainly felt some of the strength exercises the next day. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the yoga, a bit too slow and not enough of the flow poses for me, but the games are a lot of fun. I think it's great that Nintendo came out with this product (and that it is selling so well). While it's not a complete workout, especially for those of us who workout regularly, it's a fun supplement.

Total weight lost during challenge: 5 lbs (I agree with Jodi, less pinch)

Congrats to everyone who participated in this challenge. Losing weight and changing your habits is a long hard process. We should all be proud that we stuck with something for 10 whole weeks! (well 9 for me)

Drusy final results

I was better last week at developing cookie blindness (nope, I don't see that plate sitting in front of me in the meeting) so I'm feeling virtuous, but no lighter.

So I'll close out at only 2 lbs lost, but I still view that as a success and the best part has been getting to know everyone.

I'm glad that Nigel has decided to let us carry on and I'll look forward to updates.

Congratulations to those who met the goal - very impressive!!! And well done to those who got part of the way there, and many thanks to those who supported us all with comments!

Regards, Drusy

Final update - Barb

Well I'm not sure if I should post my morning weight, or my weight after my ride and run this afternoon. :) I guess I'd better be honest and stick with the non-dehydrated weight - 119.1. 121.6 - 119.1 = 2.5 lbs lost? My goal was 7 lbs in the 7 weeks I was here so it's not as bad as it sounds. 4 more to go.

It's been a busy month and subsequently a difficult one to stay on the wagon. In another 10 days, school will be over and I'll have 2 months off with time to keep my eating on track. I also really want to start doing upper body and ab work again too so I think I'll start set myself some sort of goals to do a certain number of crunches and push ups every day, as well as some work with hand weights. I also want to work my core. Build muscle, lose fat right? If anyone is interested in joining me in some sort of mini-challenge to do this on a regular basis, let me know.

I want to send out a HUGE congratulations to everyone, whether you lost weight or not. I suspect that, at the very least, everyone learned something about themselves, became a little knowledgeable about their body and conscious of what they put in their mouth. Baby steps, people. That's what it takes. Keep at it whether you met your goal or not.

I for one will be checking in once a month to see how everyone's doing, and to report on my own progress. Thank you to Nigel for organizing this challenge, and for doing all of the blog updating for us. I agree we don't need to have the sidebar thingy once the challenge is officially over.

Have a great summer everyone! It's been great getting to know all of you and thank you for letting me join you part way through!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Final check in? (bobm512z)

Well I really pushed this last weekend. Despite Fathers day and being with the family missing my Sunday run I was able to weigh in on Monday evening at (136 on the scale I started on) and 138 on the Wii Fit with a BMI of 23.14 (I was shooting for 22ish) so it said "your just slightly off our goal" not even a mention of how much to lose, I got very close. I really feel the community kept me at it. I could always count on dropping a few lbs here & there but never really being serous about week to week changes to keep me healthy.

All the discussion of BMI, Fat vs Muscle, and diet changes has been better that any $20.00 'health bible'. I respect every opinion shared hear and have taken a bit form each of them to make me a better runner, Father and human.

So I just missed with a final total of -9LBs over 10 weeks. Be assured thought I will not soon 'put it back' and will continue to push for that elusive 1 pound and a healthy BMI of 22 ish and a toned and flatter belly (which I do see I may need to trim my belt).

Thanks all of you and I look forward to reading your reports this week.

Final Weight - Athlete

To quote one Dave Matthews - "I did it!"

Today's weight was 187.9 - a total loss of -10.2 lbs for the 10 week challenge.

To be quite honest, I'm actually fairly surprised that I was able to do this. For a while before the challenge I had been trying to get weight off with varying success - it would go down some, but then bounce right back up. Having this challenge forced me to look at what I was doing at a deeper level, and that allowed me to make some changes to get the weight going down and staying down! Had it not been for the challenge, I'm sure I'd be pretty near where I started had I been doing this challenge "on my own"

I definitely intend to keep up the changes I made during the challenge and make it an ongoing weight loss challenge for myself - there's still quite a few pounds I could continue to take off, and I aim to do so!

Final Weigh-in (Nigel)

OK, OK, I cheated right at the end of this challenge. Some people will do anything to lose weight ! ;-)

I stood on the scales this morning for my final weigh-in and came in at 175.2: 7 lbs down. But, that's mainly due to my lack of food over the past 3 days following surgery. Not quite the way I anticipated losing weight when I started this challenge, but life's often like that.

I look forward to hearing how all you other guys have done with your final weigh-ins.

Even though many of us have had varying degress of success, its made us all take a long hard look at how we can improve our diets and how we can maybe modify our physical activity to burn some more calories.

I'm sure that if I was trying to maintain my new weight-loss regime on my own, without the support of this little online group, I'd have given up many weeks ago. But, having the accountability of reporting in each week was a great motivator for me to continue.

I've really enjoyed being part of this little community of online friends and would like to thank everyone for taking part.

It has been suggested that we keep this going. I'm happy to keep the group going, but maybe report in once a month to show how we've managed to lose any more weight, or, MORE IMPORTANTLY, that we've managed to stay on the straight and narrow and keep our weight off.

Either way, I'll almost certainly repeat the exercise at the same time again next year, when we've had our winter indoors and maybe piled on a few pounds again over the holidays :)

Thanks to everyone for taking part, its been fun. I'm sure you'll all look better on the beach than you would have done without the challenge :))


Sunday, 15 June 2008

Week 9 update (Andy)

Apologies for the belated update.

I've found getting back into the stride of my diet to have been a bit difficult over the last week. I'm starting to allow myself to give in to the small temptations - bags of crisps and small chunks of chocolate and the like. Not good.

However, over last weekend (not this one!), I spent many long hours in the attic putting in a now floor - laying some new joists, rearranging the insulation, sawing and then nailing down two dozen floorboards in a very dry high 80F environment. Needless to say, when I weighed myself when it was all done on Sunday, I'd lost around 3Lb in fluids nd was only 0.5lb off my goal weight. But that would have been cheating.

So, having re-hydrated, I weighed in on Tuesday morning and found myself to be 160.2Lb, down a full pound on last week and short of where I really wanted to be. As mentioned last week, as I started late, I'm allowing myself an extra week on the rest of you to see if I can actually do the 10.

Oh, and congrats to Maddy for making it and planning to go for a few more.

So my progress so far:

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
Week 6: 161lb (-1.8, -7)
Week 7: n/a
Week 8: 161.2 (+0.2, -6.8)
Week 9: 160.2 (-1.0, -7.8)

I've been following Nigel's progress on Twitter, and it sounds like the surgery all went OK over the weekend. Best of luck with the recovery Nigel - I know how these things can knock you around more than you would think.


Saturday, 14 June 2008

Continuing the challenege (Alisa)

As this challenge comes to an end, I found something that will help to keep me motivated to continue my healthy lifestyle...the Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon in January. My husband and I ran the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon on June 1st and had such a great time it inspired us to run another. We'll definitely be doing San Diego again in '09 and would like to run Disneyworld in 2010. (Lofty aspirations, I know.)

While I didn't meet the challenge goal (though I'd still like to get rid of the extra 5 lbs before our trip to Hawaii), I have definitely been more conscious about what I eat knowing that I have all of you keeping me accountable. I have enjoyed the encouragement and accountability of this challenge. I have also really enjoyed reading about all of your lives. Maybe we could change adjust the title of the blog and keep the group posting going...???

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I'm about to admit something really weird (Jodi)

I haven't eaten meat since Sunday. So this is day 4 with no meat. So let me go ahead and tell you why I'm doing this.

It's mostly an experiment to see how I feel. It all started Sunday night with a magazine article I read in Marie Claire about mad cow disease. This led me to looking it up on wikipedia which led me other websites as well about meat. I must be living under a rock, cause I seriously had no clue that the cows we were eating (at least a few years ago) were being fed the remains of other cows. I also read that chickens were being fed excrement and ground up feathers.

Now I don't know about yall, but that's nasty! I don't want to eat meat from an animal that's been fed that nasty stuff. I'm not a vegetarian...let me repeat I'm not a vegetarian. I believe certain animals are on earth to nourish us. But I don't want to eat meat when the animal was raised in such a disgusting way with shots, antibiotics, steroids, whatever, it's gross. I don't want that nasty meat in my body. And plus, we don't even need to eat meat everyday. That's a social stigma that fast food restaurants put in our heads.

I also read on various websites that meat takes about 2-3 days to digest! What the...! 3 days?! Also, I read that processed meat has this stuff in it called sodium nitrate, which supposedly increases your risk for cancer (i know i know everything gives you cancer nowadays). The sodium nitrate is what increases the meat's shelf life (stuff like sliced lunch meat, peperoni, anything packaged basically). Double gross! I will pass on the sodium nitrate thank you.

Since I want to run faster and all this stuff I was reading was completely grossing me out, I have skipped out on the meat since Monday morning. I have to tell you I feel great, and my runs have been going well also.

And since I don't even want to think about getting salmonella from a tomato (in the news here in the US), I'm going shopping at the farmers market for our groceries Saturday morning. All those foods are locally grown. I also heard there is a couple that sells fresh goat meat. I don't mind eating meat once in a while, but I want the meat to be fresh cuts from animals that eat normal stuff like grass for cows and corn for chickens. So bring on the local goat meat!

I weigh 131 as of Tuesday.

Week 9 check in (bobm512z)

OK I have put if off long enough. I did not change weight again this seek I am still 143.5 on the Wii Fit. I was so bummed out by it I gave into an eating binge on Tuesday night and porked out till I was stuffed. “what the heck” I cold not seem to lose weight anyway.

I am now checking my weight each day just before dinner and seeing very little progress that was until Wed night I was down to 140.5 (normal 2lb swing). What is that about? Apparently my body is still trying to figure out what I'm doing. I want to lose the weight mentally but my body is a bit slow. I have seen my waist get smaller and that is good. I have had more people say I look good and I know I'm getting stronger. All the right things seem to be happening but my weight is not changing much. With my Wed weigh in I think I'm getting back to moving the food I eat to muscle and burning the fat with exercise and giving it no excuses to 'hang around' for a rainy day.

I'm a bit bummed I may miss my goal and I hate to admit defeat hence the late post. I no have some hope and will really pour on the miles, Wii Fit training and 'mouth control' to see If I can make this happen in the next few days. Thanks all for sharing your stories I don't feel alone and should know that any part of accountability means being honest.

With hope and a bit of work I may just do this.

Weigh in day no change 143.5 no change

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Week 9 Update (Gordon)

Just call me the Yo-Yo man. I'm back to 13.2, going nowhere. A couple of weeks ago I was boasting about getting into a smaller size of jeans. Now I feel like saying, 'It's the wrong trousers, Gromit!'. I have a 5k race down in the Borders next week, at the Abbey Hotel somewhere in or around Melrose. Thing is I'm just about to leave the island in about an hour to go on holiday. A friend down in Suffolk is celebrating his 50th birthday party on Saturday and we've been invited o his party. That should just about see me going up to 20 stone. Nigel? What's the next challenge? And while we're on it., you're beating me by .2 of a pound. This will never do!

Week 9 Update (Barb)

I don't want to talk about my weight (120.6 lb) (See Drusy's post...)

I'd rather talk about my new bike! :) Gorgeous, smooth, fast. I love it! Maybe I will lose weight if I ride my new bike??

Here's a pic for your viewing pleasure...

Wed Update: Ok, my weight is back down to 119.6 lbs where it had been since last Tuesday. Can I change my weigh-in post? I have a theory - maybe someone knows if it's true or not - my weight seems to go up a pound or so for a day or so after a hard workout or race. I suspect my muscles retain extra fluid when they are inflamed? My quads are feeling better this morning - maybe that was the temporary weight gain on Monday and Tuesday. I hope so.

So I'm down 2.0 lb since the beginning of the challenge. I hope someone wants to continue this challenge, or start up a new one, when this is done. :)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Drusy slipping (week 9)

No excuses... but here goes anyway. I've been buried under at work (big offshore licence round that happens about every two years) and with working weekends and going to reviews with the applicants every day... I've let my running slip and I've starting drinking more coffee. The coffee is a gateway drug...a slippery slope, leading to needing pick-me-up biscuits during meetings to balance out the blood sugar level crash and if I've had a few biscuits during the day, what's the point in passing on ice cream after dinner.... you get the idea. I do know better, but can't seem to break the cycle.

Amazingly, I've only gained a pound since two weeks ago. So hanging in there at 124, still 2 lbs down from my start. I don't see things getting better next week... but I think I need to try day by day to stay virtuous instead of writing the whole week off now and risk a major binge!

Nigel Update (Week 9)

Well, we're in to the final week: week 10 !

This weeks weigh-in is not too bad, I stayed at the same weight so I'm still down 4.2 lbs overall.

However, I have to say that over the past week, I haven't really been trying to cut calories particularly. This weekend I have to have a small surgical procedure (nothing serious) on my stomach which my surgeon tells me is going to cause me to lose some weight anyhow. So, I thought that maybe I should just concentrate on getting good food inside me over the next week or so and I'm hoping that will help my recovery speed. I should only be out of running for a couple of weeks, but I'm expected to lose 10 - 15 lbs (!) due to my restricted diet over the next few weeks.

So, its not exactly how I planned it when I started this challenge (I didn't even know I would be having surgery!), but it looks like I will hit the 10 pounds target in the next few weeks anyhow ! :)

So, I will probably still weigh-in next Tuesday, but it will not really be a real reflection of my weight-loss efforts over th last few weeks, more the effect of eating through a straw over the weekend ! :)

I have to give a special mention to Maddy who has already hit the 10 pounds goal. What an awesome achievement. She's done incredibly well, well done Maddy!

Hope everyone has a great final week, and I look forward to seeing your final weigh-ins next week.


Monday, 9 June 2008

Not much of an update (Jodi)...except that we have dog!!

I have been out of the internet loop for a while. I realize I haven't posted in a few weeks, but I never seem to get a long enough chance at once on the computer to where I can get a good post in. (Does that sentance even make sense?) I've been making my runs my priority, and I've been putting sleep and relaxing with books and magazines as another priority. Because of these reasons I've been putting the computer on the back burner.

I have no clue how much I weigh anymore, because I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks, and everytime I'm at the gym to be able to check my weight, I keep forgetting! I'm really going to weigh myself this week though. My internet feedback manners have been terrible.

Also, Saturday, we adopted a dog! No more cage/shelter for him! And he loves to run yall. If you would like to know more about my new dog and the 3 legged dog my mom ended up adopting, you can see it on my blog (I have to warn you, this is the first actual post for the blog, that's not shownotes, in a couple months.)

PS: I doubt you care, but if you're wondering, my podcast for this week will be delayed a little, because the dog is just too cute!!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Week 8 update (Kevin)

Well, I got back just what I put in this week. Meaning didn't put much effort in this week, and I got nothing back.

Still sitting at 202, down 5 lbs overall.

I guess, if I stop and think about it, I should be happy about this result because I was not a very good boy at all this past week. Too much snacking and sweets in the evening, and not enough packing my lunches during the week.

Two weeks left to finish strong.. or at least stronger than the past week!

Week 8 Update (Barb)

Not much has changed from last week. Down a half pound, that's it. 119.8 lbs. (I actually started at 121.6 so my total loss is -1.8 lbs now.)

My body fat is 24-25%. If I lose 4% body fat, I WOULD have to get down to 115 lbs tho. I'm going to keep trying I guess.

I went for 3 runs, 2 bike rides, and 2 swims in those 7 days. I can't believe the pounds don't just drop off... LOL...

I am motivated by those of you who are so close to your goal though - great work!! And for those of you are still struggling - I can sympathize.

My personal 10 week challenge may end up being a bit longer. :)

Week 8 Update (Maddy)

I have some very exciting news! I have reached the objective of this challenge. I have lost ten pounds.

So am I done?

No way!

I am not at my goal weight yet, but I am ten pounds closer.

Drusy's post last week about lean muscle mass has really gotten me thinking about what my goal weight should be. I really need to take some action and investigate that.

I did another test with my scale's ability to tell me what my body fat percentage was. I seriously doubt that it has ever changed. It said I had 36% body fat. That would leave me with a lean body mass of 90.8 pounds and 51.2 pounds of fat. I'm not buying that. That would mean that in the nine years since I had the body fat caliper test that I have lost 30 pounds of lean body mass, i.e. muscle? I think not.

Anyway, my point is, I'm not done yet and I don't really have an end point. Although, my weight is something that I will forever need to keep a close eye on, because as soon as I stop paying attention, the pounds creep back on. So, it's not like I would reach that goal weight and start eating crap all over again. It just doesn't work that way.

Starting Weight: 152 lbs

Current Weight: 142 lbs

Total Lost: 10 lbs

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Week 8 Update (Andy)

My 2 weeks off-piste have now ended, and I returned with trepidation to the scales earlier this week. To a certain extent, I've tried to be on-diet whenever I can be, but thoroughly off-diet during my birthday (OMG I'm 40) and straying whilst off camping with the kids last week.

The net effect was about evens - a gain of 0.2Lb over the 2 weeks, which is pretty much what I could have hoped for, given all of the pan-fried bacon eggs and sausage consumed. As is usual for a May holiday in the UK, it was windy and rainy, perfect for camping. We started the week trying to assemble a large tent in a Force 6 which was pretty tricky, found the tent to be moderately leaky mid week and then got sunburnt in a 4 hour period of glorious sunshine on Thursday, before it rained again. Our spirits were not dampened though, and we had a few fine walks in Derbyshire, including the popular and famous Dovedale, photos below.

So, we're into the last 2 weeks. As I started a week later than most, I might sneak in an "end of week 10" to give myself a little more elbow room to reach my 10Lb goal. Hope you don't mind!

The story so far ...

Start of...
Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
Week 6: 161lb (-1.8, -7)
Week 7: n/a
Week 8: 161.2 (+0.2, -6.8)
Week 10: 158lb (goal)

All the best,


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Week 8 update (bobm512z)

Well I'm learning quite a bit from the Wii Fit. That your body weight fluctuates on average 2LBs /day and to really get a accurate reading you need to do the weigh ins at the same time each day. I have made my weigh in time just before dinner each night when I get in from work. Last night I was 143.5Lbs with a normal BMI down 1Lbs from last week.

I have been doing many of the strength and yoga exercises and I feel better about my flexibility and endurance in the rest of my body. I have been rated a “body builder” for some exercises, yea right. But it makes the training fun, and includes a bit of competition. I am feeling better about my weight where its at though I really want to get down about 5 more pounds. I have a target in the Wii for 5 more LBS by next week its a lot but it is one I can not change until it comes due so I have a goal and I'm going for it.

I have been eating much smaller meals over the past week. But a Sunday dinner out with the family quickly ended any gains. I have to stop thinking “I paid for it better eat it”. My health and weight is worth more than $5.00 in left overs. I need to put more value on how I feel and not how far I can stretch a dollar. That will be my goal this week to change the way I look at food in relation to me. Not it relation to how much it costs.

Good luck everyone, is it time to kick in into the finish? 3, 2, 1, here I go.

Totals this week -1
Total lost ~7LBs (scale change) goal weight 5 Lbs away

Week 8 Update (Athlete)

I was able to reverse the yo-yo this week, and as I'm remaining at home the next 2 weekends I will carry this progress to the final weigh in!

Last week I was at 194.6 (-3.5lb overall)

This week sees me at 191.2 (a -3.5 loss from last week) putting me at a -7 lb loss overall!

What happened this week? For one, I was able to eat fairly well during the weekend (this is historically the point where I destroy any progress made during the week). Secondly, I got a Wii Fit which I've been playing daily. Thirdly, I was able to get in a ride on the trainer nearly every day. Assuming I keep doing these three things for the next week, I may actually be able to reach the 10lb loss by the end of the challenge! That will mean I'll see a number in the 180's on the scale for the first time since I don't remember when, and that will be quite a happy day!

Week 8 Update (Nigel)

Well, the Yo-Yo weight loss continues again this week :)

This week I'm back down to the weight I was 2 weeks ago : 178 lbs. That means I'm back to 4.2 lbs down, which I must admit I'm pretty pleased with.

At the back-end of the week I really packed in the running miles as I couldn't fit them in at the start of the week. I ran a 9 on Saturday and again on Sunday. On Sunday and Monday (yesterday), I was just hungry all day and just kept snacking.

Although I haven't lost as much weight as I hoped at this point, I have to say I'm feeling leaner, my energy levels are good and I feel great.

I'm hoping that with a final push, I should hit the 5 - 6 lbs overall loss at the end of the challenge, which I will be delighted with !


Friday, 30 May 2008

Week 7 Update (Chris)

I was home this week but forgot to weigh in on Wed (my normal weigh day). I weighed in on Thursday morning.

133 lbs

-0.5 for the week and -1.5 lbs for the challenge.

Like a few others, 10 lbs is probably not realistic at this point. We shall just see how far we can get. I started a "cleanse" this week - which might buy me a couple of lbs. My running has been going well also.

Yesterday while working out I used one of the handheld devices to measure my body fat. Mine came out to 25.5% with a BMI of 23.5 which appears to be in range for my age group, although on the higher side of normal. Given Drusy's post, I could probably stand to lose a few fat lbs. My goal of 124 lbs would put me at about 20% which might be considered a tad low. 127 or 128 lbs might be more like it.

Ah well, we shall plod on and see how we do.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Week 7 Update (Maddy)

For the first time in seven weeks, there is no change.

Extremely frustrating because:

  • I ate fairly well, through a holiday weekend.

  • I ran a lot of miles over that holiday weekend Friday - Monday I ran 28.25 miles. Doesn't that count for something?

  • I am one stinking pound away from meeting the challenge goal.

  • Starting Weight: 152 lbs

    Current Weight: 143lbs

    Total Lost: 9 lbs

    Maybe next week...

    Wednesday, 28 May 2008

    Week 7 update (bobm512z)

    Honesty is the best policy. I have been lying since the first week of the challenge. I was not 145LBs I was 150. I have not dropped 6 LBS I have dropped 5 and I now have some measure of my health and a new goal.

    I received a WiiFit Balance board on Friday. I took the basic setup test and low an behold I was 144 1/2 with a healthy BMI of 22.? and a WiiFit age of 30 (not bad since I'm almost 40). May bath scale I have been using since I started the challenge still says I am 140LBS so I have not real progress to report. I do know that I want to get to 135LBs. so I have a new goal drop 9 1/2 LBs and keep up the running and general strength execieses the Wii Fit has available to achive that goal.

    The 135 is a mental goal that is the weight I was when I first got to collage and was still a runner, and general sports nut. Every 'free' class hour I had I was running, taking and extra PE course or doing something good bor my body and brain. As I have gotten older had kids and started to settle I seem to have lost some pasion for me. I still take care of my self but being part of this challenge over he past week has made me really think about accountability, responcibility and teamwork in ways that are both personal and spiritual.

    There is something to being together, Like participating int he PWWHM no matter where you are you are part of something bigger. I feel that here. I will not let you down nor myself. I am gonna get to a weight of 135 and keep it there! I am gonna be passionate about my helth, may family, and my friends (close or virtually). I am encouraged each time I read to say something good about the progress and honesty of everyone here.

    Take care all.

    Results no change from last week (on the old scale) new weigh in results 144-1/2 10LBs threw better living, here I go.

    Kevin - Week 7 update

    Well BAD Kevin! I missed last weeks weigh in completely. I have excuses, but no GOOD ones I can come up with on such short notice!

    When I weighed this morning, it was with the thought in mind that I would have been FINE with staying even over the past 2 weeks.

    So it was great to see I weighed 202! That's down 5 pounds overall.

    I really think the weight loss is entirely due to the added running and track work I have started lately with the nice weather. I must admit that my eating has not changed all that much.

    Still behind my 10 in 10 goal, but moving slowly in the right direction.

    Week 7 -Realistic Goals (Drusy)

    I'm still at 123 despite another Atkins week with a horrible 24 flu bug (then a bit of an indulgence at a celebration on the weekend) But it makes me wonder again what my goal really should be. I remember what Jonathan had once on his podcast:

    Knowing your body fat percentage can also help you determine if your weight loss goals are realistic. Remember, weight loss doesn't always mean fat loss.
    For example:Let's say you're a 130# woman with 23% body fat, and you goal is to "lose 20 pounds":
    Initial body fat: 130# x 0.23 fat = 30 # body fat
    Lean body mass: 130# total - 30# fat = 100# lean body mass (bones, organs and all else)
    Goal: 130# - 20# = 110 pounds

    As you can see, the goal of losing 20 pounds is not realistic or healthy. At 110 pounds, this woman still requires 100# of lean body mass (bones, organs, etc.), but would only be carrying 10#, or only 9% body fat. A better goal might be for the woman to reduce her body fat from 23% to 18%.

    G = W*[(100-F)/(100-D)] where G = Goal Weight, W = Current Weight, F = Current Body Fat Percentage, D = Desired Body Fat Percentage

    So before you decide that you need to "lose weight", remember to consider that "weight" consists of both lean body mass and body fat. Try to keep your weight loss goals realistic, and remember, keep the calorie-burning muscle, and lose only the fat.

    I was 126 with 23% body fat (according to my Tanita scale), so in "Fitness" according to American Council on Exercise (follow the link on Jonathan's blog for details). To be low end of "Athlete" I'd have to be at 20% body fat which equates to 121 lbs. Hmm.... so can I rationalise that it's not fat I need to lose so much as building muscle??

    Week 7 already?! (Barb)

    I maintained my weight over the past week (120.3 lbs). I'm not too surprised because it was another 'rest' week coming up to my century ride on Sunday and I ate a lot of carbs over the weekend before I rode as well. I guess I should be glad I didn't gain any lbs.

    My BF% is still the same so that's good I guess.

    I dunno - I sometimes think my body is just programmed to be 120 lbs. I've been trying to get down to 115 lbs on and off for the past year and I just can't seem to do it. I get down to about 117 for a few days but I always go back up. Argh.

    I had a great hard ride on Sunday though and a great swim on Saturday and now I feel like I'm back to my old self and ready to start training harder again. My century ride report (long) is posted on my blog for anyone so inclined to read it...

    Have a good week everyone!

    Alisa Update Week 7

    First, I apologize for missing last week's weigh-in. I did weigh in but forgot to post. Last week was down another 1.5 lbs making the total -3.9 lbs. However, despite getting in good runs over the past week and adding in some swimming to help ease my sore running muscles I put on 2.2 lbs! I feel like giving up (but I won't). I feel like everything fluctuates so much. I know what I need to do to lose weight and I feel like I'm doing it and yet I'm not seeing results. I run the marathon on Sunday and after the marathon is over I want to really concentrate on weight loss, I know the end of the challenge is looming and so is my Hawaiian vacation. I'm thinking of training for a triathlon next. I miss biking and swimming and other sports besides running. Maybe incorporating these other activities will help shed the pounds!

    Week 7:
    Total weight loss to-date: a measly -1.7 lbs
    (by Hawaii I'd like to be 150 (145 would be better however I always remind myself that I am tall 5'11'')...meaning an 8 lbs loss before mid-July! Totally doable...I hope)

    Tuesday, 27 May 2008

    Week 7 Update (Athlete)

    For a summary of the reasons for my bad results, you may simply read Nigel's for this week as I was basically the same as him! :)

    The challenge kind of slipped my mind this week - I guess having to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet at a casino will do that you! Between that and many meals out at restaurants while on this extended holiday weekend, I was asking for trouble.

    Luckily the damage seems to be limited. This morning I was at 194.6, which is a +0.8lb gain from last week, putting me at -3.5lb overall.

    The next 3 weeks have me at home and not traveling, so I expect to see some positive results for all 3 weeks - how much remains to be seen!

    Week 7 Update (Nigel)

    Well, its been an 'interesting' week to say the least. The challenge was pretty much the furthest thing from my mind over the last week due to some major shocks and upheaval at work.

    Couple that with a holiday weekend here in the UK, and I was concerend that I had a major recipe for disaster on my hands.

    Luckily, I was very consistent with my running and managed to do a very respectable number of miles over the last week.

    When I stood on the scale, I was quite relieved! I had put on 0.8 lb, so it looks like I got away with it. That takes my gross loss to date to 3.4 lbs.

    There's only 3 weeks to go in the challenge, so it looks like 10 lbs is out of the question. But, I think I could still hit 5 - 6 lbs with a bit of extra effort.


    Friday, 23 May 2008

    Week 6 Update: Going Nowhere (Chris)

    Well I was on travel this week so I got my weigh in a day late.

    The extra day didn't help.

    I just haven't been feeling that great - digestively. So this morning was probably not a good day to step on the scale.

    133.5 lbs

    Total progress, -1.0 lbs. Not so good for 6 weeks. I figure 10 lbs is out of the question for this challenge. Now I just want to make a halfway decent showing.

    I am running more and eating less. But what is there is very stubborn!

    I haven't been able to get into a good weight training routine yet - that may help. I am also working on some options to help fine tune my digestive system. As I have mused in the past - a drastic diet change is probably necessary. I just haven't had the strength of will to do anything that drastic.

    For now I am attempting more fruit and veggies, more water....

    Let's hope the holiday weekend doesn't get out of hand :-)

    Thursday, 22 May 2008

    Week 6 Update (Nigel)

    Well, I was dreading getting on the scale this morning but had a pleasant surprise. I weighed in at 178.0, which is a-4.2 lb loss to date.

    After the disappointments of the past couple of weeks, its a great boost to be honest!

    I followed my own advice last week and actually started keeping an eating diary. It only lasted for 3 days due to work travels, but in those 3 days I had a good look at what I ate and did some rough calorie calculations. I was definitely falling in to the 2000 - 2500 calorie band, so with my regular running I guess I should be chalking up a general calorific deficit.

    So, I guess its just a case of keeping on being good!

    I feel quite motivated to keep on with my efforts and see if I can't shave off a few more pounds over the remaining 4 weeks.


    I'm ok for now... (Jodi)

    I ran 4 miles today, and I felt terrible. It was very humid, and I didn't drink enough water today nor did I bring enough with me on the run.

    Needless to say, I was pretty dehydrated when I weighed myself, so the scale said 130. I'm sure if I had drunk more water I would've weighed 131. So I'm not sure what to put here. I don't feel like I lost a pound of fat, but I just didn't have enough water in me. But that's what the scale said. Nigel, you decide, I don't want to feel like a cheater, because I didn't drink enough water or anything.

    I ate some crazy food this weekend, especially on Sunday. After eating American, Thai, Philipino, and Mexican food at the international spring fest, we went to my parents for dinner. There were these Ukrainian people there, I guess they were me and Jeff's age, cooking dinner for all of us! (They were here for mission work or something. My parents never meet a stranger.)

    Anyways, we ate this Ukrainian food, and it was so delish. It was all fresh and from scratch. They eat some very healthy food over there! We ate this potato salad thing, and a fruit salad dish, and some soup with veggies, I can't really describe it well, cause all this is so different from anything I ever ate. It was really good though, and my mom got the recipes. I will try to get the recipes from her, so I can post them here if anyone's interested.

    This weekend we're going to a friend's party; she's havin a crawfish boil. We are also going to my parents' the following day for a crawfish boil. Now I can go through some crawfish; I peel it way too fast, which is probably bad for my stomach. However, it's fixin to go out of season, so I might as well eat it while I can, right! Maybe I'll lay off the potatoes and corn...not the beer.

    Have a great week yall.

    Wednesday, 21 May 2008

    Week 6 Update (Andy)

    Week 6 was be the last "straightforward" week for food I'll have for a fortnight, so I had to make sure I got some good gains. All has gone well and by the time I got to my Tuesday weigh in, I was at 161Lb, down 1.8 for the week and 7 for the challenge. This was great news, and happened to co-incide with my birthday, which begins the more challenging 2 weeks.

    Tuesday evening was of course a family celebration, and I overdid it a bit on the food and drink as expected. Next Sunday will be a 2nd chance to celebrate with friends as we all go to see the new Indiana Jones movie and eat out again. Directly following, I'm taking the kids away on a camping trip, and I expect there to be a fair bit of less-than-optimal diet going on there, especially if there is a good local pub next to the camp site. Any tips on good camp food would be really useful!

    So, there won't be a weigh in for me next week, and the following week (8) I suspect I shall have either lost nothing or gained some, to make the last 2 weeks a real challenge. Still, I really want to complete the challenge with a 10lb loss, so will do what I can to keep as close to the track as I can.

    Running has been going well. Got a 4 mile run in this evening and am working towards my 10K in June. I may have a work colleague interested in joining me, which would be great, although he's not too sure as he hasn't gone further than 4.5 miles before.

    So, here's my latest progress.

    Start of...
    Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
    Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
    Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
    Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
    Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
    Week 6: 161lb (-1.8, -7)
    Week 10: 158lb (goal)

    All the best.


    Week 6 (Drusy)

    Buried under at work after holiday, so I only got out for a few runs and a monthly 2.3mi race. But I'm stuck at 124 so not losing! MUST TRY HARDER.

    I've given up the weightlifting programme. Partially it was just scheduling - the gym is 20 min away and because I needed to book time with my one-on-one trainer, I had to commit days ahead and struggled to make it when I had to deal with things at work.

    Mostly I just don't think I liked how it made me feel. My trainer said I shouldn't run in the intensive phase and I missed running. I like the time to myself and listening to podcasts or music. The regular physical exertion feels good, as does a relaxing stretching routine outside in the grass to cool down afterwards. My mind clears and I often am more creative after a run.

    I found the lifting somewhat frantic and frustrating and it undermined my confidence when I whimped out of heavy lifts (uncomfortable brush with reality!) I resented the pressure to lift even more once I was vaguely competent at one level, and I was on all sorts of supplements that I had to choke down at specific times - ammino acids, stimulants and creatine. And the diet was VERY restricted low carb with a horrible protein powder and double cream concoction.

    But I did lose fat and build muscle, raising my basal metabolic rate. So I guess I need to devise some sort of lifting programme I can do in my own time at the gym at work. And I'm staying with the low carb, but allowing lots of green veg.

    So I'm confident I can the scale to move again.. if two steps forward and one back.. but at least I get to run now!

    Week 6 Update (Barb)

    OK, here's my UPdate - my weight is UP. But I think that's ok and here's why.

    First - a review of my new Tanita Body Fat Scale 534.

    I got it last Thursday and it's been very interesting. It can store info for up to four people so I input my age, gender, height, and activity level and it gives me my weight, body fat %, water %, bone mass, # calories I can consume in the next 24 hours, and metabolic age (I love that part).

    The interesting thing is that I am no longer anxious to see how low my weight can go - I'm more excited to see my body fat down.

    They recommend that you weigh yourself at the same time every day, preferably just before the evening meal. Your body fat % will not be as accurate if you are dehydrated (it will actually show as higher) so morning weight is not the best time.

    Last Thursday, I weighed about 119.5 lbs on the new scale, just before dinner and my body fat% was about 24%. The next morning, I was down to 117 but my body fat was up to 26.5% and my water content was low. Over the next few days, I weighed myself at various times throughout the day and my weight varied between 118-120 lbs and my BF% between 24-27%. The lower my water content, the higher my body fat. Interesting.

    So this morning, although my weight was up to 120.3 (ugh), my BF was only 23% and right now, after dinner it's down to 22%.

    Best of all, my metabolic age ranges from 19-22 years (I am 48). (big grin)

    So - I guess I'll have to watch all of this for the next few weeks and hopefully my BF will continue to drop. This time last year, it was at 30% and my weight was about 123 lbs. Now, at close to the same weight, it's 22-23%. Yeah baby. I want to get it down to 20% and I'll be happy.

    So - I think my weight went up from my last weigh in because I've been dehydrated from a lot of training. I was really tired so I took last week off and I think the training has been building some muscle as well. Woot!

    Biggest PR this week? I went for a run, in public, wearing my shorts and sports bra. My tummy has not seen the public light of day for many years. :)

    Week 1 ~ 121.6 ~ (N/A)
    Week 2 ~ 120.3 ~ ( -1.3 )
    Week 3 ~ 119.9 ~ ( -1.7 )
    Week 4 ~ 119.4 ~ ( -2.2 )
    Week 5 ~ 118.5 ~ ( -3.1 )
    Week 6 ~ 120.3 ~ ( -1.3 )

    Week 6 Update (Maddy)

    I'm happy to say that during my travel last week, I made decent food choices and my two favorite runs in. Thursday I ran to the harbor, past the Star of India and the USS Midway.

    Friday I ran to Harbor Island. I was excited to see banners on the light poles for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. It made me wish for a few minutes that I had decided to run the race. Maybe next year...

    Things are going well, and while I'm not losing as quickly as I would like, the good news is, I'm still losing!

    The exciting part about losing weight is the subtle changes in my body. There is some noticeable loss in my stomach and sides. I am most proud of the change in the shape of my legs. Look out Betty Grable!

    Starting Weight: 152 lbs

    Current Weight: 143lbs

    Total Lost: 9 lbs

    Tuesday, 20 May 2008

    Week 6 Update (Bobm512z)

    Well I was not nearly as connected as I thought I might be while in FL last week. I checked my weight only once at a local Publix market the day I got off the plane and was 142 in clothes. So the airline snacks did not cause me to puff up like a balloon. I ran a few days in FL and swam all but 3 travel days sometimes more than once a day. When I weighed in today I was 139 but it was not the kind of goal I hoped for. I started so strong and now things are really slowing down. I have missed my Sat night weights and COAR exercise and stretching and can really feel the loss.

    I do have a Wii Fit that should arrive tomorrow and I will start using it for my weigh ins and for my training. I hope it helps motivate me to do more than just run. I really want to prove once and for all I can be younger than my kids (Wii fit age) . So with 4 weeks left the mental game/work has begun.

    This week 1LBS in total -6

    4 short weeks 4 heavy pounds... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,

    Week 6 Update (Athlete)

    After a visit home this weekend, I was a little afraid of the weigh in today. Trips home always means lots of eating out, which historically has hurt my progress! So I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale today to see the number 193.8, which is a -0.4lb loss from last week, putting me currently at a -4.3 lb loss.

    I definitely have my work cut out for me if I hope to make it to 10 lbs in the next 4 weeks, however, it at least appears to still be possible at this point! The one last 'problematic' weekend that I forsee will be this weekend when I'm travelling again, However, if I can manage to squeak a 1 lb loss over this next week I really think I'll be able to get the last 4.5 lbs over the last 3 weeks. I'll at least go down trying!

    Week 6 Update (Gordon)

    13st 1lb - a total loss of 6lbs. I'm at that point where I'm seeing results and that's what's keeping me going. Yesterday I twittered that I managed to get into a waist 32 pair of Wranglers for the first time in three years. While that's true what I should have probably written is that things were a little pinched in there! Still, it's progress.

    I'm off to hear the Dalai Lama this weekend, down in Nottingham. This should mean a booze and crisp-free weekend. Unless, of course, he wants to go down the nearest boozer for a quick half and a half-pint! And a packet of Quavers.

    Unlikely ....

    Week 6 Update delayed - Nigel

    I'm working away from home for the next day or two and don't have access to my scale. So, my weigh-in is delayed a day or two.


    Friday, 16 May 2008

    Bye Week (Maddy)

    No weigh in for me this week.

    I've actually stayed away from the scale since last Friday.

    Saturday I was up early for a 5K, so I just didn't weigh myself. Saturday night we spent the night at my sister-in-law's house in New Port Richey. I was able to get in a six mile run, but I didn't weigh myself.

    My week started out pretty busy and I was getting ready for my San Diego trip, and I just never weighed myself.

    I'll be back home late Friday night / early Saturday morning. At that point, I might as well wait for next Tuesday.

    So far my trip is going well. I have made wise food choices and this morning I went out for my "Harbor Run". If I make it an early night tonight, I may attempt another run to Harbor Island in the morning.

    Thursday, 15 May 2008

    Week 5 Update (Chris) - Going Backwards

    I am discouraged. I will admit that I am not working REALLY hard - but I have been running more and, I think, eating less. Still I am at a plateau. Part of it is that things inside aren't "moving" so well for me (sounds like Andy found a way to move things along). After no real movement for almost 2 days (ok, sorry, TMI) I knew I was not going to like the results when I got on the scale this morning.

    133 lbs (+0.5 for the week, -1.5 lbs for 5 weeks)

    I feel like I am going virtually nowhere!

    I spent some time at the acupuncturist who gave me something to help get things moving. We shall see how we do for next week. I am considering a fruit and veggie diet for a few days to help clean things up. We shall see.

    My training has been better, but this is a busy week with the kids. Band concert and soccer practice yesterday (missed an late afternoon run but got some upper body weights in at lunchtime), school awards tonight (no run today).

    I am going to keep on keeping on....

    Here is hoping the next 5 weeks are more productive. I have to say one thing - for myself and everyone else. I think we are all eating healthier and making more conscious good choices. Well done, all!

    Wednesday, 14 May 2008

    Week 5 update (Andy)

    Looks like I've climbed off my plateau / gain of last week and have managed to loose some more this week. Last weekend was pretty hot here in the UK, so I ate less and lost a lot of water - even though I was drinking far more than normal. I weighed in for an interim on Monday morning and found myself at 161lb, that's down 7lb from starting weight.

    However, as we hadn't reached Tuesday and I knew I had 2 days of long meetings and poor eating ahead, it's not a weight I really wanted to post for the week, to find that next week I had another weight gain. That would be disheartening.

    So, having returned Tuesday evening (not having access to a scale in the hotel Tuesday morning), I weighed in on Wednesday morning to record 162.8. This is a far more realistic weight for week 5, and so week 6 is less of a mountain to climb.

    The progress now is:

    Start of...
    Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
    Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
    Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
    Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
    Week 5: 162.8lb (-2.0, -5.2)
    Week 10: 158lb (goal)

    One thing I have added to my diet over the past week is JalapeƱos Peppers. JalapeƱos are great diet food for me because of how they "speed up" my digestive system. Lets just say that with sufficient quantities, things can happen real fast, very soon. Bloat is something I suffer with, especially after pasta, so it's nice to have something entirely natural that can help restore the balance.

    On the running side of things, I ran 3 miles on Monday and 4 miles this morning, so I'm starting to rack things up towards the 10K race I have planned for June 14th. I hope to get back to a 5 miler for the first time in about a year, next week. Looking forward to that!

    All the best,


    In marathons there is hitting the wall, in life there is hitting "the funk" (Alisa)

    Lately, I’ve been drained, both mentally and physically. I can’t seem to pinpoint the cause. It’s true that there have been changes at work which have added more responsibilities to my plate (but in a good way). I feel that I’m being more challenged and that my career is starting to come into its own. So that’s not it. I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive and who makes me feel loved every day. My family is doing well and has recovered (as best we can) from our two recent losses. I have great friends on both coasts (some I don’t get to see as often as I’d like but we’re still close). Everything in my life seems like it’s going well and yet, I’m still in a funk. You are probably asking yourself what this has to do with the 10 in 10 challenge…I think, a lot! This week I’m down another .5 lbs, which is at least a loss but really nothing to brag about. Normally, once I put my mind to something, especially when I have others to hold me accountable, I jump in head first and accomplish my goals. This time my head just isn’t in it. I was really excited to join this challenge and the first couple of weeks I was especially “good” but since then well…I hit a funk! Before, I would think twice before picking up the tortilla chips or the chocolate covered pretzels…now I come home from work to mindless eating. I mentioned my problem of being so busy during the day that I don’t eat as much as I should and making up for it at night. I’ve been consciously trying to take my lunch breaks and to eat healthy lunches…still the mindless eating happens. My husband constantly calls me on my snacking…which is true, I am a snacker. I always thought that I was a healthy snacker and that my snacking was helping me from overeating at meals. Well, come to find out, my husband was right…my snacks aren’t really snacks they are meals. I’ve read a lot about food journals and how they are the dieters best friend but I can’t seem to get in the habit of writing things down. I think keeping a journal (not just a food one) might help my mental funk; a food journal will hopefully help me pinpoint weaknesses and show me areas where I can improve my diet. Anyone have advice on keeping food journals?

    I know that much of this post (and my other posts for that matter) are just me rambling but I truly appreciate having a place to ramble. Nigel, I thank you for starting this challenge and blog. Here’s to a successful week and overcoming “the funk!”

    To date: - 2.4 lbs (can we round to 2.5, jk!)

    Week 5 Update (Barb)

    Well, I'm happy to say that I'm down to 118.5 this morning. (Yesterday was a baaad day and I didn't get to weigh in.) My weight's been up and down all week - wavering between 118.1-119.4 so I guess today's weigh-in is a fairly accurate average.

    I trained really hard last week (about 9 hours in total) and although I felt great while training, especially on the weekend, I fell apart on Sunday afternoon (I had a really bad cramp-like stitch in my side while biking and had to get a ride home). Since then, I've been super-tired and feeling crummy over all, even though I've been getting 8 hours of sleep. I guess I've been over-training and need a few days off to recover so I took today off work and I'm going to sleep and take it easy.

    I haven't been writing down everything I eat but I have been fairly cautious with my intake and making sure it's all good stuff. Since I'm working out a lot, I'm not trying to restrict calories too much but whatever I DO eat has got to be mostly whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean meat/protein (oh, and dark chocolate :).

    I finally ordered the super-duper Tanita BC 534 Innerscan Body Composition Monitor. According to UPS, it's on its way. My goal is really 20% body fat rather than a specific weight.

    Stats to date:

    Week 1 ~ 121.6 ~ (N/A)
    Week 2 ~ 120.3 ~ ( -1.3 )
    Week 3 ~ 119.9 ~ ( -1.7 )
    Week 4 ~ 119.4 ~ ( -2.2 )
    Week 5 ~ 118.5 ~ ( -3.1 )

    I'm losing the Ewok pudge (Jodi)

    Weighing myself once a week has been very interesting. I'm learning there's a difference between being healthy and being skinny. (In order not to mess with my mind, I'm just sticking to weighing myself only on Tuesdays.)

    I ran 2 miles today and then weighed myself. I think I would've weighed more if I had run the usual 4 miles for a Tuesday, but according to this Galloway marathon plan I was supposed to have an off day (I just couldn't get myself to do that so I compromised!) With 4 miles I probably would've drunk more water, and there would've been more blood flow throughout my body to make me weigh more. I'm saying this, because I'm trying to stay as consistent as possible with these weekly weigh ins.

    The scale said 131. I'm still even.

    What up with that?! I've been eating NO JUNK at work, and normal the rest of the time. I have no clue what's going on, but I'm flippin happy with my results! I look great, and I'm literally getting in shape. (Not to brag or anything :-) ) I'm just sayin this, cause it's a huge change from the way I was before the challenge, even though my weight's the same.

    My running has improved as well as my posture. I feel much better during the day by eating fruit and peanut butter on melba toasts (this is a trade in from butterfingers, chips, and those granola bars that cost $1 a box)

    I'm watching the Spurs play a game right now (basketball), and I was just reading Drusy's post. I also just heard the announcer on the TV say "he started on the team as a small guy, but he worked out a lot which made him gain a lot of weight. Now he's playing the best he's ever played..."

    Eureka! Drusy! Now this is a thought, and only a thought, but maybe since you don't weigh much, working out is actually making you gain weight (I don't mean fat though). I mean, you are working with that personal trainer, and you only weigh 124, right? Just somethin that popped in my head when I heard that.

    Have a great week yall.

    Tuesday, 13 May 2008

    Week 5 (Drusy)

    Like Nigel and Gordon, I'm frustrated with progress. I spent the last week walking the coast of Cornwall, eating and sleeping in our campervan - which was fantastic, but I drove my husband crazy with my strange diet - advised by the gym where I'm learning how to lift weights. Eggs, avocado and cream cheese for breakfast, more avocado, cream cheese and smoked salmon for lunch and lean meat, nuts and salad for dinner. No beer or bread. Try following that diet while stopping in to cosy pubs on misty afternoons! OK, I was not perfect... and I even split a tub of Hagen Daaz with my husband on my birthday....bliss.

    But NO CHANGE - stuck at 124 lbs or a 2 lb loss so far. I'm planning to run the Bridges London race tomorrow so I think I'll give pseudo-Atkins a break for a day. And then press ahead diligently, at least for another week when I'll re-assess the result. Atkins has worked for me before, but only if I don't stray!!!

    Week 5 Update- Kevin

    Well, if 0.8 lbs counts as a loss, then I guess I lost it. But honestly, I am sure I put it all on and more after my weigh in and breakfast. Not a very impressive week.

    Weight now... 204 lbs.
    Total Loss so far... 3 lbs

    Week 5 Update (Gordon)

    I just weighed myself and I am 13st 3lbs. That makes my total loss so far 4lbs. But two weeks ago I had lost a total of 5lbs! Grrr ...

    Dan said something on Twitter a few days ago to the effect that he thinks he weighs more just after the weekend than he does towards the end of the week. I think maybe I suffer from this too. Around these parts we tend to relax with a refreshing brew and a packet of Quavers on a Saturday - which can't help!

    Next time you start one of these challenges, Nigel, can you make the reporting-in day a Friday?

    Just joking.

    Week 5 Update (Athlete)

    Quick Update:

    194.2 this week

    -3.9lb progress to date.

    About a week behind schedule, but I'm at least consistently moving in the right direction now!

    Week 5 Update (Nigel)

    Well, I'm up again on last week! This weeks weight is 179.8 lbs, so my overall loss is now just 2.4 lbs.

    After a week of hard training, its hard to believe I actually put weight on. I'm pretty much back to where I was back in week 2, which is dis-heartening to say the least.

    I'm going to keep going though, but I'm going to start a food diary to see exactly where I must be going wrong with my diet.

    If I'm guilty of anything on the eating front, its got to be eating a bit too much when I'm hungry after my increased training effort. But, I don't consider it to be anything particularly excessive, and I'm eating because I'm hungry. Other than that, my eating has been pretty much on-plan.

    Maybe I've just hit the plateau earlier than I expected, I don't know.

    We'll see what week 6 brings.


    Sunday, 11 May 2008

    A Helpful Link for Some?

    For those of you who like to track your diet progress, you might want to take a look at Sparkpeople. It's free, there are tons of diet and exercise resources, and it has a fairly easy-to-use way of tracking your food and exercise. I used it quite a bit when I first started my weight loss journey 1 - 1/2 years ago. Now I go online once in awhile and track my food intake for a week or so to make sure I'm still on track. It automatically calculates the calories, protein, fat, and carbs of the food you eat and is even easier to use, once you have a 'favourites' list.

    Just thought it might be helpful to someone.


    Thursday, 8 May 2008

    Week 4 update (Andy)

    This week, I haven't really strayed far from the previous weeks regime, but have found at weigh-in time on Tuesday that I actually gained some weight. However, I too have seen my weight yoyo over the past week. On Sunday, I was down half a pound, but on Tuesday I was up 0.8lb. I weighed myself again this morning (Thursday) and I'm down a full pound on last week.

    My guess is that there are some foods that stay with me for longer. The ice cream I had last week has nothing to do with it :). I also think that I may need to continually adjust my diet to become more and more restrictive as the 10 week period advances, so as my body becomes used to a lower calorie intake, I try to keep just below what it really needs to keep the momentum going.

    Anyway, seeing a rise in weight now is a good reminder to me that I need to be more rigorous, and not allow temptation to creep in. Better this happen now than right at the end!

    So, I'm posting a gain, but I'm hopeful that I can make up for that by the end of this week. I'm hoping for 162lb next Tuesday.

    Start of...
    Week 1: 168lb (0, 0) - [weekly progress, total progress]
    Week 2: 165.8lb (-2.2, -2.2)
    Week 3: 164lb (-1.8, -4)
    Week 4: 164.8lb (+0.8, -3.2)
    Week 10: 158lb (goal)

    On the exercise front, I got a 3 mile run in on Monday morning and then 4 miles with a colleague on Tuesday evening - the first time I've run with someone else aside from racing. It was fun and being able to chat on the run made it pass quite quickly.

    All the best.


    The good fat is in your butt!

    Yall, I'm assuming one of the rules to the blog is a post a week, so I'm sorry I'm posting for a second time. I promise I'm not trying to steal the show! I just wanted to show yall this interesting article my co-worker sent me today. It was too good not to share. Check this out:

    Scientists find something good about a big bottom

    A few excerpts:

    A type of fat that accumulates around the hips and bottom may actually offer some protection against diabetes, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

    They said subcutaneous fat, or fat that collects under the skin, helped to improve sensitivity to the hormone insulin, which regulates blood sugar.

    "It was a surprising result," said Dr. Ronald Kahn of Harvard Medical School in Boston.

    Researchers have known for some time that fat that collects in the abdomen -- known as visceral fat -- can raise a person's risk of diabetes and heart disease, while people with pear-shaped bodies, with fat deposits in the buttocks and hips, are less prone to these disorders.
    Now it turns out that subcutaneous fat -- fat found just under the skin -- may be actively protecting people from metabolic disease.

    "What we found was that when we put it in either place, there was some improvement in metabolism," Kahn said.

    "I think it's an important result because not only does it say that not all fat is bad, but I think it points to a special aspect of fat where we need to do more research," he said.

    Week 4 Update (Chris) - Yoyo'ing

    Well, the good news is that at least the number is down.

    Back to 132.5, down .5 lbs from last week, a total of 2 lbs to date.

    Better get cracking if I am going to get to 10 far I am 2 lbs behind.

    My running has picked up and I was over 20 miles for the week last week. That should help. But I need to get to the weight training. I have been procrastinating a bit. Like Kevin I would rather be running (sigh).

    Dietwise I have tried to be conscious about what I eat - and I have made many deliberate choices (to NOT have dessert). I have probably reaped all the benefits from doing that. Now I need to do something more drastic. I am going to try to cut back on the portions and eat more fruit and veggies like Maddy!

    It is also "that time of the month" so I am hoping I can blame that for some extra bloatedness (sounds good anyway).

    Here is hoping for a better week next week.

    Wednesday, 7 May 2008

    Moving SLOWLY in the right direction (alisa)

    Where has my motivation gone? One would think that with a first marathon looming in just 4 weeks and a two week Hawaiian vacation scheduled for July, I would have plenty of motivation to eat healthy and keep up my workouts. Sadly, the frosted animal crackers and Starbucks lattes are winning out over the celery with PB, apples and yogurt. I did however, have a really great running week last week culminating in a slow (but steady) long run of 14 miles on Sunday. (Note: In my last post, I mentioned a 20-miler, that is this weekend…I had my dates wrong.) Despite a good running week, I didn't do any weight training or Yoga (which is rare, I love my yoga days). Also, as I mentioned, my eating habits haven't been the greatest. I feel as though I have been getting into the habit of not eating much during the day, since my work schedule has been pretty crazy lately, and then pigging out at night. This is a horrible habit to get into (especially when trying to pursue a weight loss plan) and a very hard one to break! So far this week, things have been going well exercise-wise and eating-wise, better! I’m trying to pack larger lunches so I eat smaller dinners. This week my work schedule has been non-typical so I’ve been able to do my workouts in the morning without having to get up at 5am, always nice, though really 6:30am isn’t exactly sleeping in. Regardless, I’m down -.4 lbs this week. Not great but decent considering my night binging sessions =). This week I plan to be extra good and am hoping for at least 1.5 loss.

    Weight-loss to-date: -1.9lbs
    This week: -.4 lbs

    Ice-cream strike update...still going strong...I don't even miss it anymore...wish I could say the same for tortilla chips, wine and chocolate!

    Week 4 Update (Maddy)

    Things have been going well. I have been paying close attention to what I eat and I have been successful (mostly) in avoiding junk food.

    I ran a 15K on Sunday and beat my PR by seven minutes, six seconds, which makes me feel good. And really it just makes me happy.

    I am eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. At least the recommended five servings a day - and sometimes more. I'm including chicken and lean beef as well as black beans for protein.

    While I feel like it slow going, I am making progress.

    Starting Weight: 152

    Current Weight: 145

    Lost To Date: 7 lbs.

    Week 4 Update (Gordon)

    I knew last week was too good to be true! This morning I weighed in at 13st 4lbs. That's 2lbs back on since last week. In the interim I have been a bad boy. Not only was it a holiday weekend but I've also been ravenous since running a 10k on Sunday. So, in a nutshell, last week I was a pound ahead of schedule. This week I am a pound behind. Must try harder!

    Never trust a skinny cook (Jodi)

    Hey all you weight losers and salad huggers! So we've all heard the quote "Never trust a skinny cook." Of course that is completely related to what we taste (which lasts all of about... 10 seconds!) Relating to health, let's think back...Have you seen many overweight senior citizens? Didn't think so. Me neither.

    I hope yall had a great week of carrot sticks and celery! :-) I ran 4 miles this afternoon, and then I weighed myself. (I know one weighs more after the workout than before, and my running gear may weigh a little, but this is how I started weighing myself, so I should stay consistent.)

    The scale said 131. (I'm even Nigel)

    So that puts me back to where I started, but not really. I run faster, I have more energy when I get home, and my belly is flatter. So for me, I am making progress. I have weighed between 125-130 for around 10 years (since I hit my growth spurt, which believe it or not, made me run much slower in cross country), so I'm guessing this is my healthy weight and anything less will make me look like a limp lettuce leaf.

    Now for the food: I have 2 things to say.
    1) We went to my parents Sunday, because they were grilling. I ate a small chicken, a cheeseburger, a sausage, plus all the sides like coleslaw, salad, and pie with icecream. Wait! First let me explain! I was huuuuungry. I had just run 7 miles, and it was flippin hot! My legs were a little sore. I got home that night, and they were more sore. I woke up Monday morning, and they felt great! Why you ask? Because I ate so much protien, I almost put the local farm outta business and all the cows now run screamin for the hills when they see me. All that protein helped to restore my muscle tissue damage in my legs overnight. Protien is the overnight sensation!

    2) Each morning I eat healthy cereal (the kind with the real food, not the poofy stuff filled with air, you will still be hungry after you eat that rip off cereal). Late morning I eat a banana, then lunch, then in the afternoon I'm now eating either veggies, fruit, or a powerbar (they make ones that are kinda good called Healthy Harvest). By the time I go run, I'm not starving, and I have lots of energy. It's the afternoon snack that does it for me. That's the kicker. If I snooze on the healthy stuff, I lose on the run. I'm so glad I figured this out. If it wasn't for Nigel making this blog, I NEVER woulda known! Thank you Nigel!

    Peace out- Jodi

    Week 4 - Barb (kelownagirl)

    Well, it's been a pretty good week for me even if I didn't lose much weight (.5 lbs). I'm always happy as long as I don't GAIN anything. I've been eating pretty well but still have moments of weakness. Ah well - such is life. I've been doing lots of training so that's probably what is keeping the weight off.

    I had a funny thought at the grocery stand the other day. As I waited in line, I couldn't help but read the headlines on the women's magazines. "LOSE FAT - START WALKING PROGRAM NOW". Yes, in just 4 weeks, I can lose 10 lbs of fat. Hmmm I thought, maybe I should quit running 3 times a week, swimming 3 times a week and riding 150km a week and just walk? Ya think?

    Good luck everyone! If you didn't lose this week, then it'll probably come off next. Don't give up - we can do this!!!!

    My Stats to date:

    Week 1 121.6 n/a n/a
    Week 2 120.3 -1.3 -1.3
    Week 3 119.9 -0.4 -1.7
    Week 4 119.4 -0.5 -2.2

    Tuesday, 6 May 2008

    Week 4 update (bobm512z)

    This week id did great. I kept off all the weight from Tues day till Friday morning. Then I went camping Friday night with some Boy Scouts and Webelo's. I ran each morning for a few miles, on the hills and trails around camp. I ate just a bit, though the food was great and there was plenty of it. I really worked on eating only to satisfy my hunger and not give into the 'dessert' competition and become a judge. I drove home Sunday with my son and had some of a chocolate shake while he had the rest and some fry's. When I weighed in before washing off the dirt I was 136. WOW. After washing I was still 136 (I could have sworn I had about 2LBS of dirt on me but...) Then I started snacking, A bit of chips here, a small candy there, a 'finish the leftovers' dinner and then weigh in that night I was 140 again. All I could think of was how did I eat and drink 4LBs; was it the beer, the soda, the chips, the spaghetti, the bread, the chocolate? Then I saw it (like you just did). I ate for a weekend in 1 day. I 'justified a little break' and went over board. My weigh in today is 140LBs and a feeling of failure. I go to Florida on vacation and will spend some time at WDW. I am looking forward to running each day and really 'thinking' about my health and diet this week and a half. I should be able to stay checked in. Take care all.


    Week 4 0 change from week 3

    Week 4 Update (Athlete)

    Well, this week sees me at 195.8, which is a -2.3 loss overall.

    I seem to be having the same cycle of gain/loss every week. From Tuesday - Friday, my weight trends downwards. On Saturday - Monday it sneaks back up. This makes complete sense to me as I have a harder time of eating better on weekends, thus the weight reacts accordingly. If I can get my weekend eating in line with the rest of the week, maybe I'll get a whole week of loss rather than a down-up-down!

    Week 4- Kevin

    Well my plan to weigh in at the gym every week on the same scale isn't working. From time to time, I just don't get to that gym on the weigh in date, so that throws off my stats. So, this week I am officially changing my weigh in plan! From now on, I will weigh in at home on Tuesday mornings on my own scale.

    So having said that, I was 204.8 on my scale this morning. Down 2.2 pounds overall. But pretty even for the week.

    What I wish I could do, but just cannot, is "enjoy" lifting weights as much (or even 1/2 as much) as I do running. I KNOW it burns calories, raises metabolism, builds calorie burning muscle, etc.. but every time I make a plan, my lifting day comes and it's 75 degrees outside and sunny and I just CAN'T pass that up! So I run instead!

    In addition, I feel like I'm at that age where I'm feeling aches and pains when I run 6 days a week that I would not feel if I scaled back to 4 days. So, I really think it would HELP my running if I did less. If that makes sense.

    Anyway, back to my weight plan.

    Still watching what I eat, for the most part. Packing my lunch everyday, which is HUGE for me.

    Anyone have any idea's or advice on the weight lifting deal.. I'd love to hear it!


    Week 4 Update (Nigel)

    A disappointing week I have to admit.... I weighed in this morning at 179.6 lbs. That's up since last week and means I'm only 2.6 lbs down since the start of the challenge.

    I guess its good news that I'm down overall still, but it puts me 1.4 lbs off-track for my pound per week target. Having said that, I've often noticed undulations in my weight when trying weight loss in the past, so maybe this is an 'up' week, rather than a 'down' week.

    We had a long holiday weekend here in the UK, and I had a couple of slight over-indulgences, but they were fairly minor to be honest and in the main I've been good. It re-inforces the point that I am right on the limit of my calorific deficit, even with the 30+ miles I run each week. It always amazes me how much I need to trim back my eating to have any major impact on weight. I guess our perception of what we need to eat, compared to what our body really needs is out of sync.

    On the positive side of things, I am maintaining my push-ups and sit-ups challenge, and am up to 27 of both. Only 3 more days and I'll be at my target of 30. I'm finding it a real struggle to get those last few push-ups done now ! :)

    Also, I have to say that I am feeling really good when I'm running. I've had a couple of runs recently when I've just felt like I'm know the kind of run when everything just falls in to place and you feel like you could run for hours? My energy levels are generally definitely up.

    So, in summary, its a bit of a disappointment, but I've made progress overall (I'm still down in weight since day 1) and I'm feeling good. I anticipate a good week next week. In the coming week I'm going to try extra hard to look for a few more opportunities to tweak my diet. I think I'm going to give up the coffee and try to get back to drinking some herbal tea instead.


    Friday, 2 May 2008

    Wino Weight Be Gone

    As predicted my wino weight has since left and I’m back to where I was last week. I must say this week I have been especially “good” with my eating and my marathon training is finally out of a funk. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t lost more than 1 lb since last weekend. I know it’s only Friday but I definitely feel like I’ve lost more. Hopefully I can make it through the weekend strong. I have my longest run ever planned for Sunday, 20 miles! Eeek! Like I said, this week my runs have been great in fact, on Wednesday, I did a 6-miler in PR time (58 min and change…for me this is fast!). I felt like I could have kept going and going, like the energizer bunny. Anyway, good luck through the weekend everyone! I’ll be reporting on Tuesday.

    Week 3 - One (half) Step Back (Chris)

    Well, to see me eating these days you wouldn't think I was on a diet. But I know that I am "working" on it because I find myself skipping the trip to Starbuck's and having green tea at the office instead. And I pass on the candy snack and have an apple instead. And tonight, after going out for pizza (yes I did eat some) I skipped the ice cream for dessert.

    But it does get tough when hubby cooks and puts a plate full of pasta in front of you right when you get home from work.

    Or if you go to the beach for the weekend and eat....whatever.

    So my weigh in on Wed read 133 (+0.5 lb). No surprise to me - I was just glad that it wasn't worse.

    I suppose the good news is that this morning, just for kicks, I got on the scale and it read 132. At least I am headed back in the right direction.

    Another good thing is that I have changed up my running a bit. I am focusing on keeping my heart rate in the aerobic zone (under 162 bpm for me) while I run. I will burn more calories that way and it makes the run much more enjoyable. I will eventually get back to hard training - but for now I am just taking it slow and easy!